The Challenge

Updated: September 6, 2015



The Challenge

By Richard Kent





Lurking around the US Open grounds during the first week of the Open was the issue of The Challenge.
John McEnroe, in August on the Jimmy Kimmel show predicted that he could beat Serena Williams, perhaps the greatest female tennis player of all-time.
McEnroe is 56 and Williams is 33.McEnroe still plays effectively on the men’s Senior Tour and just beat 45 year old Jim Courier in New Haven, CT last Friday night.
Apparently, none other than Donald Trump put up over a million dollars 15 years ago, but the match never happened.

Writers at the Open were firmly in McEnroe’s camp, feeling that Williams could not handle his serve and volley game, which she never sees on the WTA Tour.Premier tennis writer Peter Bodo of feels that the match would be closer than many think, but still gives the edge to McEnroe.
McEnroe’s own father,John, a keen tennis observer predicted, as expected an easy McEnroe win.


Two-time Grand Slam winner (Australian Open) Johan Kriek felt that McEnroe would beat Serena easily, interestingly because he has a decided speed advantage over her, despite their age differential.
Williams hits her serve, her biggest weapon very hard, but very flat and few in the know felt that McEnroe would have any trouble getting it back and perhaps returning it for an outright winner.


McEnroe has said that he does not feel that the match would be good for tennis, as a win by him could really mitigate women’s tennis.



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