Mike Vick vs. Big Ben; Racism Trumps Rape . . . .

Updated: September 30, 2015

I’m hoping Pittsburgh Steeler’s Signal Caller,  Mike Vick,  can dig down-deep, find a little Muhammad Ali-like intestinal fortitude and go on a roll, regain the form he flashed in Philly two years ago; 100 rushing 250/300 in the air . . . if he can rise from the ashes . . . he’ll have the vast majority of White sportswriters n’ pundits, choking on Black crow . . . . Just as we see with president Obama and Tiger Woods,  reports of Vick’s death are greatly exaggerated,  his much hoped-for demise overstated and  erroneously amplified . . . all based on the yearnings of angry, envious White guys.

How can Mike Vick’s crime against dogs be worst than Ben’s crimes against women? Well,  because the hatred of Blacks, i.e.,  “racism” trumps “rape” in Donald Trump’s White America . . . . The everyday White guy loathes Black folks, specifically Ebony Alpha-Males like Vick- much more than they value women, even White women. Granted I grasp the point racism and sexism aren’t in an ugly contest to decide what’s worse, both “isms” are horrific in what they do to society.

However in White America hatred of Blacks outweighs prizing n’ protecting  women.

Hell I knew that when Brett Favre was allowed to flash his little Favre around . . . behind his cancer stricken wife’s back . . . and Ford Motors didn’t give a damn. He could still sell pick-ups to Ricky-Bobby, Jethro, Bubba and Leroy . . . . they didn’t give- a-damn about gettin’ a little on-the-side, committing adultery and betraying the mother of his children.  Just as they don’t give a damn about Big Ben raping a couple of alleged bimbos, tramps, sluts, harlots who “wanted it,” “had it comin’ . . . . “

There’s no shock here because the Republican TEA Party, home-base for Trump’s Troops, don’t really give-a-damn what women think or want. Hillary’s right about the “Right” – their views on women are beyond sexist and paternalistic . . . it’s stone-cold Neanderthalic in its totality – Barefoot, naked, bent-over, uneducated and dependent on her Great White Hunter/husband for her every want n’ need. Yeah, that’s how the GOP desires its women folk..

It ain’t complicated.

Conservative-minded men think much-like their fathers and grandfathers, like basically all men who came before them – they are conditioned by tradition. Women have been historically oppressed and exploited by men . . . why should the 21st century be any different?

Thank the Gods it will be for my little girl’s sake.

These cavemen can easily  rationalize, minimize and sadly some even justify Big-Ben being a rapist . . . but they can’t stomach the Ebony Alpha-Male gladiator who fought dogs . . . .

What’s that say about WASP culture?

Brett Favre, President Bill Clinton and Big Ben . . . these cats can get away with immoral and unethical acts, now hear me, forget illegal, merely immoral n’ unethical . . . and yet they remain “attractive, desirable and profitable” in the “White” marketplace.

It’s like gangsters; The Right despises Black n’ brown gangsters and thugs . . . but loves them some Sopranos and the entire film realm of European gangsters – they romanticize and glorify White gangsters while they’ve no understanding, no empathy, nor sympathy for the Black race for folks born on the wrong side of the tracks in the wrong neighborhood.

This hypocritical dichotomy screams a-lot about White American culture.

Let’s take a brief panorama snapshot of Vick; he’s been loathed since he was the first Black Quarterback drafted #1 in the NFL Draft.  His skills were under-appreciated and under-utilized. Vick was the most hated Black man in the NFL before the Dog Fighting came to light – he was hated because he was a Black Alpha male playing a position historically reserved for only White guys.

Am I lying?

Vick had no real police record before the Fed’s arrested him for the dog fighting/gambling scandal. Before the Pitt-Bulls, no felonies, no robberies, no murders, no rapes . . . but what Vick was guilty of – having the audacity to “want-to” play the quarterback position, to walk with a glide in his stride, a dip in his hip. Vick has, from day one been far too Black for White sports-fans.

Vick, like all alpha males . . . didn’t know his assigned inferior place.

No Black NFL Signal Caller does according to fans who happen to also be political Conservatives and Confederates. See, they’ve a “place” where they believe and contend Black men belong. It’s as a “sidekick” to the Super White man . . . we should be seldom seen n’ hardly ever heard. And when we do speak it should be in the Conservative, thankful/grateful tone of Joe Louis, Floyd Patterson, George Foreman and even Jackie Robinson and Jessie Owens.

We should never sound like Ali, Jim Brown, Arthur Ashe, George Foreman, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Brandon Marshall or Richard Sherman.

Vick’s symbolic role is that of “the beginning of the end” to the Great White Alpha Male myth which claims the White man is this this gifted ceribia gladiator – the only man with guts, a heart, muscles and a brain. After Vick we’ve seen a steady parade of Black Field Generals – who come into the NFL and instantly understand there’s a different set of rules, expectations  for the Black QB as opposed to the White QB.

The Black QB only gets a couple of chances  . . . ask VY, J. Russell . . . EJ would have been gone if not for the “Good White man” at the helm in Buffalo. Rex is a Negro Whisperer . . . just like his daddy.

If Lovie Smith goes in Tampa . . . Winston will go right with him, the kid will be branded a failed experiment; can the great ape read defenses? Yeah, if Love fails . . . they’ll clean house. Just like when the Obama’s leave the White House.

If Trump, Bush or Cruz were to win the White House in 2016 . . . I bet you they demand the house be gutted, the sheets, towels and beds be burned, new kitchen utensils n’ plates. New tubs n’ toilets. Please, don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about.

My father in law explained how in Denver, up until the early 1960’s the city allowed Whites to swim all thru the week at public pools, Blacks could only swim on Fridays . . . and then they drained the pool . . .

Here’s the harsh fact Jack; most, not all, but the vast majority of White men are both racist and sexist, just more racist than sexist.

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