Chris Arreola Wins a Crucial One

Updated: December 13, 2015

Chris Arreola has been a leading contender for the heavyweight title but never quite got over the hump as he has lost his three shots at the title to Vitali Klitschko in 2009 and twice to Bermane Stiveme in 2013 and 2014.


He faced Travis Kauffman who came into the fight with just one loss and 22 knock outs in 31 fights but Kauffman had not faced the competition that Arreola has in his career.  For Arreola, this was one of those crossroad fights for a loss would effectively end his career as a contender. Arreola last fight was a controversial draw that many felt his opponent Fred Kassi won.

Arreola came out firing throughout the opening two rounds by pressuring Kaufman as he used a variety of punches to control the action and put Kauffman on his heel.

In the third round, Arreola started the round fast as he did the previous two rounds but Kauffman countered with accurate combinations and with a minute left, he nailed Arreola with a combination that sent Arreola to the mat. From that point till the ninth round, Kauffman showed footwork and excellent body punching to take the momentum of the fight.  Arreola looked a step slower and appeared wearing down but after Kauffman delivered a low blow in the ninth round, Arreola took nearly five minutes of rest and this allowed him to get second wind.  He came out after the respite and started to take charge.

Kauffman had only been ten rounds once and Arreola added a second gear to push the issue through the tenth and the eleventh round as he won those rounds.  For the first two minutes of the twelfth round, Arreola pressured dominated until Kauffman landed a big right hand that sent Arreola reeling.  Kauffman then went for the knock out but Arreola stayed on his feet.  This fight was close and I had Kauffman winning 114-113 but two of the three judges had Arreola winning 114-113 and the other judge agreed with my view.  This was a close fight that could have been scored either way and Kauffman acquitted himself well.

Arreola barely won this fight and it can be said that a victory is a victory but Arreola has been a top ten heavyweight and he should have beaten Kauffman easily.  This may say more about Arreola place within the heavyweight division; that maybe Arreola best days are behind him.

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