Thunder Beat Mavericks (117-114) Off Of Westbrook’s 31 Points

Updated: November 22, 2015

The Thunder are coming in off of a loss to the Knicks at home on Friday and were trying to stay afloat until Kevin Durant comes back. Russell Westbrook was able to put the Thunder on his back and not look back. Westbrook had 31 points and was able to take advantage of the Mavericks defense. Westbrook was able to post up the point guards facing him and also he was able to get some matchups with the bigs. The Thunder were able to have a great night offensively even though it was a close game. The team was aggressive tonight having 6 players in double figures. This is the Thunder team that everyone needs to see when KD comes back from his hamstring strain. The Thunder didn’t play any hero ball tonight and were able to show that ball movement. The Thunder made stops when they needed too down the stretch but didn’t defend the Mavericks as good as they could of. The Mavericks had 6 players in double figures as well it just came down to free throws. The Thunder put the Mavericks on the line 28 times and they only made 16 of them. If the Mavericks were to take advantage of the free throws they could of pulled this game out. Westbrook was able to make some big shots on the Mavericks and will the Thunder to the win. Westbrook had 11 assists to add to his 31 points and he was able to force the referees to blow the whistle to get him to the line.

One of the biggest things noticed in the game tonight was the aggressive play of Andre Roberson seemed like he was not taking no for an answer tonight. Roberson was very aggressive and was taking shots when they were given to him and did’t differ them. When Roberson attacks to the basket he’s very good and now that he has worked on his corner 3 pointer his game is developing in front of our very eyes. Roberson was able to hold Matthews to 18 points and was very disruptive down the stretch of the game to play a key part in the win.

Roberson and the Thunder play the Utah Jazz tomorrow in Utah and they have to deal with Favors/Gobert. Westbrook needs to take his game to another level as he will be facing some big rim protectors. The Thunder will need to continue to make sure the second unit are intact and have to make sure that everyone gets involved.


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