Lessons from Week 7th

Updated: October 27, 2015

What are the lessons for week 7 NFL?  How about watching the college trained pistol/spread offense quarterback Cam Newton leading his team to victory over Philadephia Eagles.  Newton has only completed 56% of his passes but he seems to make the big play and he is the second leading rusher on the team; adding another dimension to the offense.   Critics often note that he is still an inaccurate quarterback but then he has managed to lead his team to a 6-0 record.  Kirk Cousins of the Redskins completion percentage is 69% but do you think the Panthers would trade Newton for Cousins?  I think not.  Well, many critics have criticized those collegiate quarterbacks who come from spread offenses or pistol but somehow, Newton has managed to lead his team to two straight post-season and now is on the verge of a third straight post-season appearance.


Speaking of Cousins, Kirk has received a well deserve reputation as a turnover king over his career but there are several more highly rated quarterbacks who have actually turned the  ball over more.  Andrew Luck has 9 interception in five games and won only one game he started. (Matt Hasselback has won the other two starts as he filled in for Luck while Luck was hurt.) There are some who are questioning whether he is playing hurt and he certainly has not looked like the Luck of old. Luck actually throws interception as a higher rate than Cousins this year and he is not only turnover king with this distinction. Peyton Manning has 10 interception in 210 attempts and Matthew Stafford has thrown his share as well.   So if Cousin is the turnover king, what does that make Manning, Stafford and Luck?  Manning is a Hall of Fame quarterback but this year, he is showing his age and Broncos defense has bailed out the Manning led offense.

Tom Brady shows that even if the ball is inflated, he is still the master of the universe as he simply shredded a very good Jets offense while Aaron Rogers took the week off for a bye and he has led the Packers to a 6-0 start along with Brady’s Patriots.  They are the two best quarterbacks this year.

Watching Chip Kelly’s Eagles reminds me of a quote featuring Rick Pitino when he coached the Celtics.  A pundit wrote of Pitino’s stay in Boston that Pitino the coach was undone by the players Pitino the General Manger gave him.  In watching the Eagles and the changes they made this off season this could apply to Kelly as he is being undone as a coach by the players the General Manager Chip Kelly is bringing in.  We will see as the season progressed if the Eagles continue their mediocrity but they are not as good of a team as Kelly’s team over the past two years.  Kelly is hoping that eventually the offense gets moving with Sam Bradford a the helms but so far, Bradford has yet to light up the Eagle offense since coming over from the Rams.

Finally, Jacksonville Jaguars nearly blew a 24 point lead and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did. Jaguars’ young quarterback Bortles manage to make that one needed drive to pull it out and rookie quarterback Jamison Winston played well enough to win but if your team get flagged for 200 yards in penalties, it is hard to win.

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