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By:- Gary Norris Gray -BASN-Staff Reporter

OAKLAND, CA.-(BASN) The Kansas City Royals might have finally put an end to the steroid-home run era with the playing of small ball, banjo hitters, and blinding speed.

Buck O'Neil Monarchs

Can somebody please call Moses Fleetwood Walker, Cool Papa Bell, Willie Wells, Josh Gibson, Buck O’Neil, and Jackie Robinson? The Kansas City Royals are paying a tribute to these fine players of yesterday. Thank you and congratulations to the Kansas City Royals for reminding baseball fans of the old Negro Leagues. From its historic beginning with the Cuban Giants of 1885, to the sad ending of the league in 1966 with the Indianapolis Clowns, the Royals continue to contribute to the rich baseball history.

The baseball hierarchies do not like this style of baseball. They do not like it because it flies in the face of The Money Ball philosophy. They do not like it because teams would have to hire more African American players to produce this style.

The Negro League flies in the face of the Station to Station baseball system and it works. The New York Mets found out the hard way that the Royals style would capture the World Series in 2015.


The New York coaching staff lost this series by their very interesting decisions or no decisions.

1.) Not telling pitchers to slow down the pace of the game when Royals were on base. The Kansas City Royals were seven for seven stealing bases.

2.) The art of the pitchout when men are on base. The Mets did not use this tactic to slow down the Royal base runners.

3.) In the first game the Royals hit fast balls to the moon on a two strike count- The Mets coaching staff did not inform their pitchers or their pitchers did not believe the Royals could continue to hit their fast ball- THEY WERE WRONG.

4.) To play an injured Yoenis Cespedes in all five games.

5.) In the last game of the series the coaching staff let starting pitcher Matt Harvey start the ninth inning after he had thrown 111 pitches.

Then they did not pull him after a leadoff walk. The game and the series slipped away from New York at that moment.


jarrod dyson (2)

The Royals to a man remembered that cold October night in Kansas City  in 2014. They remember the Giant pitching staff with pitcher Madison Bumgarner shutting them down. The Royals were one base away from tying the game in that World Series and failed to get that run to the plate. They watched the Giants celebrate on their field at Kauffman; that moment stuck in their minds of every Kansas City Royal all winter.

In the spring of April 2015 their goal was to reach the Fall Classic and win. The Royals did not care how it was done they just wanted to celebrate like the San Francisco Giants had done the previous fall.

This team stole bases with two outs, went from first to third on singles even going on Texas League singles and swung at two strikes for base hits driving opponents crazy. This constantly put pressure on the opposing team defense. This is the mirror image of the historic Negro League of the 1920-1950’s . Kansas City sent an early warning signal to the American League winning their first ten games of the year with aggressive hitting. This did not end until the Baby Blues entered the 2015 World Series.

That determination was shown the first game of this World Series. On television one could see in the eyes of the Kansas City Royals players that they were not going to lose this series. It seemed like this team was possessed. This is called sports vision. Tiger Woods-Golf, Serena Williams-Tennis, Barry Bonds-Baseball, Russell Wilson-Football, Jarome Iginla-Hockey, Louis Hamilton-Motor Sports, and Pele-Soccer all have or have had that look.


Lorenzo Cain 3 Run RBI RESIZED


 The K.C. Royals set the tone of this series on the first pitch by New York’s, Dark Knight Matt Harvey. On the first pitch Alcides Escobar hit a line drive to the left field wall. Escobar did not stop running until he reached home plate and a one run Royal lead. This was a five hour game in which the New York Mets had the lead twice only to give it away to the scrappy Royals. It was a 14 innings marathon with a seven minute delay because Fox Sports lost their electric feed. Fox Sports finally transferred its telecast to their international broadcasters to keep the game flowing. Alex Gorden used the long ball to tie the game in the ninth inning. The Royals put pressure on Mets pitcher Bartolo Colon to make a perfect pitch in the 14th inning, he could not and Kansas City wins 5-4 with bases loaded sacrifice fly by Eric Hosmer.


