RGlll; Victim Of Plot To “Make The NFL ‘White’ Again . . .”

Updated: September 3, 2015

As Donald Trump would like to “Make America White again . . .” let’s as sportsfans be honest enough to confess such “take-back our culture” mentality applies to America’s national pastimes, the games we play . . . . There’re coaches and owners in the NFL, who like Trump, they yearn-to  “make the NFL All-White again . . . . ” And there’s no way to simply  “dismiss” this is not the point-of-view, the perspective of Washington head coach Jay Gruden.

Look, Washington Redskins ebony Signal Caller, Robert Griffin has been deemed “expendable” by his White head coaches. One of them, Mike Shanahan is buddies with former President George W. Bush . . . a man recognized for his  not “liking” of Black folks.

Let’s be honest here; this extremely “sociable” Nubian primadonna needs a fresh-start somewhere else, not anywhere else but rather with a coach who’s “pro” Black “Signal Callers” . . . because let’s once again be real . . . every NFL coach isn’t in favor-of Blacks playing the most fabled, exalted “Golden Boy” position.  . . . end of fairy tale.

Arizona maybe, the Cardinals head coach, Bruce Arians is a progressive-mined, card-carrying “Negro-Whisperer.” How about Griffin “sitting” in Dallas as the heir-apparent to Romo – allow him to heal, get emotionally and mentally “right”. Same concept would apply if he went to the Big Easy. How about a trade to the Big Apple, play for a Black head coach . . . just so we can “rule-out” the blind-hatred aspect of the equation . . . ?

Can anyone deny Mike Vick will garner his “most respectful” treatment, as both a “man” and a legitimate “NFL Quarterback” now that he’s with Mike Tomlin? Vick’s first pass, a 63 yard strike . . . that play doesn’t get called under most NFL coaches. “Helping” a much-maligned Black QB make a poignant point? Send a  message about his questioned skills . . . . Tomlin’s presence had something to do with Todd Haley calling that one.

Trade RG to Cincy . . . we sportsfans won’t have to ponder n’ wonder if the OC or HC is “in the man’s corner.” Wants him to win, to be a “successful” Quarterback?

ESPN’/former NFLer Louis Riddick is on the moo-lah – send Robert to KC, home of Andy Reid, a Mormon who’s a both a quarterback guru/fixer and a recognized, certified “Negro-Whisperer.”

Lest anyone forget, minimize, slight or devalue the very real point; Young Mr Griffin is just getting himself together after Shanahan, and now Gruden have unquestionably and undeniably, in a  recklessly yet highly calculated, strategically diabolical-manner placed  this man “ in harm’s way.”

Both men have “devalued” him as a man/player, jeopardized his health, thus his career.

And the little Napoleonic mastermind did it to prove  a few points; Blacks can’t play the thinking barbarian’s position – quarterback. Additionally Mike wanted  to ensure he could have the opportunity to prove  he was right – Captain Kirk’s the better Field General. So now, with Gruden, perhaps being like his brother . . . both may be “rubbed-the-wrong-way” by Black alpha-males like Keyshawn Johnson and RGIII . . . Both men could very-well not be the “good” White man who’s able-to  “handle” certain type Black gladiators.

Robert needs  to go some place where he’s weighed n’ measured more by his abilities than the fact he’s an intelligent, articulate, arrogant, Republican-minded, overly-confident military-brat . . . married to a little red-haired Nordic princess . . . with that last point not endearing him to many, hell most White men. . . .

Yes RG, like Tiger Woods is despised, in-part for his arrogance, his “uppity-ness” ” for his “taste” if not “lust” for White women.

And recall, not to long ago, yesteryear actually, “race-mixing was a White guy mandated “capital-crime” in the hearts n’ minds of White men. I can comfortably say from the moment a brother set foot on this blood-stained soil, roughly the year 1609, up until . . . well today honestly – sporting snow-bunnies on your . . . arm  it’ll may not get a Black man beaten, shot or lynched, burned at the stake in 2015. . . ala young Emmett Till, but it we get a player “branded.”  The tag is “you don’t know your place boy.”

Shaddy McCoy is about there.

And please, please . . . please, let’s not pretend there’s not some “effort” to slow the Blackening of the QB position – which is the last, finale, fake, mythical bastion of this long-alleged alpha-White male exceptionalism and superiority.

Since the days of James Harris and Joe “Jefferson Street“ Gilliam we’ve watched the playing of a four-corner stall – the tactical crafting of the game for an immobile/non-athletic player . . . . C’mon fellas – there’s an obvious, clear effort to halt the NFL from visibly looking-like the NBA, and it’s been in play since the 1960’s when the AFL almost forcibly integrated the NFL.  However let’s be honest – the league well-understands White America’s desire for popular culture to generate, if not today manufacture  “Great White Hopes.” Cultural role-models for Bobby and Susan to emulate n’ imitate, i.e., JJ Watts and Taylor Swift . . . Kirk Cousins. Heroes.  Buy their Wrangler Jeans, drive their Ford Pickup Trucks . . . even if the “role-model” is flashing his penis to women while his wife battles Cancer . . . that’s all-right momma, that’s all right.

Bottom-line, head coach Gruden, who’s another Great White Hope / “Boy-Wonder” with the right last name was given this franchise because he claimed he was a “Negro-Whisperer,” that he had the ability to talk to . . . the Black players, even a Harvest Festival queen like Robert. While now it looks like he’s got a personal problem with the pigskin prince . . . .

”There’s a banana in you’re tail pipe man”

Here’s two things “Danny Boy” Snyder should do; fire Gruden appoint DB coach and former NYC D-Coordinator Perry Fewell for the rest of the season. At the season’s end . . . think about  hiring Hugh Jackson away from Cincy. . . Think about  bringing in Stanford’s Head coach David Shaw.

Then Lord Snyder ought change the name of his franchise to the “Warriors,” men who come in all colors, from all tribes and ethnicities. Admit-to the “insult” that it is . . .  and move-on with a franchise Field General and a coach who’s not, akin-to Chip Kelly – perhaps only “comfortable” with a Black Quarterback who does “know his place . . . .”

Desi Cortez, was hatched in the heart of Dixie, circa 1961, at the dawning of the age of Aquarius, the by-product of four dynamic individuals, Raised in South-Central LA, the 213, at age 14 transplanted to the base of the Rockies, Denver. Still a Mile-Hi. Sat at the feet of scholars for many, many moons, emerging with a desire and direction… if not a sheep-skin. “Meandered thru life; gone a-lot places, done a-lot of things, raised a man-cub into a good, strong man, produced a beautiful baby-girl with my lover/woman/soul-mate… aired my mind on the airwaves and wrote some stuff along the way.”


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