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By Gary Norris Gray-BASN-Staff Reporter

OAKLAND, CA.-  The Philadelphia Eagles are sending a S.O.S. and the Green Bird Titanic is sinking fast in the NFC East. The Eagles lost to the Washington Football Club 38-24 Saturday night as head coach Chip Kelly tried to explain why the Green Birds lost. They lost because they dropped too many passes, they lost because of too many penalties and the Eagles lost because they fumbled the ball away too many times. The Philadelphia Eagles lost because the players on the field lost interest in winning and being professionals.


Within three years Mr. Chip Kelly has dismantled, disorganized, and destroyed this team with his trades and offensive schemes.



Now there is the mass exodus of African American Philadelphia Eagles with the help of current Head Coach Chip Kelly.

The Eagles organization hired a man that wanted to change the rules of the National Football League by speeding up the game; lauded by some as revolutionary in the Philadelphia Area, one radio station, WIP Sports Radio 94 called him a genius.

One major flaw – it has already been done. Every team in the (CFL) Canadian Football League has 20 seconds to get off an offensive play – at least 2.2 seconds on average faster than this so – called “new’ offense at Lincoln Financial Field. This new offense scored points – but didn’t win a football championship. The spring practices were longer with more and more wind sprints. Chip Kelly had his own agenda. The Eagles have suffered through two years; the fraud is on at Lincoln Financial Field. Beware of the individuals who want complete power and control. Mr. Kelly has done just that.

This organization’s administration must have forgotten how they got to the playoffs. Owner Jeffery Lurie this summer gave the car keys to Chip Kelly and he does not know how to drive. Mr. Kelly did not have to answer to anyone because he is currently the team general manager.

The Eagles are into the third year of the Chip Kelly era and headed out of the playoff picture in 2015. The Green Birds are headed for a massive disaster losing back to back home games against the Miami Dolphins and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, earlier in the season. The Lincoln Financial Center emptied in the fourth quarter of the Tampa Bay game and we all know Philly fans are diehards. The Birds lost to the Washington Football Club Saturday Night December 26th and they did it playing ugly. Demarco Murray fumbled for a Washington touchdown and a lead that they would never give back.

The Kelly era thrived in his first two years by using the players of former head coach Andy Reid (now in Kansas City), getting the Green Birds to the playoffs. Kelly proceeded to dismantle the team piece by piece, trading star wide out DeSean Jackson to the Washington Football Club, running back LeSean McCoy to the Buffalo Bills, wide receiver Jeremy Macklin to the Kansas City Chiefs, defensive corner Brandon Boykin who voiced his opinion about Kelly got traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers and last sending starting quarterback Nick Foles to the St. Louis Rams.

The Philadelphia Eagles will not start a BLACK quarterback. Thaddeus Lewis warms the bench week after week; again Mr. Chip Kelly wants a team in his own image.

Then the Philadelphia Eagles and Chip Kelly tried to intimidate teams with their Midnight green and black uniforms. That did not work either even-though the uniforms were cool.


There is an underlying racial tone to the Kelly era with the head coach supporting wide receiver Riley (I’LL FIGHT ALL YOU N*****S) Cooper instead of releasing the average player to promote calmness and harmony in the club house.

The Philadelphia Eagles may have other ethical issues with their head coach and players. The organization outsourced a 2015 calendar with an Eagle player featured each month. Wide receiver Riley Cooper was the featured player for the month of February. February is Black History Month and Cooper should have been the last person for that month.

Are you telling African American Eagle fans that the football administration did not see this? That nobody questioned this stupid act or was it a clear mistake of omission? Or are they saying we don’t care about African American fans. You never know in Philadelphia.

But for all African American Eagle fans you better start questioning your team’s administrative decisions.

This is the same team that ran their best receiver DeSean Jackson out of town. Then the organization trashed the young man with baseless allegations to gang ties, thug and bad behavior, and also being arrogant. All of these allegations were NEVER PROVEN!!!!

Question, why these issues never surfaced before his release? Teammates did not have problems with Mr. Jackson. So what is the real deal? Maybe the Eagle organization did not want to pay Jackson who would have been a free agent.

