The Bulls Stole The Thunders Christmas In OKC (105-96)

Updated: December 25, 2015

The Thunder came into this game on the high horse and have been clicking on all cylinders as a team. The Bulls on the other hand came into this game with locker room problems and didn’t know which team would show up. The crazy thing is the Bulls came into this game on a mission as they played with more heart and more energy in the beginning stages of the game. The Chicago Bulls big men were able to get the Thunders big men in foul trouble early. Gasol was able to have his way in the paint against the Thunder hitting jumpers and on top of that posting up Steven Adams. The Bulls came out like a team from the past and were on fire to start the game off against the Thunder. Bulls scored 32 points in the first quarter and let Pau and Butler set the tone of the game. Butler was guarding Durant majority of the game and was making him work but KD still had 29 points in the game. Derrick Rose played well during the game as well adding 19 points in the game and also he was able to get his teammates involved.

Butler hit a hail mary 3 pointer at the buzzer and was able to defend as well as Ive seen on KD all season. Butler had 23 points and was able to get to the basket multiple times on feeds from Gasol in the paint. Westbrook and KD combined for 55 points in the game and didn’t have anyone to help them in the second unit. Enes Kanter played some good solid minutes but thats basically all defense and no offense in the game for the Thunder.

Westbrook was having some trouble today with getting to the paint and getting to the line and being efficient. Russ was 7-13 from the paint and those 6 points he left on the line could of been a huge factor. If he hits those there were plenty of chances for the the Thunder to take advantage by being down by 2 points but it didn’t happen. The interior defense was no where to be found tonight from the Thunder as they let the Bulls carve them up in the inside. The Bulls and Thunder both had over 30 offensive rebounds combined and they were able to add to it for second chance points. The Thunder have Denver coming into town and will be able to try to take advantage of playing against a decent team to try and build the chemistry back up. This is now the second time in a week the Thunder have lost to a Eastern Conference power house team and thats concerning.

The Thunder need to get the second unit in the flow of the game better because with Rose and Butler it was difficult for Russ and KD to get into Hero Ball mode. Waiters and Kanter should be putting up big numbers for the Thunders second unit but it hasn’t happened yet. The Thunder need to find someone that can make some shots and defend down the stretch. Morrow did come in the game and hit some big jumpers to help get the Thunder closer but it was still in a losing effort.

The Thunder will try to bounce back on Sunday and try and take the Nuggets down to avenge this Christmas Day loss to the Bulls.

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