What If Christian McCaffery Were Black . . . ?

Updated: December 10, 2015

Here’s the butt-naked truth sportsfans: popular opinion states Black guys can’t man one of the premiere “alpha-male” positions in our society, NFL  Quarterback because we’re too-dumb, we lack brains, heart, a backbone and leadership abilities. The Black Quarterback is as rare as the Black  Quarterback . . . .

Flip-side of the same 45; White guys can’t man the Golden Boy position of Running back in the NFL because they lack athletic/physical talent- can’t walk n’ chew gum at the same time, can’t dance, “soft,” can’t improvise on the move, mechanical, e.g.,  make luv like 1967 Rockem-Sockem Robots . . .  Encountering a “franchise” White running back is as rare as a  . . . being at the North Pole and seeing a White Rhino.

Noting this is the gridiron landscape; We all know what path Stanford’s young Christian McCaffrey is about to embark upon – talk about a mixture-of the high yellow brick road being paved with gold and good sentiments, the red cashmere carpet being rolled out for this Great White Hope. Nonetheless I was pondering  what would be the landscape if this kid were Black?

He’d be “Just another quick, fast, swift nigger . . . .”

However since McCaffrey’s the first White running back since John Cappelletti in 1973 to be seriously mentioned for the Heisman in nearly half-a-century, half-a-century I say – you can bet your ass all this kid has to do is rush for a 1000 yards as a NFL rookie and he’ll be given the keys to Canton Hall.

What will Donald Trump say if Christian doesn’t win the heisman?

The NFL hasn’t seen a “great” White running back since John Riggins, and before him . . . 1957, Paul Hornung. After the original Golden Boy, here’s a short list of failed #1 draft picks – Billy Cannon, 60’, 61- Tommy Mason, 1965 – Tucker Fredrickson, 1967 – Jim Grabowski . . . . Somehow Craig “who” James  split time in the backfield with the great ED, Eric Dickerson at SMU, and James was the last White NFL running back to amass over a 1000 yards . . . . until Peyton Hillis, the Great White Rhino who was given the cover of Madden because White guys were so very desirous of a White running back being recognized for once

Danny Woodhead, Brain Leonard,  Merrell Hodges – “Utility” backs, serviceable but you can’t build an offense around them.

Mike Alstott  never had a 1000 yards in an NFL season, only averaged over 4.0 yards per. carry one season.

Supposedly the fairytale was Toby Gerhart, was being corralled behind AD Peterson in Minnesota and only needed an opportunity to shine. He didn’t make 1 year in the starting-role in woeful Jacksonville and he’s now on the bench.

Twinkle, twinkle baby.

The lack-of gridiron accolades are embarrassing and shameful because here’s’ the injury to insult; who in the hell is forbidding White guys from playing tailback? Nobody. Can we make that perfectly clear, nobody!


Nobody but an obvious lack of talent, heart, grit, intelligence, speed . . . etc., has stopped White guys from playing the position and excelling.

Can I get an aman!

Right on, right on , right on, word, word to your momma.

But just for the record –  there’s been a deliberate, strategic, intentional, calculated effort to halt the emergence of the Black Quarterback . . . . So when Black fans point-out “exclusion” and “discrimination” to explain the dearth of Black quarterbacks – we ain’t lying. Yet, white guys  want to ignore the “interesting” demise of the White running back, and are so obviously overzealous in their yearning to anoint and crown buys like Alstott .

The running back position historically has been a glamor boy slot, but lately, with the darkening of the position  “rumors” (or perhaps wishful thinking) we’re running backs are quickly becoming “extinct” but I guarantee you with McCaffery’s emergence that perspective will disappear from the ESPN conversation.

I’m sorry, but all my life I’ve been told skin-color and race have no place in sports, and that skin-color has absolutely nothing to do with why there’re so few Black QBs’ in the NFL, nothing to do with why there’re so few Black head coaches in a league predominated and dominated by Afro-American gladiators. We all know that’s a crock-of-crap, but nonetheless the White guy company line. That hypocrisy has never been  more evident than with all the male-cheerleading we see for McCaffery. It seems with every story you read you’re walked-thru how everyone is so surprised he has sprinter speed, jukes, moves etc., all the physical skills and attributes seldom applied to White guys.

That’s only because compared n’ contrasted to other White running backs McCaffery is a freak of nature, a rarity, an oddity seldom ever seen.

I’d suggest if the Mccaffery’s join Ancestry.com they’ll discover they’ve got Black blood in their veins . . . perhaps they’re Black Irish.

There’s a level of “giddiness” on display by White sportsfans when it comes to McCaffery  he may actually be the chosen one, the Great White Hope who’ll bring some level of “respect” back to the White male athlete and counter, if not erase the sportsbar notion White guys lack skills and are merely Neanderthal-like battering rams having extremely limited “athletic” talent and skills.

We’ll see if McCaffery has the “Right White stuff”  to prosper in the NFL with real men.

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