ESPN Is Deliberately Smothering What They Deem As “Too-Black” Opinions . . . .

Updated: October 9, 2015

Well you can blow-me-down, hush-my-mouth and call me an Uncle Tom, or Jason Whitlock . . . or even call me Dr. Ben Carson (they’re all one-in the same), but if Marie Donoghue, ESPN’s executive vice president of global strategy and original content,  if she paternally permits uncut, unfiltered Black opinion to be published, like that of the extremely talented Ta-Nehisi Coates, who’s rumored to be “in the running” to orchestrate ESPN’s attempt at a “Black Grantland,” at “Black Journalism” – “The Undefeated,” I’ll be both damned and amazed.

 Thanks to Deadspin’s Greg Howard,  the world knows exactly how ESPN is deliberately, strategically smothering what their WASP brain-trust deems as far-too Black opinions . . . The sports media’s standard-bearer is terrified of offending, possibly alienating its politically Conservative and emotionally Confederate  (Redneck) fan-base.  It’s safe to say ESPN is catering-to a vastly White male customer base which is, to a significant degree . . . like most White Americans . . . anti-Black.

“Tolerate” is the word we’re looking for.

You don’t want to know what WASP sportswriters, , coaches, fans, owners and even pro-players think about police brutality, “White privilege,” Donald Trump, “Black lives Mattering” . . . trust me ebony sportsfans – you don’t want to know, it’ll hurt your naive,  delusional feelings.

I’ve been pounding-out a column for the website, Black for roughly 7 years . . . in the lab, with a pen n’ pad, “laboring in obscurity,” nonetheless I delve into the serious issues which lie beneath the sanitized, superficial surface ESPN chooses not-to scratch; “Mike Vick vs. Big Ben; Racism Trumps Rape . . . ,” “White Men’s “Small Penis Complex” Propels All The Over-The-Top Criticism Of Serena . . . .” “RGlll; Victim Of Plot To “Make The NFL ‘White’ Again.” ”White America, And Chip Kelly Prefer “Their” Black Athletes Humble, Docile and Obedient.” “President Obama And Tiger Woods: Are They The Two Most Hated Black Men In America? – Charged With Being “Uppity Negroes.”

 You get the gist of what I’m saying . . . ?

Say it ain’t so, say it ain’t so! allows me to go where no White person would let a Black person go – “should an asterisk be placed next to 20th century White athletes who dominated their craft in the pre-integration era of racial discrimination and exclusion . . . who’s to say Mickey Mantle, Joe Dimaggio, Johnny Unitas or Jerry West would have even made the JV squad, let-alone their respective hallowed hall-of-fames they now eternally dwell-in . . . if Black sportsmen hadn’t been tactically excluded from competing . . .?”

The blind-hatred held for Tiger Woods by White men, not because of what happens on the greens, but for what happens with White women in the bedroom. It’s enough that he kicked in the country club doors, it’s another that’s he’s bedding snow bunnies like Peter Cottontail. This type Jack Johnson womanizing infuriated White men in the 1915, and it still does in 2015.

The treatment of the Williams sisters by White America . . .  we can’t explore that controversy from a Black perspective – our thoughts have to be censored by White editors. The lack-of Black coaches in the sports we dominate, the reality NASCAR looks like a 1962 Conservative White Citizens Council meeting, Confederate flag n’ all. MLB is less than 10% Black, and most White folks want to keep it like that – Baseball personifies what Trump’s talking about – Making America White Again . . . .”

That’s a spoiled can of funky-ass worms ESPN doesn’t wish to open.

Sportswriter Jason Whitlock, who’s a confirmed, certified head-scratcin’, foot-shufflin’ top-hat n tails, cane, white glove-clad 400 pound dipped-in chocolate snow man – a Black man on the outside, a racist n’ sexist White man on the inside, was hand picked to construct a website which only said what the angry Conservative/Confederate-minded sports fan wanted said. That makes Jason not merely a fool, but a tool, another one of those lost, gone-astray Negroes who are politically and economically standing-with the 21st century version of the traitorous Confederacy . . .

So Negro please . . . ! Don’t tell me a damn thing about the term “traitor” being “over-the-top” or excessive, because to have this fat-cat constantly and consistently, in issues of race,  attack Blacks while defending Whites, to break-bread with members/sympathizers and supporters of a mindset, a mentality – the Republican TEA Party  which has been endorsed by David Duke and all the other Klansman type organizations . . . is to betray the best interest of Black people.

Look, we over at the house the late Roland Rogers built, Black, i.e., Eric  Graham, Michael Ingram, Tony McClean, Gary Norris Gray, L.A. . . .  these fellow wordsmiths have been ignored, slighted and if you would . . . “trivialized” by the sports aristocrats over at ESPN, FOX Sports, Yahoo, SI, Sporting News . . . because our sharp, blunt . . .  “dark” opinions haven’t been scrubbed, bleached, de-sanitized, glossed-over and in the end . . . whitewashed.  Why? We’re articulating and amplifying Black thoughts and ideas – barbershop viewpoints and backyard bar-b-Q perspectives on sports and other combustible, flammable  issues in US society- which simply mirrors America’s national Pastimes. . . opinions which the everyday White guy . . . just does not want to hear.

Ms Dungeon, Skipper, when you want a constant stream of authentic, genuine  “Black thought,” a sports writer’s perspective . . . give us a call, we’ve been telling the truth (n’ shaming the devil) for a decade – but here’s the issue – White America, even sportsfans don’t want to hear what real Black men, and other Americans-Of-Color have to say.

Tell me I’m lying!

FOX’s Rupert Murdoch believes Ben Carson is a “real” Black man . . .  trust me, Ol Black Ben could be healin’-the-sick n’ raising-the-dead over on 124th Avenue n’ MLK Blvd . . . and he’d have a hard-ass time drawing Black folks . . . but he is that “House-Negro” which White folks adore and wish to hoist-up in front of the Black rank n’ file as the “model Negro” we should all emulate and imitate.

See Samuel L. Jackson trifling character in Django Unchained

The Fat-Man plays  the same House-Negro role in the sports-world. . . Whitlock is, dig this, the White sports fan’s Negro. For even ESPN to place him in charge of a project geared-to and catering-to Black taste was a damn fools move and illustrates ESPN isn’t serious about amplifying Black perspectives.




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