 In game two The New York Mets took the early lead with a Lucas Duda single scoring Murphy in the fourth inning. That seemed to awaken the sleeping Royals.  The Mets sent deGrom to the mound and the K.C. Royals did not care. Again with a two strike count the Royals continued to swing scoring four runs. The Mets defense failed  again and that was the weak link in New York’s amour. The Royals exploded time and time again.

Royal starting pitcher Johnny Cueto shimmied and shammed his way to a two hitter and a complete game which had not been done since 1991 with Jack Morris. The Negro Leagues are still on the field at Kansas City’s Kauffman Stadium. The Royals ran New York Mets off the field and a 7-1 victory and it was not even close. The Baby Blues scored four more runs in the eighth to seal the deal and took a two games to none lead to Flushing Meadows -New York for the middle games that weekend.


The New York Mets finally got off the floor and sent their Super Heroes Thor and Captain America against the Royals. Thor- Noah Syndergaard buzz cut Alcides Escobar sending him to the dirt on the first pitch of the game. That send a message to the other Kansas City players. DO NOT GET COMFORTABLE HERE at City Field. Syndergaard wanted to cut down the aggressive hitting by the Royals. Curtis Granderson homered in the in the third inning giving the Mets a 4-3 lead. Captain America David Wright homered and drove in four runs to get the Mets offense in gear. This was the first World Series victory at Citi Field 9-3. It was a party in New York with Billy Joel singing the National Anthem. The Royals did not take too kindly to this happy mood in New York and would respond the next night.


The Running Royals knocked on the door of history as they responded to every New York Met rally.  The New York rookies Michael Conforto and Steven Matz seemed to have the Blue and Orange train headed in the right direction and even the series but it would not happen.

Conforto hit two homers and Matz pitched well enough to win.  The old nemesis, shoddy defense reared its ugly head again and the Kansas City Royals capitalized as they have done all year long. Eric Hosmir hit a low grounder to second basemen Daniel Murphy. The ball scooted under Murphy’s glove and the Royals scored the tying run. The air went out of Citi Field at that moment. Salvador Perez would move the Royals closer to a championship with another run scoring single in the eighth inning and a 5-3 victory.


Lorenzo Cain Safe on Steal Game 5RESIZED


It was a replay of game one.

Starting Royal pitcher Edinson Volquez matched Harvey after Mets leadoff batter Curtis Granderson blasted a home run in the first inning.

The Dark Knight and the New York Mets kept the Kansas City Royals off the base paths until the ninth inning. Starting pitcher Matt Harvey just ran out of gas striking out nine allowing three hits with two walks. In the ninth the Royals went back to the Negro Leagues style of baseball RUNNING.

Lorenzo Cain scored from first base on an Eric Hosmer double and then the Royals forced the Mets into another fielding error sending the game into extra innings with a daring play. Mets third basemen David Wright had to field a slow grounder; Wright threw the ball to the right of the bag. This throw created problems for first basemen Lucas Duda who now had to throw home. On the throw to first by Wright, Royals Eric Hosmer dashed home to tie the score.

The Royals never stop putting pressure on the defense. In the top of the 12th inning pinch runner Jarrod Dyson stole second base with nobody out- aggressive base RUNNING again. The Royals continue to play fundamental baseball as Alex Gordon moved the runner to third base with one out. Christian Colon hit a single to score the go ahead run. Then the roof caved in on the New York Mets second basemen Daniel Murphy. He made another error and another Kansas City run crossed the plate. It was lights out, GAME OVER  for New York. The Royals scored two more runs before handing it off to the waiting bull pen.

The Kansas City Royals remembered that cold dark night in their own park a year ago and it motivated the whole team to come to that winning moment on Citi Field Sunday night.

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  1. Bob Kehoe

    November 4, 2015 at 3:55 pm

    Spot on, G. This article applies as much to the way the Mets whipped the Cubs the series earlier as it does to KC. I don’t know why so many teams seem to ignore defense these days, particularly when it comes to stopping someone’s running game by holding runners on, slide stepping on the mound, etc. About the only thing pitchers seem to know how to do is hold the ball, which neither seems to stop the base runners from stealing nor helps defenders in the field. I’m singing the Cubs’ fans’ annual lament. Wait until…oh screw it. Wait another 100 years most likely.

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