Kaepernick Vs. Luck; Different Rules For Different NFL Quarterbacks . . . .

Updated: November 4, 2015


As the 2015 NFL campaign progresses Cam Newton is becoming the personification of the term Alpha Male; he’s grown-into a smart, cool, calm, calculating leader and a tenacious warrior. He’s put the punch-less Panthers on his big Buffalo Soldier like massive shoulders and he’s carrying his team to a thus-far undefeated season . . . without a Varsity-level wide-receiver . . . and the White guys who report-on and’ critique the NFL . . .  they’re having a hell-of-an time giving this Black Superman the accolades and respect he’s undeniably earned.

That’s because many, many, many of them hate him, or at least hate what he stands for and symbolizes – a Black man.

Yes, it’s that simple.

As I meander thru various new sources I can’t help but ponder . . . how-in-the-hell can any sportsfans have a conversation, debate or argument about NFL “Field Generals”  . . . and not talk- about race? How? It’s not possible to discuss the topic and the deliberate exclusion of Black men from playing the position, unless, unless I say . .  you are deliberately avoiding the issue.

White people are intentionally avoiding this.

That’s why ESPN can’t get that Black “Grantland” project, “the Undefeated” up n’ running. That’s why they put Jason Whitlock,  an recognized and registered Uncle Tom at the head of it, to do what he did . . . stifle, slow, retard and deter a conscience flow of critical Black thought ever coming to fruition.  The obvious, common, mutual  perspectives and observations Black folks universally maintain . . . those viewpoints aren’t wanted at the “big table.” They’re tactically excluded based-upon fear . . .  fear-of the truth being publicly dissected..

The NFL grasp the simplicity of a supposedly complex situation; White sportsfans of today yearn for “Great White Hopes” . . . exactly as their fathers and grand fathers did . . . so-much-so the sports establishment is willing to manufacture them, to construct, assemble . . . if not concoct and fabricate them if-need-be.

Well, right now, need-be.

Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, Terry Bridgewater, Colin Kaepernick , Winston, Mariota  and the rest of these “Airmen”  represent that moment in sports lore “when push comes to shove . . . “

I’m not exactly clear on what that saying means. . . but I think it’s apropos for this moment.

While at the same time, the same Journalist – if you will . . . are endlessly rationalizing/minimizing and justifying the hardships of Andrew Luck . . . the Official Caveman for the 21st century NFL. The same journalistic defense will be employed for Jay Cutler, Nick Foles, Sam Bradford, Alex Smith, Eli . . . every member of  the current crop of White QBs who’ll get more than a few opportunities to prosper in the league.

Now note, Drew Brees gets no defense because he plays for a infamous “Chocolate City” – New Orleans and he was a NFLPA mouthpiece and that pisses off anti-labor/anti-union White sportsfans – which is the majority of White sportsfans  . . . duh.

A few days ago another Great White Hope, the Green Bay Packer’s “bad man” Aaron Rodgers was reduced to 77 yards passing. Yes 77 total yards against the Denver Bronco’s defense. Predictably the major sports press has gone into their “male-cheerleader” mold-of-operation, as opposed to the “Gotcha gestapo” approach they take to Black players, and specifically and particularly Black Signal Callers.

If you’re going to bench Kap, then my God, you’ve got to bench Luck.

Luck sucks.

Simultaneously these same writers are taking noticeable,  unmistakable glee in the fall of Colin Kaepernick . . as they do with RGIII, Geno, EJ . . . back-to at least VY, Vick n’ McNabb – it’s pretty damn obvious the White sports fan, who speaks thru their fellow White writers and host . . . don’t like Black quarterbacks.

Obviously they like their QBs like they prefer their Presidents  and astronauts  . . . White.

And to replace this kid with  . . . Blaine Gabbert?

Cmon bra’!

Kap took the Niners to the NFC Championship game twice. won one and then lost a Superbowl. And now you bench him for a Great White Dope . . . talk about “disrespect” and an obvious lack-of loyalty.

But no, wait, let’s look to Indy, they’ve just fired their Black Offensive Coordinator, (Endangered species)  Pep Hamilton,  . . . this same man orchestrated the two wins that Hasselback pulled off a few weeks ago . . . and now he’s sodomized, minus the lubricant because the greatest of the great white Hopes can’t hit the side of a barn with a watermelon . .  . .

God damn it, I’m sick of this chicken  . . . stuff. As the great Bum Phillips said .  .“Now, you can’t do that! If you do it, I’m telling you, you’ll have “more” hell over-it . . . than a little bit.”

This is like the insults we here leveled at this President’s wife n’ children, it’s akin to “Saturday Nite Live” inviting Trump on, despite his openly advocating going door-to-door at 2:37 in the AM and dragging 78 year- ol’ Latina grandmothers and 8 year-old little girls out of their homes, away from their families, into the street and forced onto Greyhounds headed South to the other side of the Rio . . . he’s building a movement, a White backlash on this semi-criminal, barbaric blueprint.

A plan to “Make America White again.”

I’m tired of White guys and in-house Negroes pretending “race” isn’t an long-term critical element in the “”NFL Quarterback Controversy” and honestly, there’s no controversy; we all know the  Napoleonic “Micro-Penis Syndrome”  (MPS) is at play here. White guys can’t stop make-believing they’re “superior.”

This mentality is on display through-out our culture, from Elvis and Eminem to Madonna’s disciples  to Tom Brady.

Brady and the Patriots cheated, I believe , with the knowledge and blessing of the other cartel owners . . . these aristocratic good ol boys are trying to, like Trump . . . make the NFL White again. Understand this my friend – there’re different rules for different NFL Quarterbacks.

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