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Gary Norris Gray- BASN- Staff Reporter


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This series was written 4 years ago and it seems like very little has changed in Bristol, Connecticut. The attack on Black baseball and basketball players continues.


Harold Reynolds, former employee on ESPN Baseball Tonight, earned the respect of the fans because he is a knowledgeable man; He is an African American male that played professional baseball.

Reynolds had  broadcast the College World Series for The Mouse for years. During one of the semifinals, Reynolds made a statement that there were not many African American baseball players on college diamonds and that it troubled him.

Within that same year Reynolds was released by The Mouse, citing alleged sexual harassment by a female employee.

Reynolds rebounded by working for the Major League Baseball Network teaching America the fundamentals of the game.

ESPN promotes Major League Baseball stars Washington Nationals pitchers Jordan Zimmerman, Stephen Strasburg second basemen Dan Uggla, and right fielder Bryce Harper, Los Angeles Dodgers pitchers Zack Greinke, Clayton Kershaw and second basemen Chase Utley, California Angels center fielder Mike Trout, Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Troy Tulowitzki, Detroit Tiger pitcher Justin Verlander, Texas Ranger outfielder Josh Hamilton, New York Mets pitchers Jacob deGrom, Matt Harvey, and Noah Syndergaard, and San Francisco pitcher Madison Bumgarner. These are all great players but where are the Black players?

The lone African American baseball superstar is Pittsburgh Pirate outfielder Andrew McCutchen. Jackie Robinson would not be pleased. 

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This drum beat continues, on ESPN-Two’s morning show, “First and Ten” now “First Take,” with Skip Bayless and his guest. Bayless makes outlandish statements and his guest (foil) responds.

If the guest is Black and answers with a logical, intelligent, and forthright response, the guest would not be seen again on the show. But if they played the game with Bayless, they would be invited to return.

Bayless continues to disrespect LeBron James by calling him prince instead of king by which he is known.

LeBron James has participated in four straight National Basketball Association Finals and back to back championships in Miami. In one championship game Mr. Bayless gave Mr. James a C- after he garnered a Triple Double. A C- because the Cleveland Cavaliers lost the game. This continues the racial mind set at Bristol, Conn.

Bayless does not like Kobe Bryant either, calling him a selfish and self centered player.

Kobe has won four NBA Championships; Shaq also has four championship rings. Bayless has called Shaquille O’Neal lazy even though Shaq is one of the few centers in the League that has stayed relatively healthy for the majority of his career.

Mr. Bayless continued this kind of mindless banter in September of 2011. Calling Mr. Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat, Bosh Spice. In reference to the female international British singing group, called, the Spice Girls. Mr. Bosh requested Mr. Bayless stop using this name because Chris Bosh’s family wanted to be respected and did not like the reference. Here again shows the lack of respect toward African American males

Bayless was also critical of Philadelphia Eagles Donovan McNabb, and Terrell Owens. He called Chad Ochocinco Johnson an equal opportunity obliviator (a Bayless word). One question, where is his lack of criticism toward white athletes or do they simply walk on water?

Bayless has also criticized Manny Ramirez, Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Miguel Tejada, and Sammy Sosa for steroids use. All of these men are of color. When was the last time Mr. Bayless criticized Mark McGwire?

Didn’t Mark also take an enhancing performance drug?

The Rodent tried to cover its tracks by hiring outspoken CBS sportscaster Shannon Sharp last week. This wont last long because Mr. Sharp will speak his mind and go off of the ESPN racial and political script.

The drum beat continues with the show called “Around the Horn” A show of competitive banter with four guests from different newspapers across the country.

However, anyone who watches the show can perceive a pattern. The African American guest wins showdowns only on Thursday or Friday. For fourteen straight weeks in 2011-2012, this happened with a few exceptions. What? Do Black guest become smarter on those days?

After this article appeared four years ago, this nonsense seemed to have stopped, and there were more African American guest. The moderator now has become condescending toward Black contestants talking down to them or cutting them off when they are answering questions. POWER and CONTROL… 


The drum beat marches on with “Pardon the Interruption” or PTI hosted by Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon, an African American.

During the 2009 Wimbledon Championships, Mr. Wilbon stated that he would not watch the remainder of the Women’s Finals after the blonde-haired, blue-green eyed Russian bombshell Maria Sharapova lost in the quarterfinals.

Hold up, wait a second.


Did the Huntress and the Goddess Venus and Serena Williams play in the finals and did they also win the Doubles Championship, for the fifth time? How very discouraging, hearing this from an African American man.

Four years later Serena Williams is knocking on the doorstep of tennis history as she competes in the U.S. Open Labor Day Weekend. This is for her 22nd Grand Slam and a Calendar Grand Slam which has not been done since 1988 by Steffi Graf. Ms Williams has defeated Maria Sharapova 17 times in a row. Yet Ms. Williams still does not have the respect of a true champion. Ms. Sharapova has twice the endorsement that Ms. Williams even thou Williams has doubled Sharapova’s number of championships. POWER and CONTROL.

It is incomprehensible how self hatred is imposed on Blacks by Blacks. With the help of ESPN, The Mouse continues to exploit  their Black reporters. The Black broadcasting SAMBOS make jokes about African American athletes with their grins and their loud laughter.

Now the ESPN Clones (CBS, NBC, and FOX SPORTS) are following suit hiring Black stooges, Black clowns for their networks and the game continues.

Next Strike Three- Your Out !!!!

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