White America . . . And Chip Kelly Prefer “Their” Black Athletes Humble, Docile and Obedient

Updated: August 10, 2015

Philadelphia . . . “The City of Brotherly Love.”


Eagles head coach Chip Kelly prefers his Ebony Mandingos to be somewhat quiet, unassuming to a degree, docile, submissive, attacking only when instructed-to. He keeps his boys on a very short “E-leash” monitoring their diets, activities and whereabouts 24/7.

Chip’s also, quite “coincidentally” a backer of Great White Hopes like Tim Tebow and Riley Cooper.

Here permit me to put 1 and 1 and 1 together . . . take my Black-ass out-on-a-limb, like the one at Disneyland – “Tarzan’s Treehouse” and venture-to-say Chip Kelly didn’t vote for President Obama. Chip, I’d wager he’s  a Donald Trump/Scott Walker/ Ted Cruz supporter, and if that’s the case –  he shouldn’t’ be in charge of a pig-skinned vessel which is 75% manned by Black men.

Ted Cruz type people should never have any say-so over Black people. Ever.

Chip may very-well be a card- carrying Republican TEA Party member . . . secret decoder-ring, Redneck ID, good ol’ boy underwear . . . it’s not beyond the realm of logical ideological possibilities. He grew up in New Hampshire, played QB, played football at the U of NH. He later coached at a string of schools which have as many Black players as BYU or Montana University . . . his “in-life” exposure and experience with Black people is the flip-side of say a Rex Ryan.

Chip just might be some contemporary-version of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in “Django Unchained.”

See, Chip likes “his” Negroes a particular kinda’ way; so do guys like Tom Coughlin and Bill Belichick. It’s akin-to how America embraces only certain Blacks; you have to not be ”too-uppity,” know and accept your “place,” have a lot of Michael Irvin/George Foreman/Shaq-type House-Negro in you, i.e., willing to put on the Top hat n’ tails, the white gloves and a caine. . . do a little jig . . . with Rush Limbaugh or George Bush . . . if the price is right.

This “preference” is not unusual; look no further back in US sports lore than Ali and Smokin’ Joe – this is your quintessential tale of the “White man’s Negro” – Frazier . . . and the people’s champion, Ali. OJ was the “good one” of his era, along with Calvin Hill, while Jim Brown and Duane Thomas were the arrogant, cocky “bad ones” – the nubian Gladiators who didn’t kiss White reporters and coaches asses. Had the audacity to aligned themselves with “Black militants” on racial/social issues.

Calvin Hill’s son, Grant was his era’s “coachable” Black player.

Supreme pugilist Joe Louis had to tote-the-line if he ever was to have a shot at the Heavy-Weight Championship title because the nation’s first Black boxing champion Jack Johnson had proven he was “uncontrollable” in the White man’s eyes. The boy didn’t know his place, drove fast cars and beaded White women when he wanted. White men can’t stand, can’t stand I say that particular type of flaunting of the Black alpha-males, large penised-self.

Note Terrell Owens. See Tiger Woods.

TO is guilty of defying/intimidating/scaring/embarrassing . . . castrating, demasculinizing, i.e., “punking” White guys. And doing it in public, for all to see. Please, someone deny this defiant, disrespectful-type behavior would have gotten any Black man killed damn near anywhere in America.

With Wood’s . . . it ain’t so much about the greens and fairways as it’s about the “not knowing your place” – your status as an “honorary White man” – tarnishing that Nordic Princesses “good”name by going thru run-of-the-mill snow-bunnies like Wilt Chamberlain and Hugh Hefner.

Tiger should probably have his penis “bronzed” when he dies, put it over the mantle at the Playboy Mansion . . . just a thought..

Tragically this era of “lost” misguided, rudderless, naive Negroes don’t “get it,” Emitt Till didn’t get it either – whistling at a White women was enough to get you killed, so today sleeping with the White man’s woman is a game-changer. White men fought inclusion and racial diversity because they saw this coming in 1905 . . . by allowing us to compete in different facets of life has . . . in essence created “unwanted” competition for the White man.

Mr Charley don’t like that.

Robert Griffin III discovered that after he ruined, stained,  painted n’ tainted his lovely red-headed Black-Irish wife . . . the hate index meter shot-up 50% or more. Russell Wilson has been graded down because he had a White woman.

That’s the truth. You tell me when White men stopped being “inflamed” with interracial dating. 1967, 1989? Was it in 2000 or last year in 2014? Get the hell out of here. The “Charleston Butcher,” Dylan Root executed 9 innocent Black folks in a church, because, in-part a White girl he liked picked a brother over him.

Yeah, it’s that simple, nonetheless still deep and complex.

See, Chip mask his core racial beliefs under the camouflaged term; “coachable.”

Within the wide world of sports, “Coachable” is a Redneck dog-whistle. Here allow me to translate, I’m fluent in “Rednecklish.”

Chip’s talking about Black players being “controllable.” Either formally “educated” and assimilated where they’re disarming and damn-near culturally “White,” or he likes them to be so ”country, so-poor, so-backward, so-financially desperate, or even just greedy enough that they simply do “whatever boss say do”  without question.

