Weekend action featuring Keith Thurman

Updated: July 12, 2015

In boxing, one punch can turn defeat into victory and last Saturday night, Willie Nelson was far behind the scorecard as the undefeated Tony Harrison was dominating the action.  Harrison landed both body and head shots as he forced the action.  Going into the ninth round, Nelson needed a knock out and as time was winding down in the ring, Nelson landed a right hand on top of the head that hurt Harrison’s equilibrium and he followed with a second right hand uppercut that sent Harrison reeling into the rope.  Harrison barely made it up before the end of the count but he didn’t turn around to look at the referee and he barely wobbled to the corner as he was holding on the rope.    Referee stopped the fight as Harrison was unresponsive to his command and Nelson snatched victory out of the jaws of defeat.

Keith Thurman started his fight pounding Luis Collazo but by the third round, he decided to box Collazo since Collazo took his best shot. Going into the fourth round, Collazo had a swelling appearing under his left eye due to Thurman accurate punches.  Normally, Thurman’s right is his best weapon but in this fight, Thurman’s stinging jabs and left hooks to the body doing the damage.


At the beginning of the fifth round, Thurman started strong but Collazo landed a vicious hook to Thurman’s liver and Thurman spent rest of the round boxing and avoiding any more pain. This was Collazo best round and Thurman spent the next two rounds pot shotting Collazo, adding to the swelling around Collazo’s left eye and the blood flow into Collazo’s eye.  (The cut was caused by an accidental head butt.)

At the beginning of the sixth round, Collazo started strong but a Thurman right hand changed the momentum for the final time as Thurman took control.  Seventh round saw Thurman continued to pound Collazo with effective combinations including lefts followed by rights that further open up the cut.

After the seventh round, Collazo told the referee that he couldn’t see out of his eye and retired in the corner.  While the cut was caused by an accidental head butt, the fight ended on a TKO since Collazo chose not to continue.

Thurman did not look impressive in defeating Collazo, certainly less than he did against the Robert “the ghost” Guerrero but that didn’t stop him from challenging Floyd Mayweather.  Thurman has the potential to be a great fighter with power to stop any fighter with one punch or simply box his way to victory and this fight was a learning experience.

Mauricio Herrera decided to turn his fight with hammering Hank Lundy into a brawl and Lundy wanted to have least some aspect of the sweet science. The problem with that strategy was that both fighters collided in the first round and open a cut over Herrera’s eye.  The fight proved to a confusing affair as Herrera spent most of the second round trying to coax Lundy into a brawl and Lundy at first was hesitant to enter Herrera spider web.

During the third round, both fighters began to brawl and this continued through the fourth round.  As the fifth round progressed, the referee stopped the fight due to the cut.  The judges gave Herrera a majority decision but this was one of those decisions that leave one unsatisfied and wondering do we really want to see it again.


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