2015 Review

Updated: January 1, 2016

Chip Kelly getting fired at Philadelphia reminds me of a quip about when Rick Pitino not only coached the Celtics but also handle personnel decision.  It was said of Pitino that Coach Rick Pitino was undermined by the players obtained by GM Rick Pitino.  Chip Kelly the coach proved to be imaginative coach but in the end, he was undermined by players that GM Chip Kelly obtained.

Jarrod Dyson and Billy's Barbecue Sauce-RESIZED (2)

There is a big adjustments going from the College ranks to the Pro game and it is even harder when the coach is handed player decision.  I have yet to see a college coach who has been a successful coach and running football operation at the same time either in the NFL or NBA.  A better model is the Celtics and Oklahoma City Thunders who hired young college coaches but allow others to handle the player personnel.  Brad Stevens is so far proving to be a successful head coach and Danny Ainge handles the rest which can be a challenging enterprise since they don’t call Danny Ainge “Trader Dan” for nothing and last year, the Celtics proved to be a revolving door of players as Ainge traded away starters like Rajan Rondo and Jeff Green for draft picks; which Ainge has plenty of over the next several years.  The lesson here is that in an era of salary caps, player personnel decisions become more complicated as salaries have to be a factor in moving players.  As for Chip Kelly, he has to be asking would Philadelphia be better if DeSean Jackson was still an Eagle as oppose to helping the Redskins win the division this year.

Serena Williams continued to dominate Tennis and now she is looking in 2016 to catch Steffi Graf for most majors in the Open era and Margaret Court overall as she ended the season with 21 majors; eight of those after she turned 30.

American Pharaoh became the first Triple Crown winner since Seattle Slew in 1978 as the horse found different ways to win. In the Preakness, the horse ran through mud to triumph and at the Belmont, he went wire to wire.


LeBron James led the Cavaliers to the NBA final and appeared in his fifth straight but with injuries to Keven Love and Kylie Irving; he was outmanned by the Warriors who discovered defense and small ball to win the NBA title.    Kansas City Royals discovered a small market model that proved successful in winning the World Series.  The Royals spent money on player development and when the players were ready for the Majors, they added the right pieces; emphasizing not just the right skills but players who could unite a locker room.  Depending upon strong relief pitching, defense and timely hitting; the Royals managed to overcome their deficiency with starter pitching.  While this model won’t work for all franchises; it did for the Royals.

Floyd Mayweather was the focus of the boxing world as 2015 began as he managed to strike a deal with Pacquiao and, the fight that fans have been demanding for years, finally occurred.  Mayweather won an easy victory but the real story is that “Money” Mayweather promoted the richest boxing match in history and got over 4 million boxing fans to fork over 100 dollars.  Mayweather would beat Andre Berto in a bout advertise as Mayweather last fight.


Wladimir Klitschko lost a unanimous decision to Tyson Fury as the Klitschko run as Heavyweight champion ended as for the first time since 2004, there will be no Klitschko holding a Heavyweight title. Ronda Rousey was the invincible force and Holly Holm was supposed to be another easy victory but it was Rousey who found herself on the short end of a side kick that ended her reign as Champion and queen of the MMA.  Holm boxing skills and ability to control the real estate between Rousey and her.

The Patriots won the Super Bowl as Russell Wilson threw an interception in the end zone with seconds left in the game in one of the more exciting Super Bowl. Ohio State won the first official College football title as they ran through Alabama and Oregon but a lost to Michigan State kept them from defending their title this year.

For Serena Williams and Lebron James, this was a dominant year in which both went for history only to fall oh so short but still their accomplishments leaves us wondering what will 2016 bring?

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