Telfair: The Next Mid-Major Star PG; Numb3rs Don’t Lie

Updated: January 28, 2016

NCAA Basketball: Idaho State at Utah

Ethan Telfair is making a statement in the Big Sky Conference playing for Idaho State. Ethan was just named the Big Sky Conference Player of the Week after hitting his buzzer beater against Weber State in a thriller and ended with 30 points on the night. It was a big upset for his Bengals and Telfair said after the game “I knew it was going in before I even shot it,”. With that being said Telfair is playing with a confident swag that is definitely unmatched on the court. Ethan’s had a different path and journey to his current rise to success and plays with a chip on his shoulder. Currently Ethan is 4th in the Big Sky Conference in scoring with 18.4 ppg and his 5.3 assists is 2nd in the conference. Ethan is putting on a show every single night he’s on the court and making Bill Evans look like a pure genius for believing in him.

Ethan has taken the internet by storm on his buzzer beater and has shown the country he’s unguardable in clutch situations. Telfair has been the vocal leader and emotional leader for the Bengals in his first season and has proven himself. He has the green light from his coach and his teammates and they have full confidence in him.

NBA Prospect in the making is what Ethan Telfair is pushing for and he’s got the attention of people now. Its amazing how people want to judge Ethan by his past or his height. They don’t understand inside that 6ft student athlete is a heart of a lion and a hungry man. When you have that chip on your shoulder like Ethan and when you want to prove the doubters wrong nothing will come in the way.

The Telfair bloodline is deep and Ethan is just trying to leave his own mark and write/tell his own story. The last NBA mid-major player to make it big time was Damian Lillard who played for Weber State. Telfair will be that next mid-major star if he continuously stays on this tear that he’s on right now.


Here’s Ethan Telfair’s Buzzer Beater to beat Number 1 Ranked Weber State in the Big Sky Conference



Ranking Ethan Telfair To The Top PG NBA Mock Draft Prospects

Rankings are Top 250 in the Nation and will be in ( ). Not in Top 250 they receive (*) 

  • Ethan Telfair – 18.4 PPG (59th) 5.3 AST (42nd) 2.4 STL (12th)


  • Kris Dunn – 16.9 PPG (124th) 7.1 AST (7th) 3.2 STL (2nd)


  • Jamal Murray – 17.5 PPG (80th) 2.4 AST (*) 1.3 STL (*)


  • Melo Trimble – 14.5 PPG (*) 5.6 AST (30th) 1.3 STL (*)


  • Gary Payton II – 17.5 PPG (98th) 5.3 AST (42nd) 2.4 STL (11th)


  • Isaiah Taylor – 15.8 PPG (210th) 4.9 AST (73rd) 0.9 STL (*) 


  • Tyrone Wallace – 15.4 PPG (237th) 4.6 AST (105th) 1.1 STL (*)


  • Marcus Paige – 12.7 PPG (*) 4.1 AST (158th) 1.3 STL (*)

NCAA Basketball: UAB at North Carolina

  • Isaiah Cousins –  13.1 PPG (*) 4.5 AST (106th) 1.3 STL (*)

Isaiah Cousins

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