The New Heavyweights

Updated: January 24, 2016

Last week, Deontay Wilder showed that he might be the real thing when it comes to an American heavyweight as he knocked out Artur Szplika in the ninth round in a bout that was close.  Wilder use his jab and right hand against the southpaw Szplika but the polish fighter moved his head often enough to avoid many of Wilder’s swinging right hand.

Wladimir Klitschko and Deontay Wilder

Szpilka was able to hit Wilder with solid shots and at time, Wilder went straight back and this allowed the Polish fighter to connect on solid power shots.  Wilder ended the fight with one big shot that sent Szpilka.  This fight showed that Wilder has improved and while he has much to learn, he does have one thing; the great equalizer in his right hand.   Wilder showed that he can keep his power late in a fight and throughout the bout, his jab looked sharp and set up his right.

The heavyweight is now in transition with Wladimir Klitschko close to the end of his career as he looked like an old Klitshcko against Fury, whose awkward style bothered him and he never seem to be able to get off.

Fury is undefeated and if he defeats Klitschko a second time, this will make him the unofficial king of the heavyweight.  Another heavyweight is Alexander Povetkin, whose only loss was to Wladimir Klitschko.  Povetkin is the WBC Silver heavyweight champion and has won four straight fights by knockouts and he has been one of elite heavyweights for nearly decade.

Charles Martin is another undefeated American heavyweight who recently stopped Vvasheslav Glazkov for the IBF championship, so we have a second American heavyweight who earns a portion of the heavyweight division.

Another fighter to watch is Luis Ortiz, a former Cuban fighter, and at 36, he is now 24-0 with his last fight a seventh round knock-out of Bryan Jennings to make his case that he should be consider a serious challenger for the title.

On the Garcia-Guerrero undercard, Dominic Breazeale fought Amir Mansour in a tough five round fight in which he came out on top as Mansour could not come out for the sixth round after a Breazeale’s right may have broken his jaw but up to that point Breazeale was losing the bout, have been repeatedly hurt and even hit the canvas once in the third but he found a way to stay in the fight and finally, he broke through as he dominated the fifth round before his final right that sent Mansour head 180 degrees.

This was his second fight that he looked less than impressive as he had a tough bout with Fred Kassi and over the first five rounds, Mansour put Breazeale on the defensive before the fifth round.  Breazeale is a strong fighter but as he moves up in ranks, I don’t see him reaching the same heights as Martin, Wilder or Ortiz.

For Wilder, he has a mandatory fight with Povetkin and this fight will go a long way to show if Wilder is going to a force in boxing and this won’t be an easy fight with Povetkin experience with fighting top flight competition along with long time amateur experiences.  Wilder will have height and reach advantage but at 6’7”, his weight is about the same as Povetkin.

This will be a fight between Povetkin’s experience versus the raw power and athleticism of Deontay Wilder.

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