Cam Don’t Give-A-Damn How “Uncomfortable” White America Is . . . .

Updated: January 29, 2016

Former NFL gladiators Donte Foxworth and Ryan Clark brought a tear to my eye for their unwavering support of Cam newton, and for telling the “Black man’s  truth” on ESPN’s Mike n’ Mike Friday morning . . . they were both endorsing yong Mr. Newton, the Carolina Panthers Ebony Field General, and his pronouncement  he was determined to keep himself genuine, authentic, real and true to who and what he is.

Cam don’t give-a-damn . . . .

Newton ‘s a Black Quarterback . . . in a White man’s country, where lord Trump, backed by the Ku Klux Klan is perhaps only a coronation-away from the Oval Office. Cam’s playing a game which was once solely the White man’s game, and that exclusivity was made-possible by racism and discrimination resulting-in the exclusion of Black players.

NFL Quarterback is the last, finale fake bastion of alleged White male superiority. Peyton is more akin to Colonel George A. Armstrong than a sheriff,. This is the White Quarterbacks Last Stand, and Cam Newton plays the role of Crazy Horse.

There’s no banana in Cam’s tailpipe, you can believe that baby – he’s got a glide n’ his stride, a dip n’ his hip, a roll in his stroll and swag in his drag, i.g., he’s too-too-Black for millions of White folks, makes them “uncomfortable.”

As Charles Barkley declared a few decades ago . . . it’s not the concern nor priority of today’s Black sportsmen to be overly concerned with making sure all the White folks in the coliseum  are “comfortable” with the Black barbarian, not intimidated nor irritated by his mere “Blackness. . . .”

Cam don’t give-a-damn . .

Gee-willikers,   it’s a “new” day in America, Black folks are bringing our truths, our versions of ourselves to White America . . . and most can’t handle the truth!C

Cam Newton is “comfortable” in his caramel skin and with his Black culture.

Cam doesn’t feel the need or overwhelming pressure to suppress his “Blackness. So, might I add; this makes Cam Newton the KKK’s embodiment of “Public Enemy #1.” He might as well be Huey P. Newton, Google him.

Men like Cam, Russell Wilson, President Obama, and Tiger Woods – these are some of the most hated men in America – they make White folks uncomfortable, there’s just something about them that seems to ignite a blue-flame under the asses of millions of White people, gee, isn’t that odd and coincidental?

No, it’s not, not in the least.

Young Mr. Newton’s merely trying to not “give-in” to the pressure to be Herman Cain, Ben Carson or Supreme Court Justice Uncle Thomas – he doesn’t want to be a “house-nigger.” Think about it from this perspective; Some “Southerners” of any race or economical class don’t try to change/alter lessen or lose their Southern accent, appetite, charms, hospitality – in an effort to impress and please Northerners, Yankees or West Coasters . . . they say y’all unabashedly, eat Collard Greens n’ fried catfish and love to hunt . . .  with guns yes.

Cam doesn’t feel the need to not reference “soul food” merely because most White folks won’t get it or may turn their noses-up  . . . he don’t give a damn.

See, for Black folks to “not” give-a-damn what White folks think, what they assume and conclude, well that’s a damn good thing. And it’s long coming, overdue. Here, let me circle-the-block on that one . . . See, for Black folks to not give-a-damn what White folks think, what they assume and conclude, well that’s a damn good thing.”

As popular comedian  Wanda Sykes said; White folks is always watching,” and, if they don’t like what you’re saying or doing – they appear to become hellbent and determined to make-difficult and complicate your journey – so we’ve eternally had to “care,” to give-a-damn what White folks think about us.

Cam don’t give a damn . . . and Black folks love it.

White America, on a whole, prefers their Black gladiators quiet, docile, mindless-like man-i-mals who “speak” and “attack” only, only I say when the White massa instructs them to. Envision George Foreman, OJ, Smokin’ Joe Frazier and Joe Louis – for who, because of former Heavyweight champion Jack Johnson‘s “uppityness” – it was made explicit “Boy, you can’t raise your voice to a White man, look em’ in the eye and you better not even look at a White women . . . “

Those are the same rules millions of Caucasian sportsfans yearn-to reimplement.

White folks, particularly White men fear the power, influence, impact and control over US popular culture Black Signal Callers might develop and weld. Kids will want to grow-up to be like Cam, instead of Eli or Peyton . . . little blond haired/baby blue eyed White girls may want to marry a guy like Cam, as opposed-to Aaron Rodgers, Andy Luck or “Joe cool” Flacco.

Joe ain’t all that cool when compared n’ contrasted with Cam . . . .

Just as White America contains geeks, nerds, hikers, dweebs, jocks, freaks, Goths, greasers, socs, Sweathogs, Girl scouts, hulks, motor-heads, cowboys, scientist, Bikers,  pimps, Boy scouts hustlers, introverts/extroverts etc., etc. . . . And so-too does Black America. We’re not all inner-city gangsters n’ thugs who love only bullets, and hate books.

How do you keep six Black guys from gang-raping a White woman? Give them a basketball!

Understand this; that racist notion, and the 1967 sentiment behind this tired-ass lame joke is apart-of what fuels this nation’s hostile and volatile racial attitudes towards Americans-Of-Color.

Black astronauts, professors of astrological physics, brain surgeons, skiers,race car drivers, opera singers, gymnasts, swimmers and Super Bowl winning Quarterbacks. We do it all. get use to it America.  And we can excel at these diverse endeavors in our own cultural way, manner, feel n’ flavor. We don’t have to emulate and imitate uptight, anal, soulless Puritan WASP culture for the correct, proper way to carry ourselves – White people are not the sole lone arbitrators of “what is” appropriate behavior.

Cam’s the culmination of blood, sweat n’ tears, over about a hundred years, people died watching their dreams die, at the hands of racist, elitist insecure White men. Let’s get it straight baby, my old man said “tell the truth/shame the devil” he didn’t say a damn thing about people’s feelings.

And it’s too-bad, because as Cam’s says . . . they don’t make Band-Aids for hurt feelings.

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