Triple G’s Dominates

Updated: October 20, 2015

Gennady Golovkin is the best pound for pound fighter in boxing today. His recent victory over David Lemieux simply reinforces the why.  The first round began slow but Golovkin landed jabs after jabs as Lemieux look hesitant to move forward.   Throughout the second round, Golovkin continued to jab, which set up two big one-two combinations that shook Lemieux up.

Gennady Golovkin v David Lemieux

Throughout the third and fourth round, it was Golovkin using his superior tactical skills to set up big punches while Lemieux fail to land any big punch.  At the beginning of the fourth, Lemieux threw a five punch combinations that missed.   This temporally forced Golovkin to retreat but Golovkin simply return to his jabbing.  Near the end of the fourth round, the Golovkin jabs set up big combinations that had Lemieux reeling.

Coming into the fifth round, Golovkin did not go for the kill after hurting Lemieux in the fourth, and for the first time in the fight, Lemieux connected on solid punches including a three punch combination that nailed Golovkin solid.  Golovkin seemed hardly fazed by the output and counter back viciously.  A Golovkin’s body shot nailed Lemieux, who went down on a delayed reaction but to add insult to injuries, Golovkin landed a right hand as Lemieux hit the ground.   Lemieux was saved by the bell.

Beginning with the sixth round, Golovkin went for the kill.  Lemieux landed a couple of left hooks but they did little to stop the onslaught that continued throughout the seventh round round.  Lemieux face was bloodied and beaten by the end of the seventh round and there was not much left in Lemieux as blood spurted from his nose.

Round 8 saw Golovkin forced Lemieux to the corner where the referee stopped the fight.  While some felt it was stopped too quickly, no one would argued that Lemieux was going to win as his face told the story.

Golovkin showed in this fight the whole picture. He didn’t just slugged but boxed effectively as Lemieux rarely got a solid shot against Golovkin’s defenses.  Golovkin jabbed effectively to set up shots and his body shots slowed Lemieux down while reducing his power.  Lemieux had no chance since he couldn’t out box Golovkin and while he had the reputation of a slugger; he couldn’t even match Golovkin own power.


Golovkin is the whole package and before deciding on moving up in weight,, he wants to unify the Middleweight division which means Andy Lee’s belt and the winner of Alvarez-Cotto.  The latter bout winner will provide a big pay day for Golovkin while ensuring his elite status if he wins. While he would easily be favored over Cotto if Cotto wins but Alvarez may be a different challenge since he also possess solid boxing skills and power.  Both of these fighters have built in audience and Alvarez is already a popular fighter that can help bring in big PPV numbers.  When Alvarez fought Mayweather, that fight took in over 2 million buys.    An Alveraz-Golovkin fight could be a major PPV event that challenges the 2 million buy market.


Golovkin victory was his 15 successful defense of his Middleweight title but he is not yet finished as a Middleweight.  He still wants to be recognized best but he wants to have all the belts in his hand so it can be official.


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