Sam Presti: Kevin Durant Cleared To Play With No Restrictions

Updated: September 23, 2015

The Thunder were able to get some great news from GM Sam Presti on Wednesday morning. Sam Presti told the media that Kevin Durant was cleared to play and had no restrictions from his foot injury but will be watched with precaution on minutes. The Thunder are getting ready for training camp next week and with KD and Westbrook in that together will be a huge boost to the team. The Thunder will finally be able to play with all of the talent that wasn’t seen last season because of the injuries. The Thunder will have a lot of pressure this season and will try to make sure that the team is gelled and well prepared for the season. A very huge part to the Thunders success will be the coaching staff as it was also noted that Billy Donovan was the one that wanted Mo Cheeks and Monty Williams on his coaching staff to help him out. As you may remember Monty Williams and KD already have a very good relationship and have showed that over the years with USA Basketball. Kevin has been in some very intense workouts and looks to be back in MVP form which is a very good sign for him.



The Thunder superstar will have the lights and cameras on him Monday for media day when he’s asked to talk about his future.  Kevin Durant has been very loyal to the organization and the community in Oklahoma City. Sam Presti talked about the future of Kevin Durant when asked about it. He replied ” Knowing that the future is coming, we’re incredibly excited about that because it’s an opportunity for us to keep him in Oklahoma City, a Hall of Fame player, a legacy player,  I should say a legacy person, in Oklahoma. But those are conversations for another day. He knows how we feel about him. The best way to to serve the Thunder and put him in a position to be successful, those things are one in the same and thats what we focus on.”

The Thunder and Presti know what has to be done in order to make Kevin happy and the talent around him is more than capable of getting the job done. The addition of Kanter last year helped them in the post and getting Serge back healthy will be a huge help to that position. Presti brought to everyone’s attention that Serge’s knee was still bothering him. The Thunder will just need to stay healthy and try to just get along as a team. The Thunder are the only ones that can beat the Thunder. The injuries were big last year and the team is back stronger than ever. The fact that KD has no restrictions and can show his team that he’s ready to go and compete every night helps big time.

The Thunder open training camp on next Tuesday and it will be the first official look that everyone will get with KD and his fellow teammates that he wasn’t able to play with last season.



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