Cam Newton and Jamesis Winston – 5 TD Passes . . . It’s So Quiet You Can Hear A Rat Piss On Cotton!

Updated: November 24, 2015

Please note;  it’s been roughly 24 hours since two Black quarterbacks threw for 5 touchdowns each in an NFL game. Same day. Can you believe it?

Millions of sportsfans who’re members of Trump’s troops can’t believe it, they’re sure it’s snowing in hell.

What if  Buffalo’s Tyrod Taylor could’ve handed the  “Great Cheater,” Tom Brady,  his Patriot’s first setback of the season . . . the sky would be falling.

And so here I stand, inside the NFL’s antiquated old-fashioned 1927 Great White Alpha-Male  “box,” the genuine authentic, original, official Peyton Manning paradigm which was concocted and constructed by White men. These four-walls maintain the unspoken-rules and unsaid-laws which say this: Only, only I say could White men embody the basic human elements to man the position of professional Quarterback: heart, guts, brains, a backbone, moxy and born leadership skills. And thus/therefore and so-be-it the Field General position has come to be the sole-property of,  the personification and incarnation of White male superiority and dominance in American popular culture, if not the world.

And, as you can imagine, here inside the sacred, hallow ground of the cube . . . it’s Art museum quiet. Perhaps even mausoleum silent.

Cam “Nite Train” Newton, 5 TD passes, not runs.

Jameis “Sheriff Andy Taylor”  Winston, 5 TD passes, not runs.

Cam beat the hell out of an historically racist and arrogant franchise ran by an aristocratic Redneck who deliberately demeans the noble American Indian, which recklessly placed a franchise Field General in harm’s way and has now benched RGIII in-favor-of yet another Great White Hope, “Captain” Kirk Cousins.

Just to do a little grave dancing;  that bad man, Russell Wilson, 1 time Super bowl champ, (ought-be two) threw 3 TDs, not runs,  in his team’s victory over San Francisco, a team where their “blue collar” coach sacrificed the Mulatto QB, Colin Kaepernick  in favor of the great White Dope, Blaine Gabbert because of Kap’s mental and emotional deficiencies . . . and not the dysfunctional condition of the franchise.

Ain’t that a predictable bitch?

Please note; Young Winston was accused of “raping a White woman,” not tried nor convicted. Nevertheless they’re those “Confederate”- minded sportsfans who’d like to flash-back to the good ol’ days, lynch him from the nearest tree, castrate and burn his body.

So yes, you ask “how quiet is it in that little White box Desi?”

Well golly-gee guys, let me tell ya”; it’s so god-damn quiet – you can hear a rat piss-on cotton son.

I’d like to ask some good ol’boys – what’s crow, “black crow”  taste like? Appears to be you’re choking’ on your very-own words fellahs. It seems the endless contrived  reports of the Black Quarterback’s demise are greatly over-stated if not exaggerated by some,  obviously anticipated by many and hoped-for with baited-breath by . . . millions.

Call it wishful thinking.

See, here’s what went wrong. Black QBs aren’t supposed to have gridiron greatness, it  contradicts the Republican TEA Party Sportsfans/sportswriters narrow, antiquated view of the wide, wide wide-ass world-of-sports.

Just as Obama can’t be a popularly-elected President, man-of the little-people. A noble statesman. No, according-to Trump, Rush, Cruz and the rest of the Conservative Citizens Council –  this President is a thug. As these sports-journalist (pick up your feet please) have too carelessly branded Russell Wilson a thug.

According to their little “box,” i.e., White conventional thought – (Donald Trump’s 2015 revised version) it’s their view of the world which declares Black men only have the “physical” ability to play the “Signal Caller” position because, after-all, we’re but one or two steps-away from being apes and gorillas . . . that’s why we run so fast, jump so-very high . . . Nonetheless, in-line with that all-American notion – Blacks, being slightly more than “educated monkeys,” we simply can’t grasp complicated NFL offensive concepts, nor can we dissect intricate NFL Defenses.  And without question we can’t function under-pressure.

Only White men come off the assembly-line factory-equipped with those rare human qualities.

And please note; that missing-link hypothesis must-to explain why our penises are bigger and more satisfying to the Nordic Snow Princesses – as exemplified by Tiger Woods going-through them like Milk Duds.

Cam Newton, “Superman” dipped-in chocolate, this big-cat’s success ignites a baby-blue flame under the asses of Redneck Sportsfans, no? Between he and Winston, the veiled racism can no-longer be controlled; the complaints about his arrogant, vulgar “Elvis“ hip-shakin, arm snappin’ victory pirouette is little more than the same shit/different century Pat Boone/Donny Osmond /Vanilla Ice/ M’n’M type cultural-bias.

How “a-typical” is a paranoid, envious but still arrogant White woman who has issues n’ problems with Black people. Somebody ask her if she hates Obama and Tiger – she does. Is she voting Republican TEA Party – of course she is. Is Trump her man? please. This woman has a historical complaint  – “those Black boys” are “uppity” they don’t “know their place.”

Cam’s a “Freight-Train” of a man, with chiseled-in-titanium alpha-male good looks. Summation; Women love him, men want to be him. And therein lies about 77% of the problem, right boys?

Cam’s  setting a “hi n’ mighty”  standard, he’s becoming the pigskin prototype, one which is hard to eclipse on the field . . . and in the bedroom.

Sorry Dan Patrick, I said it.

Let’s be real folks – White America prefers its Black gladiators to be small-minded, simpleminded, simplistic non-politically-astute house negroes (like some of my in-laws) quiet, docile,  well-behaved, grateful n’ thankful – like Joe Frazier/OJ/ George Foreman – a White man’s negro.

Think Michael Jordan, Shaq, Michael Irvin . . . and Dr. Ben Watson, certified Neurosurgeon and nut. Oh God please protect me from another-one of your followers!

C’mon’ ESPN, bring me on the airwaves, let me tell the burning-bush truth about the “Black quarterback.” Permit me to be both sharp n’ blunt, pour it straight, no chaser. Amplify  the thoughts of Black men in barber shops, sports bars and at backyard bar-b-q’s all across this divided land.


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