Holms with Upset Of The Year!

Updated: November 16, 2015


In Sports, there are those rare moments in which David slays Goliath and the unexpected happens.  Tyson-Douglas was one of those moments in which a 42 to 1 underdog, Buster Douglas whipped Mike Tyson to win the Heavyweight title and this past weekend, Holly Holm performed the big upset over Rhonda Rousey.  Before the big fight, a friend of mine joked that maybe Holly Holm might see 60 seconds.

What the pundit fail to see was that Holly Holm brought to the table a championship pedigree from her boxing experiences.  She had won titles in three weight classes and experienced in those big events.  Holms foot work would be far different than what Rousey had experience and her boxing skills to go with her kicking sills would prove decisive.

From the beginning Holms circled and move out of harms’ way over the first thirty second, landing a sharp right hand before Rousey countered with a right of her own.  Holms landed a high leg kick followed by a quick left that scored.

Rousey tied up Holms and forced her to the chain link but Holms answered with short snapping punches and a kick as she exited away from the links. While Rousey lunged, she got countered again.  Rousey managed to clinch, dragging Holms to the mat but Holms escaped, a rarity in other Rousey fights. Usually when an opponent hits the mat, it is the end but Holms managed to get back on her feet.

Rousey landed a right but Holms answered with a left, snapping Rousey head back.  Holms landed two big shots but Rousey connected with a left hook that staggered Holms, and Holms took Rousey down to the mat but quickly got up to her feet.  Holms not only survive the first round but she even won it on the scorecard.

The second round started with a Holms left followed by a kick to Rousey’s midsection.  Holms connected with a left before a wicked round house kick snapped Rousey head back and sent her to the mat. Holms struck quickly with hammer fists to Rousey, who couldn’t escape. The referee stopped the bout and Holms pulled off the biggest upset.


So how does the biggest upset in MMA history happens?  One reason would be Holm’s boxing skills.  While many boxers come into the sport with the disadvantage of having to learn the ground game, most MMA have to learn hand skills to go with kicking skills.   Holms is a good athlete and her movement allowed her to dictate the space between her and Rousey. This was important since by dictating space, Holms took away Rousey biggest advantage, her judo experience and mat game.  Amateur boxer Natalie Grguric mention to me, “I have been saying that her boxing skills would help her win the fight for months.”

MMA observer and native New Mexico, Trish Hubbell added, “Holms won because she had perfect trainers in Albuquerque.”  So with a great team in the corner and the perfect strategy; Holms used her boxing skills to set up the stoppage.  Rousey could not adapt to Holms boxing skills but then she rarely had to deal with an elite female boxer.

Holly Holm have no problem with a rematch and UFC Chief executive, Dana White is anxious for one as well.   Rousey had surgery to fix her lips and the question is when does the rematch happens?  Rousey has commitment in Hollywood and her plastic surgery will need to heal.  For the UFC, Rousey was one of the biggest draw, if not biggest draw and a rematch would only add to PPV viewing.  We may have seen chapter one and it is looking like that Chapter two may happen in 2016.

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