50 lashes Next Time Uppity Missouri Football Players Exercise “Black Power”

Updated: December 18, 2015

Black Power!

It’s hard to get Black folks today to use that term from yesteryear. They know it upsets and makes uncomfortable most White folks.

Black Power, Black Power, Black Power mofo . . .  

Today’s Afro-American  is either unaware and uneducated about the term “Black Power” and fails to grasp the complex meaning of such a simple term. Or, like the  President Obama of his 1st term,  they’ve calculated the smartest move is to take the hi-road,  be the moderate, mild-mannered, professional negro who’s above the petty issues of racism, agreeing with White denialist that  we live in a color-blind society where reward and punishment is based on merit and achievement  – so they refuse to incorporate volatile, combustible terms like ”Black Power,” or “Power to the People” for it makes White folks they’re trying to “network” with feel  uncomfortable.

Say it loud, I’m Black n’ I’m Proud!

The Missouri Football Team exhibited “Black Power” last November by refusing to tap-dance for the White folks . . . . At least not until the university’s president, Tim Wolfe step-down from presiding over a collegiate operation which condoned racism and discrimination by simply turning a blind-eye, a deaf ear and a cold back to the situation.

“See” no racism, “speak” no more of racism, “hear” nothing about racism . .  . “do” nothing about racism.

Pimpin’ and exploiting  Black Mandingo Bucks by pitting them against each other, gee, that’s entertainment isn’t it?  And it provides an unbelievable revenue stream – who’d have ever thought such a thing?

“Bread and circuses . . . .”

The Black player’s defiant stand worked, their  “power play” scored and Wolfe resigned. This victory predictably ignited a blue-flame under the asses of Rednecks . . . . And now the Republican TEA Party politicians who dominate Missouri  state politics want to strap these boys to an oak tree and give them 50 lashes apiece.

Draw some blood, send a direct n’ deliberate message; “boy, you talk when I say talk, otherwise you just go beat the hell out of each other until I say stop . . . .” Black Power scares the hell out of White folks.

The Klansman, sorry Congressman who’s behind this punishment is Senator Rick Brittin, who’s leading a war against everyone who isn’t a Conservative/Confederate minded White man . . . . this angry/vengeful White man put-forward a law halting food-stamp recipients from purchasing “cookies, chips, energy drinks, soft drinks, seafood, or steak.” He also wanted to  make abortions impossible and illegal without the documented consent of the father, and he desired to coerce Planned Parenthood to construct a memorial wall in honor of aborted fetuses.

Another one of Lord Trumps Storm Troopers .

So logically his over-the-top type over-reaction to Black Power is predictable – when you embarrass the “White powers that be,” and that’s what these Black gladiators did when they disobeyed their masters and spoke their minds. In essence any work-stoppage  threatens, endangers the institution of higher learning’s lucrative profit stream by not performing.

Push came-to-shove and aristocratic alumni had to move, give-in  and cater-to the whims of uppity, unappreciative. . . Niggers and this form of audacious power and no, hell no –  that didn’t set well.

This 21st century Jim Crow law was hand-crafted to silence Black players, put an end to the organized labor efforts of Black scholar-Athletes, threaten their ability to earn a college sheepskin and perhaps a shot at the NFL. This “preventive” move is to ensure they’ll have fourth n’ fifth thoughts about standing-up n’ speaking-out again with their fellow Black students on vastly snow-white colleges.

These well dressed hillbillies hope to end  Black solidarity and  stifle Black Power.  

Nor need I allude to the obvious; this law will become a blueprint for copy-cat klansmen in statehouses all across this racially divided land to utilize when confronted by Black Power. All that can stop it is . . . Black Power.

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