Hey Cam Haters?! What Does Black Crow Taste Like?

Updated: January 27, 2016

Here, on the dawning of Super Bowl Fity,  I pose this question to you Cam Newton haters, those members of Lord Trump’s Stormtroopers or Ted Cruz’s Klan who just happen to be sports-fans; boys, what does “crow,” “Black crow” taste like?

Be careful, try not to choke on your bias words boys.

I could always read between the lines, decipher the big White lies, decode n’ decrypt Rednecklish . . . . It’s not so much about Cam – these are “man-haters,” i.e., Black man-haters.

As I roam across the wide, wide world of the Internet, examining all the sports websites, reading the comment boards, listening to sports talk radio . . .  all I can say is – boys, your insecurities and weaknesses are glaring, unmistakable n’ inescapable. Your “Micro-Penis Syndrome”  is on full-display, and might I add, this blind hatred, this over-the-top fear and loathing is exactly “why” Black men were not “permitted” to play the game, and specifically the Alpha-Male golden boy position of NFL Signal Caller.

Why can’t the blind see?

It appears fair and open competition spelled an ominous end to the make-believe myth of White male superiority – so get over it boys.

As young Mr. Newton has pointed out . . . it’s too-bad they don’t make bandages for hurt feelings, because good lord, if they did . . .  angry, insecure paranoid White men would look like mummies.

If this Black Superman defeats this particular “Great White Hope,” Sheriff Peyton,  this country will feel exactly like it did when OJ was found “not guilty” by an all Black jury of South Central LA ladies. White America will be aghast, dumbfounded and most importantly mad n’ sad.

Look here,  it’s common knowledge that domestic abuse spikes in this nation on Sunday nights when cavemen find out their team lost, so they come home drunk . . . slap the wife, spank Junior, kick the cat and put a hole in the bedroom wall. On the night this nation  witnesses the Black Panther beat John Wayne,  the ER rooms across America will be packed n’ stacked, “standing room only.”

I bet you.

Already half-mad, angry, hostile,  frustrated White Neanderthals are about to snap, crackle n’ pop, any day, any day I say . . . so let this male soap-operatic tale play out, and what this nation will have on its already dirty-ass hands  is another “Bloody Sunday” – frustrated White men taking it out on who they can.

If Peyton Manning loses to this . . . .

If this  . . . . beats the hell out of Peyton . . . .

And please note; the Carolina Panthers are lead by Ron Rivera, a Mexican American, at a time when the most popular figure in “White America” is Lord Donald Trump, and “The Don” clearly believes Lations are lacking in the intelligence and  character categories. According to the Republican TEA Party company line, Rivera needs his “papers” checked – he, his family (pops Rivera is a Vietnam vet) yet, however, none-the-blinking- less . . . they may not be “real Americans,” as unquestionably are the Gronkowskis, Cruzs’, Trumps, Roethlisberger’s and Idelmans’ . . . .

If next year 2017, Super Bowl 51, Cam Newton or Dangeruss Wilson find themselves  pitted-against Buffalo’s  Tyrod Taylor, trust me, all across these so-called United States of America, the sky will be falling.

It’ll be “too-much” for millions – two Black Field generals facing each other, after having eliminated, beaten a vast array of “Great White Hunter” types along the gridiron alley – achieving the victory in this, a racially conflicted country whose “national pastime” has become a culture battlefield.

And please understand;these matches ain’t possible according-to White conventional thought and public opinion . Such a feat completely contradicts the century old NFL, hell USA-wide mindset which banned and barred Black men from playing the Quarterback position.

This colorized version of these to-come pigskin showdowns will be the “end” of the sports world as we know it. The end of a deliberately orchestrated manipulation of the game, in an effort to keep the White alpha-male on top. Guys like Peyton, Aikman, Brady, Bradshaw – all calculatingly depicted as the rare combination of athletic ability, brains, heart, guts and backbone – alas Officers n’ gentlemen in a gladiator match

And the guy who gets the shapley snow-bunnie cheerleader in the end.

Yes, Mr. Newton or Mr. Wilson, or perhaps Mr. Bridgewater, or young Mr. J. Winston – “Where all da’ White women?!” pitted against Mr. Taylor or Mr. RGIII – get used to it . . . Yes, for the next few years you may have that baad man Aaron  Rodgers pitted against one of these “mobile” (Black) QBs, or Andy Luck going up against one of these “Athletic”(Black)  quarterbacks, but Manning vs Brady – that extended era of immobile, semi-athletic Signal Callers, as orchestrated and scripted as the last 40 years have been are over, all done, end of man-made, fabricated, make-believe fairy tale.

Think Frank Gifford or Paul Hornung  . . . White Field Generals are about to go the same way as White tailbacks . . . non-existent, almost extinct, an endangered species, and all because of legitimate competition.

Might it be, now we know who the “gridiron” Superman really was, and is?  It sure seems Superman never was  Johnny U , Y.A., or Slingin’ Sammy Baugh – Maybe those Great White Hopes only shinned, because, hang-on, here comes the truth . . . everyone else (Blacks) were strategically, deliberately excluded?

And what caused this artificial monopoly on brains, guts, intelligence, coolness and class to end? Simply fair n’ open competition . . . ain’t that a bitch?

No, Cam beating Manning won’t be the “end” of my world, but for millions of White sportsfans across the land, it will be. Compare it to 2008 and Barack Obama’s presidential victory – the end of a rigged and “crooked” age of forbidding  and suppressing the Black talent and abilities.

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