Cam Newton, Ron Rivera, The Panthers – Undefeated Because Jerry Richardson Is A “Good” White Man.

Updated: November 29, 2015

Jerry Richardson is a “good” White man.

Richardson, the owner of the NFL’s still-undefeated Carolina Panthers franchise, is, according-to traditional American expectations and standards within the contentious realm of race relations. . . a decent, dare I say a “Good” White man.

Granted, this is despite the fact Mr. Richardson will probably vote Republican next November . . . he’s still a “Good” White man.

And trust me, “good” white people, specifically “good” White men are hard-to-find.

What gives this rich White man that rare designation?

Well Richardson owns and operates a NFL franchise, worth at-least a gazillion dollars, and he has as his Head Coach a Mexican-American. That in-itself is nowadays, as its always been . . . “unusual.” Additionally,  the “face” of the franchise, the squad’s “Field General” is an Afro-American. This White man, Richardson, is an ol’ School Old man who’s giving a “fair” opportunity to two Americans-of-Color in a time where the rank n’ file White folks across this divided-land ,e.g., Trump’s Stormtroopers aren’t. Instead they blame Black n’ Brown folks for each n’ everything wrong , all the ills n’ woes which plague the United States-Of-America.

Americans-Of-Color, we are what’s wrong with America.

Black people have more influence and impact within American culture/society, far-larger than
our actual percentage of the overall population, and that infuriates the folks we took it from – White people.

Behind “closed” doors Conservatives call it the “Niggerazation” of US pop-culture, while Confederates say it with the door “open.” I appreciate your honesty boys.

Football is this country’s national pastime and it’s dominant religion. Within the game, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning currently vie for the role of “Savior.”  They’re Great White Hopes, while Golden Boys like Flacco, Matty Ice, Brees, Luck . . . Cousins – these are the disciples John, Paul n’ Peter- men saddled-with the responsibility of taking America back, taking the game back from Black dominance. The gridiron version of Custer’s Last Stand.

It is their unspoken mission to make the NFL White again.

Mr. Richardson’s “Square-business” mode-of-operation “differs,” drastically-so from many cartel owners who won’t put men-of-color in these top-positions, obviously . . . just based-on the lack-of integration we see in NFL front offices and leading the team on the field.

Richardson’s non-racially bias philosophy  diverges n’ deviates from  this new 21st century “blind” Confederate spirited-type hate we currently hear erupting from Mount Redneck.

Look, Cam Newton’s walk, talk, looks – everything about Cam seems too “Black.” It all disgust, irritates, infuriates and aggravates a significant-slice of White sports fans; he’s a criminal because he bought a hot laptop from a kid when he was a freshman in college. He got caught cheating on a test, and, what really burns the ass of gridiron aficionados; his dad allegedly demanded, and got paid a working-man’s hefty sum for his son to bring a National Championship to Auburn; Perhaps the Newton’s “outfoxed the silver-haired aristocratic NCAA foxes at their own crooked game?

That type of “out-thinking” rich White men, that “uppityness” still doesn’t set-well for millions of bias White sportsfans. So when you read a story on the World-Wide-Web and the comment board is littered with insults/slights and belittlings of Cam’s character/game and human essence . . . you understand how, like Tiger and Obama – Cam’s success is striking a deep, deep manhood chord.

Cam is that alpha-male which White sportsfans know will dominate the game and redefine the  professional “Signal Caller” position far-beyond the capabilities of 90% of White athletes. There’s been a deliberate, strategic effort to derail this human nite- train since Newton was in college.

Once QB n’ kicker go . . . White guys will constitute what, 25%, may be, of a league which once banned Blacks from playing in because we were ”lacking?”

Please see the “NBA.”

Yeah, you’re damn right – I believe that “correction,” that “righting”  is relevant, meaningful, important and telling. And so do White men, but for far-different reasons. The fairytale is over.

Ron Rivera, a proud Latino, is earning Coach Of the Year honors in a nation where it appears most White folks simply don’t “like” Latinos. Lord Trump, who yes, speaks-for unquestionably half of all adult White Americans – undeniably 50%, if not much, much more – these people want to go door-to-door of Latino homes, dragging-out into the street 77 year-old grandmothers and 7 year-old grand daughters, throwing them onto Greyhound busses bound for the Rio Grande . . . and Uncle Sam will sort it all out later.

That Latino home may well be someone in Rivera’s family: Latino-Americans are still today encountering the same mentality which hung-up those “No Dogs/No Mexicans” signs in their businesses all across the West and Southwest for decades. That “Conservative/Confederate” perspective calculates Rivera’s likely got family members on Welfare. Thus/therefore some hard- working White man or woman is having $222 strong-armed out of their paycheck to fund some senoritas little Mexican jumping beans . . . yes, these are their traditional All-American bigoted thoughts and viewpoints.

You tell me; it’ looks like throughout Trump’s “White America” there’s very-little empathy, sympathy, nor even unwanted pity for the “plight” of Mexicans and Central Americans – folks who’re fleeing, dig this – the “Fallout” of European Colonialism.” Read your kid’s 6th grade history book – Europeans have pimped n’ exploited a vast-array of peoples and their land’s Mother Nature given resources for well-over half-a-millennium, and when those colonized victims flee to what that French dame named “Lady Liberty” standing in New York Harbor claims is the “Land of Exiles”. . .  she ends-up turning her stone-cold back on them.

Unquestionably today there’s very-little empathy, sympathy, nor even pity for Muslims or Arab refugees. In Trump’s America, you guessed it – they’re merely homeless “Sand-Niggers.”


That’s the “big” picture.

In teh little picture, both Newton and Rivera are exceeding the gutter-low expectations the White sportsworld set for them. They’re successful in a semi-hostile land – where the White population keeps (at arm’s length) a extremely strained “love/hate” relationship with Black n’ Brown people. We’re merely the help and the entertainment as far as mainstream “real” Americans (White folks) are concerned.

Ain’t that a bitch?

Jerry Richardson, that “Good” White man is enabling this pigskin poetic justice to play-out. He’s empowered two “underdogs” to get into the debate and they’ve got White sportswriters and fanatics eating crow. Black crow. This will earn Richardson the racial Benedict Arnold title of “Nigger lover” in many good ol boy n’ girl circles.

Mr. Richardson, I hope-like-hell you’ve got some mixture of shark/alligator skin sir, cause you’re gonna need it if the Panthers go undefeated or win the Super Bowl with a dumb Mexican and a lazy Negro at the helm. If those two boys beat all those blond-haired/blue-eyed 35 year-old boy-genius head-coaches and immobile, 38 year-old statuesque quarterbacks . . . you n’ the sports world gonna have more-hell than a little-bit on your hands. Your baby-blue Panthers will have donned Black leather jackets and Black berets become Black Panthers – Cam Newton painted as  Huey P. Newton . . . Ted Gin Jr. –  Bobby Seale. Talk about hate, it’d be on HD display all across these so-called United States-of-America.

Get your caramel-popcorn, this is gonna-be somethin’ . . . .





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