Behind Suburban Sports Bar’s Closed Doors . . .They Refer To Cam Newton As “SuperNigger . . . .”

Updated: December 28, 2015

Who’s that bad man . . . ? Shannon Sharp.

Shannon Sharpe took-on, head-to-head Skip Bayless, on global TV, all around the world I say, and he counter-punched Skip, blow-for-blow in their “verbal-combat” over who deserves the NFL’s MVP award, Skip’s Golden Boy Tom Brady or “Mandingo” alpha-ebony male Superman Cam Newton . . . . Sharp, in my humble opine was the victor, but we’ll get into that later. The point I want to sledgehammer home here is Sharpe had to fight this brawl with one arm tied behind his back . . . he couldn’t dare bring into the debate the obvious presence of White racism  exhibited  via the deliberate “exclusionary tactics” when it comes to Black  NFL Signal Callers.

They call him Mr. Sharp . . . .

Tell me producers/directors/writers and talking heads over at ESPN – John Skipper, Norby Williamson and the boys: how-in-the-hell can this decades-long sportsbar debate be conducted . . . and race not be brought-up? As-if skin-color has nothing to do with the Quarterback debate, and as-to why there’s so-few Black Field-Generals in the NFL

It’s front-and-center, clear n’ present.

Keeping the Quarterback position as “White as possible” is a goal of the gridiron establishment based-on traditional good ol’ boy racism, as well as present-day marketing – the ability-to “sell” their product – the NFL, to a, let’s be honest here – a somewhat racist WASP fanbase. Sports-fans who reflect the Republican TEA Party perspective and seem to have a blind- hatred of Black QBs, which parallels the blind-hatred of “uppity” Black males in-general throughout our society.

Black Quarterbacks, dentist and biologist . . . Niggers who don’t “know their seldom-seen, hardly ever heard place.”

The power’s which-be within the major sports media industry have colluded to muzzle Sports writers like the wordsmiths here at Black, Dave Zirin at Mother Jones . . . because they know White men can’t handle the burning-bush truth.

What’s the truth?

Sit-down, this is gonna shake, rattle n’ roll ya’ baby . . . .

For the umtenth-time; the NFL rigged the game, kept the Quarterback position isolated and off-limits to athletes, kept the 1953 exclusively “White men only“ job description carved in stone . . . titanium. “Improvising, adapting and overcoming” the defense was not allowed, just stand there and follow the pigskin script. Fran Tarkenton, Roger Staubach, Steve Young, Bobby Douglass . . . Tim Tebow and now Johnny Manziel were blackmanned because opening the door to these White-guy “oddities” who’re athletes . . . sets a standard the vast-majority of White sportsmen can’t meet, but is however taylor-made to Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, go down the list.

This is not rocket science, this is football. We’re not trying to bring-back to earth a space rocket.

For Black Quarterbacks, guys like Warren Moon, Doug Williams and now Jameis Winston represent the immobile QB. That’s a whole new “high low” which excludes 90% of the White quarterbacks coming out of the NCAA ranks. You do the math.

Blacks were, hell let’s be serious, Blacks are still today deemed intellectually inferior; unable to comprehend complex NFL offenses/unable to dissect complicated NFL defenses. Lacking leadership skills, having little character, backbone or heart.

Tell me how connected-to and similar-to is this form of White denial/amnesia to what we’ve heard about President Obama. Have the Republican TEA Party tell it, according to Baron Trump, the hatred-of and for Obama, and his wife n’ children has nothing to do with race. When we all know race is the prime motivating factor behind the blind-hatred we see towards this President.

History states half-mad White lynch-mobs have hung Black women n’ children.

See, it’s gotten so-bad for most White folks they’re on-the-verge of reverting-back to their 1957 ways over the next few months . . . we may very-well hear Emperor Trump refer to a Black person as a Nigger, perhaps the President . . . and his poll-numbers skyrocket!

Yes, he may call a citizen protester at one of his cross-burnings a Nigger and his poll-numbers will go through the flippin’ roof.

Hell, his supporters are already letting their white sheets show; caught on video were Lord Trump Stormtroopers at a rally talking about “liting the motehrfucker on fire” in reference-to a Black protester already on the ground being stomped . . . .

Let Cam win the Superbowl . . . . It may well be too-much for some.


I‘ve dupped it  “Small Penise Syndrom.”  I believe brought on by inherent feelings of overall- inferiority.

Such a victory will solidify this is the “beginning-of-the-end” for the fake, bogus fabricated, make-believe hoax of a alpha-male fairy-tale we’ve all been made to go along with. Call it a “great-big white lie” which states only White men can man the Quarterback position. This “myth” of a stereotype will crumble just as the gutter-low expectation/belief Blacks couldn’t be Presidents, Astronauts, Miss America’s, Golf champions, Tennis pros, swimmers, bobsledders,  successful business people, Number 1 here, Number 1 there . . . .Best Selling this and Best Selling that, Brain surgeons. . . like that Uncle Tom KKK- backed Dr. Ben Carson,

Go Cam!


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