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                                          2015 ESPN = RATTUS – TERMINIX CALLED

Gary Norris Gray-BASN-Staff Reporter

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This series was written 4 years ago and it seems like very little has changed in Bristol, Connecticut. The attack on Black football players continues.

The drum beat continued with the airing of their 30 for 30 documentary of Disco Demolition Night at Old Comiskey Park, Chicago.

The Mouse continued to insult the intelligence of  the African-American sports fan.


A question for the Mouse and the American Public — Why did the Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Police Department not press charges against the radio station WLUP, the disc-jockey, or the participants for the destruction of property at Old Cominsky Park?

What if African Americans had an anti-soft rock or hard rock night at the same ball park that promoted the destruction of records by Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Boston, etc?

comiskey parkjpg

There would have been tear gas in the Chicago night air. Baton swinging men in blue would have been hitting any Black human that moved. Chicago jails would have been filled with people of color.

There is an obvious double standard in this country and there always will be because we don’t respect each other. We don’t respect each others cultures so we trash their histories and their heroes.

THE MOUSE uses this wedge to their advantage as they advance their hidden racial-political agenda. This is done to gain ratings, using old racial stereotypes. The sad part, America is buying the package ESPN is selling.

It is easier to trash somebody or trash a culture. Than to reveal their best attributes to American society.


This Network spent a half hour on the different aspects of dog fighting and life after jail with Michael Vick. They will continue this for many years to come, or if Michael Vick makes another mistake off the field.

What the RAT did not tell you is that dog fighting still occurs in the south everyday and the leaders of this despicable act do not get arrested. 

ben roethlisberger RESIZED

However, The Mouse did not spend a second on the latest breaking story of the day, in 2009– the alleged rape charge of Pittsburgh Steeler starting quarterback Ben Roethlisburger in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

The next day on “The Batchelor Pad Show”, BASN football reporter Lloyd Vance stated that ESPN sent an in-house e-mail to all their sports news agencies to crush this story.”

Two years later Roethlisburger, the center of attention was allegedly involved in another rape case in the state of Georgia. The Mouse ignored this story too.

Now think Mr. Roethlisburger did not spend a day in jail in either case let alone his motorcycle accident years earlier when he allegedly drove recklessly in the streets. The Steeler administration told Big Ben not to ride motorbikes again.

Ms. Janet Jackson sing, “CONTROL”

Three days later the smoke had cleared, The Mouse decided to mention the Roethlisburger case. This was after the report that Lake Tahoe Police would not be pressing charges.

Again, if “Big Ben” were African American it would have been the lead story all week instead they (The Mouse) crushed the story not knowing the outcome.

Like my parents stated many years ago you can’t change a leopard’s spots (pun intended) and The Mouse will always play this nasty game with African-American athletes.

ESPN, Please stop the hidden racial hype!!! You may be gaining ratings but you are distorting and destroying young African American lives with these antics.

My advice to young African American Athletes, please think before you have an interview with any ESPN reporter, THINK.


Cleveland Cavalier LeBron James must have received the message because he stated after the Miami Heat Championship that he would not be speaking with certain sports reporters the rest of his career. If more players did this THE RAT would report on the game without political or racial spin.

September 27, 2011

This is the kind of response we are getting at BASN when writers print the truth and logic

On Tue, Sep 27, 2011 at 6:44 AM, <jwb724@gmail.com> wrote:

You’re rantings against ESPN are laughable.It wasn’t Motown Demolition night.And would blacks have blown up Hendrix albums also?Do you know what Big Ben’s accuser had printed on her T-shirt?Come on now & wake up.Vick is a brain-dead scumbag.So is Plaxico.Their combined brain power is just enough to kill some dogs and shoot themselves.Perhaps civilized society is sick of watching so many hideously un-educated scumbags ruin pro sports.Basketball anyone?


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