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By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor – In – Chief



PHILADELPHIA (BASN) Recently, the Black Athlete Sports Network broke a story involving the Oakland Raiders and their unsettled situation re staying or going to either a new home away from or in the East Bay area.


We broke our story based on consistent information from our colleague Patrick Freeman, who has covered the National Football League for over 20 years, and who I have had the pleasure to have covered several Super Bowls together.


In response to our story, an Oakland – area personality, Zennie Abraham, implied there were flaws within the body of our piece, going as far as to infer to the entity in question (Vintage Pro Sports, LLC) was ridin’ dirty…in a YouTube rant across social media.


So – it is time for clarification:


We do know the following – that Vintage Pro Sports LLC met with and presented the plan to city and county officials September 29 and 30 of 2015; also that the team in question is very much aware of the plan laid out by VPS.


Abraham stated in his monologue that VPS states “they have connections to billionaires.” Other than my first sentence in that exclusive column (“When is a billion dollars not enough?”) There is nothing written anywhere implying such. There is a clear misunderstanding of the proposed Buffalo stadium deal which Mr. Freeman was involved with two separate development companies, both of whom of were interviewed multiple times on the BASN – affiliated radio shows Soul Tree Radio – in the Raw! and The Gray Leopard Cove (Greater Buffalo Sports and Entertainment Complex LLC President  Nicholas Stracick sadly, passed in June of 2015.)


With Stracick’s passing, Vintage Pro Sports LLC were on their own looking into bidding on the Buffalo project; Mr. Freeman’s connection with the project facilitated  an introduction and, was asked by VPS  to work with them; and, of course, this all started in 2012 because of the age of Ralph Wilson and his publicly stating that when he did pass the team would be sold. The fact that the Buffalo lease expired in 2012 made this a perfect storm for speculation – as well as joining the Billion-Dollar Boys’ Club which is the NFL.


Abraham also states that VPS LLC claims they met with the Joint Powers Authority who run the Coliseum complex; something which was never stated. Going on about how Executive Director Scott McKibben says he never has heard of Vintage Pro Sports LLC.  What is not mentioned, however is that, according to Freeman,  VPS  has met with and have approached just about every member of that board except its Executive Director.


Abraham also did not mention whether VPS met with Members of the Alameda County board of Supervisors and members of the City Council who empower the board.; or if they had met with Claudia Cappio, Mayor Libby Schaaf’s point person who has the plan and financial pro forma.


As Abraham was digging for dirt, engaging in scam – hunting, he did not speak on resumes of other members of the company, such as Bart Plunkett, who was one of the lead engineers of the Dallas stadium project, walking in the door with over 25 years of experience; doesn’t sound fly-by-night to me…


Now, as a news agency, our job is to get it right; so when we do err, we say so – without reservation, and look to correct it; but my personal issue with this (and here I will go full disclosure) I have known Zennie Abraham; and he has been doing his podcast thing for a while.


In this era where journalists desire to be “personalities” – because they believe it’s about them, Abraham’s innuendo of saying “The FBI should look into this”  as if Oakland City Council were going to be victim of a sting op is as irresponsible  a social media practice as I have ever seen; dangerous, without merit, and, point blank – fuckin’ stupid!

BASN doesn’t do Twitter or any other of the Social Media Soup (aside from Facebook) because we’re not desiring to be bigger than the story.


When I wrote my first book, “Imitation and Life” – we focused on this very issue. In an interview with radio personality Anthony Johnson, I spoke of how my youngest daughter being born – and how at that time in the early 1980s, there were roughly 50 or so companies which one could say were part of the then – Mainstream Media…


Today, that number is down…to six.


It doesn’t matter matter where the shit flies – left-wing or right – wing, they are both wings of the same muthafuckin’ bird.


So while some folks will do as they do with no filter save their own ego, BASN will endeavor to get it right, which we did.


The underlining issue is Oakland working all sides to gain the best advantage has been as much part of the Raider pedigree as its logo (ask anyone in Irwindale about that) – and we ain’t mad at ’em – we expected this.


In this TMZ/ESPN bullshit environment, we’ll stick with who/what/when/where/why/and sometimes how; and we stand by our story.



(Pat Freeman is the Sports Director for Mix 1080AM WUFO Radio, but also served as Vice President and Community Ambassador for the Greater Buffalo Sports and Entertainment Complex LLC which was seeking to build a privately funded stadium in Buffalo New York, and because of his tireless work there and knowledge of the NFL was promoted to President but the founder and owner passed way. To our knowledge, at present, Pat Freeman is a good friend of Vintage Pro Sports LLC’s Managing Partner – and holds no other positions within.)


always outnumbered…never outgunned.




Copyright (C) Michael – Louis Ingram all rights reserved.





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