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BASN’S CENTRE COURT (Or…The Huntress’ Legacy is just fine, Thank You!)

By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor – in – Chief



FLUSHING NY (BASN) Before another ball is served or another call is challenged, it’s time to get some things out of the way…


Whether “The Huntress’ Serena Williams wins another tournament or not ever again, she is right now at this moment the greatest female tennis player…ever.


This is important to straighten out now before all these assholes start screaming (in the midst of their resentment) about what her ‘legacy’ will be if she does or doesn’t win the latest edition of the U.S. Open.


The ‘legacy’ issue has been the latest tactic used by the pissant pinheads perpetrating as the press to again demean and belittle the accomplishments of Black athletes. Like, ‘Serena Williams is a great player…’




Stop me if you’ve heard this before…


Not only is Serena best in the world, she is the best draw in Tennis right now – and she and her sister Venus have been the standard bearers for American and women’s tennis for over a decade.


Now before anyone attempts to chime in with Margaret Court, who was truly among the baddest of the bad, you must remember this;


No one ever called Margaret Court a Nigger; or made monkey chants at her. or attempted to deride her with Sarah Baartman – like asides about her very ample frame while doing everything short of aggravated assault in this 24/7/365 garbage we call a news cycle.


The atmosphere surrounding anything pertaining to legacy is done with the premise of priming the potential story by grudgingly acknowledging the achievement by implying “she had it (the win) all the way – there was no doubt about it from the very start” – when they win; while hoping against hope she fails so the Rat Bastards at The Mouse can use their freshly sharpened claws to rip at her effort; no matter how mainstream these muthafuckas pretend to be, their marching orders from the top of the Rat Hole is to always pimp out Black athletes as often and in as visceral a manner as possible.


Let’s be mindful of the fact it wasn’t that long ago Papa Richard had to put the media in check after the Goddess and Huntress met in their first Grand Slam final – and how these snarky sonsobitches sought to work the story line as Venus conceding the title to Serena because “it’s her turn to win.”


Since Papa don’t take no mess, however, the ongoing presence of Richard and Mama Oracene have seen to it that the nonsense was kept down to a minimum. The hatred – and yes I said hatred for the fact the tennis intelligentsia cannot take credit for the success of the Williams women on and off the court (no Capriatiesque pimping of the potential by parasitic parents) lies at the heart of this. While Serena and Venus now have coaches from within the circle who have helped their game progress, let there be no doubt the foundation laid by Richard and Oracene is the bedrock which allows both these amazing ladies to carry on with a serenity and grace no one in this sport has ever seen.


Somewhere, Grande Dame Althea Gibson is smiling.




The Madness continues with the bullshit about whether The Huntress could defeat John McEnroe’s old ass. Who gives a flying FUCK about McEnroe? Why even bring it up? It’s not enough to simply enjoy the brilliance of Serena – her power, tenacity, skill and overall deportment have created a lay following tennis has never seen before – and you assholes wanna waste space chirping about what McEnroe’s fifty – something crusty ass will do in a match against her – shut the FUCK up!


Not only do you insult The Huntress with this tripe, you insult the greatness of Ms. Gibson, Ms.Court, Steffi, ‘Tina, Chris, Monica, Billie Jean and all the other great women’s players who came before.




The Deification of White Athletes will forever remain a problem as long as the codicils of capability continue to generate the CRAPUS MANIFESTUS (thank you Eric Satterwhite) these Sugared Frauds and Fakes of the media seek to put down every time they open their traps!


It is but another reminder of the timeless adage, “Until the Lions get to eat every muthafucka responsible, the story of The Hunt…will always be told by The Hunter.”


This is why we refer to Ms. Serena Williams as The Huntress – because she rules The Game like no one before her; because there was no one quite like her before her. Sloane Stephens, Madison Keys, etc. take note. Don’t hate – emulate.


So before The Goddess and The Huntress throw down for the 27th time, the outcome has already been determined…


Tennis – wins.



Always outnumbered…never outgunned.

Copyright (c) 2015 Michael – Louis Ingram all rights reserved.












































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