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Gary Norris Gray-BASN-Staff Reporter

How Many More

OAKLAND, CA.-The concern continues to grow reguarding the hijacking of the political movement called “BLACK LIVES MATTER.”

Marissa Johnson and Maria Jacqueline Wilaford, BLM members spoke up at a Bernie Sanders rally in Seattle, Washington. Were these young ladies wrong in doing what they were doing, maybe? But their actions got America’s attention, right? They made their point in a very unorthodox way, maybe, but one thing is very clear Caucasians are trying to hijack another Black political movement…and that is wrong.

The genesis of this movement occurred after the incident in Florida in 2012. Trayvon Martin, 17 years old who was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, a self appointed security guard. It grew after the death of 18 year old Michael Brown, who was shot by police officer Darren Wilson on August 8, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri. The movement doubled in size with the urban unrest in Baltimore, Maryland after the death of 28 year old Freddie Gray (No relations) who was in a Baltimore police paddy wagon.

One year later, the streets of Ferguson came under another state of siege. This was after a peaceful weekend of protest by Ferguson residents. Monday night shots were fired between two rival groups and police were called in resulting in another 18 year old male being shot by a law enforcement officer.


Brother Anthony Johnson political activist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania could not have stated it more clearly after the posting on social media on the video of two young African American ladies shutting down a political speech in Seattle, Washington by Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. These young women were upset thinking that Mr. Sanders had taken this movement under his political wing.

BLACK LIVES MATTERS was and is a grass root organization and these two ladies of color resented the fact that Mr. Sanders had taken the flag and not paid the price.

African American leaders decided to take Black issues to the streets of America with the Black Lives Matters political campaign. It was fine until it came to Oakland, California. Signs began to appear with Black Lives Matters crossed out and replaced with the slogan All Lives Matter. No group or person has yet taken ownership or responsibility for this movement. That alone should send a red flag to everyone. All Lives Matters continues to try to stifle the BLACK LIVES MATTER campaign.
Somebody or organization is trying to defuse the power of BLACK LIVES MATTERS. Just as the Civil Rights movement, just as the Black Panther movement. Do not get distracted.

Brother Johnson sheds light:-

“Black Lives Matter!” My father didn’t call it that when I was kid, but he and my mother instilled this type of pride in me and my siblings.
The “Black Lives Matter” campaign continues forward and overall, has done well as it has awakened America to the iniquities Black people face. However, I am deeply concerned and question the authenticity of those individuals who think it’s honorable to hijack Democratic Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders public events. I find it not only deplorable but also disingenuous.


Here’s a thought. Why aren’t these same people that have access to Sanders events don’t attend Hillary Clinton events to promote their message? Heck, if any group they should be taking the “Black Lives Matter” message to is the events of Republican Party Presidential candidates. And yet, they don’t attend them.


I don’t like bully tactics nor disrespecting the value of what “Black Lives Matter” truly represent and these individuals are politically motivated, pure, and simple. Has Mr. Sanders not spoken out about income and educational inequality against Black people? Doesn’t he support initiatives to protect Black people from systematic police brutality and overall racism in America?


I ask that those individuals please stop making a mockery of “Black Lives Matter.” I get it! The mission for them is political and to get their fifteen minutes of fame – repeatedly. However, maliciously singling out an individual who is genuinely concerned about the state of Black people and poor people in America for political gains and fame highlights the lack of common decency, and integrity these individuals appear to gleefully embrace.

300 Black Lives Matter

In 1950 the Civil Rights Movement was another powerful Black Movement until the 1960’s when white people joined the cause. It was the most powerful movement in the United States until 1970. Black members wanted to continue the movement with economic and political structural changes. White Civil Rights leaders were not interested and the movement stalled and consequently the movement died.

The Black Panther Movement in Oakland, California addressed the same needs in the Bay Area. In eight years they were systematically eliminated by the police and drugs ended the political threat to the Oakland political system. The Panthers created programs to teach the residents how to farm, created day care centers and education centers for children and taught residents how to defend themselves in their own neighborhood.

The BLACK LIVE MATTERS Movement currently teaches the same survival tactics.

Many on social media called out these BLACK women and quickly defended Bernie Sanders and his cause. Mr. Sanders has championed the “BLACK LIVES MATTERS” campaign and has garnered a vast political following. So the question should be asked when a liberal person of a lighter hue states “BLACK LIVES MATTERS”.Does it have more validity more substance than when an African American that makes the same claim?

The Answer is yes, America paid attention to the plight of the poor people when presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy ran for the office in 1968. The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. and African Americans had been fighting the fight for the poor all through the 1960’s. RFK just put a face on it for white America to see.  Its 2015 and America still does not get it.

Bernie Sanders Protest (290x235)

Mr. Sanders has been on the front lines when it comes to many Black issues but America really has to look at itself when it cannot listen or ignore African Americans raising political issues, Black people are dying and then the country turns around and legitimizes any Black political movement because a white liberal endorsed it. REALLY?

That is very troubling and what these proud African American women were stating. They did not know of any other way to convey their thoughts and they wanted to be heard. They are being told to do it correctly, they are being told to be polite, they are being told to do it the European way. IT’S NOT WORKING because America is still not paying attention and young African American men are no-longer with us because they are dead. White America wants African Americans to go through procedures.

When a house in the neighborhood is burning, residents call the fire department. The firemen don’t spray the whole neighborhood with water, they attack the house that is on fire. This is what is happening with the diversion to ALL LIVES MATTERS…water goes everywhere. Meanwhile the fire continues to rage out of control.

When groups raise money for breast cancer it’s for only that cancer then other groups come along and state let’s raise money for all cancers diluting the effort to raising funds for breast cancer. IT DOES NOT WORK.

Question do all lives matter, the answer is resounding YES, but the Black community is on fire and needs the fire department. The house is about to burn down while everyone stands around watching.

Bernie Sanders (290x210)

This country is in trouble because it won’t deal with the real issues behind RACISM and that’s power and control. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are classic examples of this power and control as they try to dictate the narrative instead of relating to the real problems and real issues in the minority communities. Monday afternoon August 10th CBS Evening News reported just that, how Sanders and Trump are being compared. Both communicate their issues with passion both do not know the truth about the Black experience. BLACK LIVES MATTERS

When Caucasians come to the table and are willing to share real power and real control then we can make real progress in the United States. BLACK LIVES WILL MATTER…

Only a day after being interrupted by Black Lives Matter protesters, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has introduced a plan to combat racism.

In the detailed plan posted on Sanders’ website on Sunday, Sanders acknowledged that African-Americans are targeted by state-sponsored violence. He used examples of black people who have been killed by police to drive home this point.

Sanders also proposed reforms for curtailing this disproportional treatment, such as demilitarizing police, investing in community policing, federally funding and requiring all law enforcement officers wear body cameras, aggressive prosecution of officers by the Justice Department, training for police on de-escalation, and federal resources to target hate groups.

BLM Explained (249x290)


POST SCRIPT:-In one year in New York City there were 179 Police involved shootings. Only three officers were indicted and of the three only one officer was convicted. BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!! 

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