Jackson gave time, money, and friendship to many children’s organizations year after year in the Philadelphia Area …



The question should be asked where are the top Black Eagle executives on these issues…HELL, where are the top Black executives?

Under Kelly’s direction and by design The Philadelphia Eagles released all of the strong willed and opinionated African American players. This set the tone for a divided team, and a divided fan base. This will not be solved until Mr. Kelly leaves South Philadelphia.

The question needs to be asked how do you win trading away 50% of your team offense?  Only head coach and general manager Chip Kelly and owner Jeffery Lurie know the answer.



The ugly 2009 incident with a Black running back LeGarrette Blount knocked out a white Boise State linebacker Byron Haut. Blount got suspended for four games. This caught national attention but the incident still has not been clarified by Mr. Chip Kelly.  The N-Word was used by Bronco linebacker Haut; confirmed by BASN in a previous column by Michael – Louis Ingram.  Haut was not punished for his taunting by the NCAA or the team as far as we know. In fact Haut was rewarded with a coaching job at Boise State.

This is Philadelphia’s legacy with race and their athletes, Head Coach Chip Kelly worked at the University of Oregon and the Philadelphia news sports media never addressed the issue. When the NCAA started investigating the recruiting policies at Eugene, Oregon, Kelly bolted to Philadelphia to escape sanctions and fines.


The Eagles will not see another African American quarterback in the distant future. Randall Cunningham, Rodney Peete, Donovan McNabb, and Michael Vick may have been the limit for this northeast city.

Randall Cunningham got run out of town to Minnesota where the Vikings went to the NFC Championship in 1998 with his best season 15-1 record. The Eagles stated that Randall could not run. Number 12 put that to rest with playoff victories in Minnesota.

McNabb got chased and shipped to Washington after the Eagles went to four straight NFC Championship games and one Super Bowl. If the organization had signed all pro receivers like Terrell Owens (paid him) the Green Birds would have at least won a couple Super Bowls in the McNabb era. Owens warned McNabb that the Eagles organization would never pay him.

Trying to win a championship on the cheap gets you nowhere and the Eagle management has profited from this business art form. This is Money Ball Football Style.

Wide receiver Terrell Owens made that clear with his press conference informing the Philadelphia fan base about this business practice. Mr. Owens at that time was the only credible receiver in green and white. Owens told the press these facts and was let go. The truth hurts and nobody took him seriously. Within months Owens and McNabb were wearing different uniforms.



The Eagles then signed suspended star QB Michael Vick in 2009 infuriating Commissioner Roger Goodell and the owners who wanted to keep this talented quarterback out of the league. The football establishment wanted Vick to suffer; the Eagles dismantled that idea by signing Number Seven.

Vick still had the great quarterback skills to direct any team to a championship but injuries began to creep in and hamper his mobility. Philadelphia finished the 2011 season with an 8–8 record.

The team began with a 4–8 record before winning four games in a row to finish the season. The final game of the season was a 34–10 victory on January 1, 2012 at home against The Washington Football Club. Vick completed 24 of his 39 passes for 335 yards and three touchdowns.

Last Mr. Vick was the peacemaker when other African American players wanted wide receiver Riley Cooper’s head.


Michael Vick moved on to the New York Jets reminding many of the good old days in the City of Brotherly Love.

The Eagles continued the quarterback controversy in 2015 trading starter Nick Foles to St. Louis for the injured prone Sam Bradford. Philadelphia fans are still scratching their heads over that one because Foles is a mobile quarterback and fits into Chip Kelly’s offensive format

It seemed like Mr. Kelly wanted to trade all of the stars from the Andy Reid era whether they were good players or not. This move has backfired and the Eagles have not been in the playoffs since.


This organization is a mess and it has created division within the Eagles club house and this team will not win another championship, another division, or another playoff game with this kind of nonsense going on with the coaching staff, in the locker room and the front office.

To get the Green Birds back on track the Philadelphia Eagles have to release head coach Chip Kelly and wide receiver Riley Cooper.

The Green Titanic is slowly sinking in the NFC East sea.

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EDITORS NOTE:- Chip Kelly was dismissed by Philadelphia on Tuesday December 29th at 4:00 Pacific Time.

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