White Men’s “Small Penis Complex” Propels All The Over-The-Top Criticism Of Serena . . .

Updated: September 8, 2015

Go tell it on the mountain . . . White Men’s “Small Penis Complex” (SPC) drives all the over-the-top criticism Of Serena . . .

Virtually the only people criticizing Serena Williams and her powerful coke bottle physic is small-penised White guys who’ve concluded  – they’ll never satisfy that type woman.  Along with White men,yes, you guessed, White women – the flat-assed, micro-chested bean pole White chicks who know they can’t even begin to compete with her “super-sexuality”

Go tell that on the mountain.

All the criticism leveled at her historically voluptuous shape, size and her well-noted “grunting” is connected to sex; men imagine/guess/hope/fantasize that she makes those type sounds during sexual intercourse . . . however this notion is coupled with the frustrating belief you, as  a White man can’t bring her to the verge of ecstasy in order to produce that sound. So, if you can’t make her grunt like that . . . and you can’t . . . then it’s their demented desire to equate Serena to a man, and apply the accusation she produces male-like sounds because she’s far-too “manly.”

Call it “deflection.”

“Here ye, here ye, here me goddammit!” I’m sick n’ tired of being sick n’ tired of listening to White folks malign,denigrate and demean vastly all facets of Black femalnality. And tragically it  begins with the “fat jokes” leveled at this nation’s first Afro-American First lady,  Michelle Obama. The assorted insults constitute and should be deemed “fightin’ words” by Black men.

The characterization of Black women’s appearance as not petite and feminine enough to the taste of WASP culture is an historical one rooted in their envy and lust for the forbidden darker fruit. Their charge that Serena is . . . loud –  vulgar, flamboyant, brassy and just not “lady-like/” is a charge applied to all Women of color and specifically Black women. It rings hollow.

However amid all the character assassination we hear coming from White America . . . who’s getting their lips and asses inflated? Who’s battling skin Cancer because they can’t stop worshiping the sun in an hilarious effort to darken and enrich their pale, frail appearance?   Who want’s to walk  n’ talk, dance n’ prance with the flair and sass of Nubian princesses?

Everybody knows the epileptic fit throwing bimbos on American Bandstand paled in comparison to the sis-tah’s doing their thang on Soul Train . . .

White men committed adultery with Black woman.

White women committed adultery with Black men.

Black men were hung for looking at White women.

White men got away with centuries of raping Black women on a flippin’ “whim . . . ” .

I find it racistly predictable, and all so hypocritical this present-day contention Black women are unfit to be called the wholesome girl next door, the “good girl,” the “loving” wife n’ mother, nonetheless it seems White America was content with Black women raising their precious babies . . . for centuries  Need I say it again it seems White America was content with Black women raising their precious babies for centuries, cooking the family meals during holidays . . . in the best homes, in the best communities with the best White folks . .  we ain’t talkin bout no White trash, no trailer park Peckerwoods . . . White society entrusted their blue-blood bloodline to Willie-Mae Jackson, Earlene Walton and the Cora-Faye Franklins.

Let’ be real, blunt and up-front about who’s butchering Venus and Serena Williams; The same country club sportsfans who despise Tiger Woods.  The blind hatred for both these ladies has a great deal about just their presence in an arena they were never wanted nor welcomed into. Like Tiger just there being there, competing aggravates and irritates Conservatives.

So much of the scorn and hostility we hear and see  . . . has to do with these ladies not knowing their places . . .  (straight outta Compton) and instead being at the French or US Open . . . redefining and now defining what is Ladies Professional Tennis.

These Ladies didn’t knock on the country club door . . . they kicked the sum-bitch down, came in taking names and whippin frail asses . . . and their dominance has generated hatred and envy. What else can I say . .  not a damn thing.


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