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By:- Gary Norris Gray-BASN-Staff Reporter

The United States is headed down a very dark road, that America may never recover. All Lives Matter only after the Black Lives Matter movement became a positive political and social force. ALL LIVES MATTER is a dagger, a verbal violent attack on African Americans because it tries to nullify African American life. All Lives Matter would not be in existence if it were not for THE BLACK LIVES MATTER Movement. The Question should be asked DO WE REALLY CARE?

If All Lives REALLY Matter then why we don’t we have universal health care, why do disabled children have to fight for their education, why are prisons privatized, and why are there still homeless people?


If All Lives Matter why don’t we have safe and sane gun control laws, or protect American females from sexual assault, why is racial profiling of African Americans permitted? The Oregon incident Thursday October 1st will be the 45th school shooting in 2015. AMERICA DOES NOT GET IT!!!! Americans should be afraid of fellow Americans more then foreign nationals.


It is very dangerous when a candidate running for the highest office  in the land states that individuals who want a better life and a job need to go back home, that people that are trying to escape a war should be sent back to a place that is destroyed. This candidate leads in the polls of his party-YET ALL LIVES MATTER.

So the question should be asked when a liberal person of a lighter hue states “BLACK LIVES MATTERS”. Does it have more validity, more substance, than when an African American makes that same claim?

Even in sports the question is raised.

Brother Desi Cortez from Denver makes it clear.

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How can Mike Vick’s crime against dogs be worst than Ben’s crimes against women? Well, because the hatred of Blacks, i.e.,  ”racism” trumps “rape” in Donald Trump’s White America . . . . The everyday White guy loathes Black folks, specifically Ebony Alpha-Males like Vick- much more than they value women, even White women. Granted I grasp the point racism and sexism aren’t in an ugly contest to decide what’s worse, both “isms” are horrific in what they do to society.

However in White America hatred of Blacks outweighs prizing n’ protecting women.


BUT ALL LIVES MATTER, RIGHT? seems like dogs matter even more than humans.

A recent college report stated that for every 10 females on campus three will have deal with being violated or bullied by male students and that number could be higher. Colleges and Universities around this country are not protecting their co-ed students. YET ALL LIVES MATTER.

My brother Mr. Cortez states

Conservative-minded men think much-like their fathers and grandfathers, like basically all men who came before them – they are conditioned by tradition. Women have been historically oppressed and exploited by men . . . why should the 21st century be any different?

3, 000 children from the age of 2 months to 20 years old will die this year by gunfire-in the United States. There will be more deaths by gunfire than the whole continent of Asia. YET ALL LIVES MATTER.

The leader of this great country cannot gain the respect of fellow Americans, just because of his skin tone. A Black President of the United States does not set well with 10 percent of the population. YET ALL LIVES MATTER.

The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin could not have said it better in one of her gold record- R E S P E C T

082411-music-protest-aretha-franklin-RESIZED300 Black Lives Matter

BLACK LIVES WILL MATTER when America stops trying to defuse the movement with ALL LIVES MATTER and when Caucasians come to the conference table and are willing to share real power and real control. Then we can make real progress in the United States of America. …

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