Look, most White men are “uncomfortable” with Black men; it started on the school playground, and the Middle school dance party and it just continues through life. At the workplace, in the supermarket, the gym. Gee, in Congress, on both sides – White men, women too . . who’re uncomfortable with this President.

For Chip Kelly, hey, just dissect the composition of an NFL locker-room populated by Ebony Alpha-males who hail from some of the roughest n’ toughest cities on the planet, The Big Apple, Compton, Oak-Town . . . coupled with brothers from Tiny-town Texas, Mud Pie Mississippi – clusters of Black Villages tracing their roots quickly back to segregation, sharecropping and slave shacks on Mr’ Gilmore’s Plantation. . . there’re a few Black guys on the team who’ve a better command of the queen’s tongue, lived in “better” neighborhoods and attained a sheepskin from more prestigious colleges than most White folks – this eclectic combination of Black men may be “well-beyond” Chip’s ability to decipher and define – so he’s uncomfortable, surrounded-by brothers from another planet he ain’t familiar with . . . and hang-on, It a good chance he doesn’t care to figure-out and understand his . . . boys.

Chip doesn’t want to “get to know” their culture, their ways, their language.

Toss-in, these are full-grown men, making pretty damn-good moo-lah, they don’t go-around kissing a lot of White folks asses.

See, here’s where we are; we’re not going to have a argument about “is Chip color blind . . . ” that’s not the historical “pass,” the White man’s race-card to throw down on the table any longer, not after the last 8 years of this President’s reign. The racist and discriminatory culture which was White America in 1963 never really went away, it merely went underground. Chip being anti-Black to a degree is perfectly, completely plausible and possible. Chip might very well merely “tolerate” his Black players like BYU does . . . but he prefers Great White Hopes like JJ Watts and Andy Luck
to Cam and Marshawn Lynch . . . .

White folks have been “tolerating” Black folks movement into mainstream US society . . . and guess what . . they don’t like it, or you n’ I. “White Flight” is Rednecklish for “Keep it all White Baby!” Most White folks long-for “yesteryear” the good ol’ days when the “help” was all colored – the housekeeper was Black, while the cook was a Mexican lady and the Gardner was Japanese man . .. The “way we were,” the way White folks had placed-us, and themselves.

Think Australia.

A Black head coach , I’d venture to say would have been motivated to reach a higher, common ground with Boykins, Shaddy and the Flash . . . Chip didn’t “want” to. Doesn’t know how to and perhaps does not desire to do so. It’s not a priority. Just go get another boy who can run fast or hit hard . . . . Kelly’s akin to Ferguson policeman Darren Wilson, or the cold blooded killer-cop in Cincy – they’re all intimidated by Black men.

Let’s stop kidding ourselves and playing along with White folks.

The average Black man intimidates the average White man, it’s been like that since 1609, that’s why he wants to “control” us, keep us in a secondary, back-up, under his command type position.

Deeper still, Serena Williams and Niki Minaj intimidates White men. It challenges their manhood.

Please go read something besides ESPN the magazine and you’d be well aware of what’s at play here.

Sports, the NFL workplace obviously reflects the US workplace . . . and the workplace mirrors American society. Then, unquestionably we have to admit most White folks are intimidated by Black men.

But let’s look at this from all angles; Chip has issues with certain Black guys. Like White America loves them some Herman Cain, Ben Carson, Condi Rice . . . but now Colin Powell went and pissed them off, broke from the plantation line and spoke his mind, now like with Tiger, they’ve pulled their “Acceptable Negro” status. While White folks look at Obama, Ivy league credentials, married, two kids . . . and they hate his “uppity” guts. As they too despise all the highfalutin’ Negroes he’s surrounded himself with and those of us who voted for him, went door-to-door for this president. While his wife is”uncoachable . . . .”

See Chip would have traded the “First Lady” last season.


 Desi Cortez, was hatched in the heart of Dixie, circa 1961, at the dawning of the age of Aquarius, the by-product of four dynamic individuals, Raised in South-Central LA, the 213, at age 14 transplanted to the base of the Rockies, Denver. Still a Mile-Hi. Sat at the feet of scholars for many, many moons, emerging with a desire and direction… if not a sheep-skin. “Meandered thru life; gone a-lot places, done a-lot of things, raised a man-cub into a good, strong man, produced a beautiful baby-girl with my lover/woman/soul-mate… aired my mind on the airwaves and wrote some stuff along the way.”




  1. Rich

    August 11, 2015 at 12:46 am

    What a sad and incoherent turd you laid on the internet. As long as there are “leaders” like you being followed, blacks will not emerge from terrible depths they find themselves in.

  2. John

    August 18, 2015 at 5:12 am

    Desi Cortez,you are incredible.this article was absolute truth.the sad thing about it is some black people will read this article and be upset about it.it shows the psychological damage that has been done to a nation of people.they hate floyd mayweather for those reasons as well.i never knew of this site,but glad I came across it.

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