THE TALK, Part One

Updated: July 29, 2015



By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor – in – Chief


PHILADELPHIA (BASN) When Bill de Blasio became Mayor of New York City, it was seen as a step forward for a city strong-armed by a former fidgety, frivolous fussbudget of a mayor in Michael Bloomberg.



As the top man in town, de Blasio, patriarch of a multi – ethnic family, did what good fathers of all stripes do – sat his teenage son down and told him about the travails he must endure when making his way about the mean streets of Gotham City.



No doubt his son, a young brother replete with Afro (pick optional) was strapped to an emotional electric chair as Black men and women were manhandled and murdered in front of his eyes on television screens worldwide; but because ‘young’ can sometimes be equated with ‘dumb’ (we’ve all been there) a word to the wise can be quite sufficient…



As the pendulum of this societal swing is knocking us on our ass in many facets, we will stick with sports for now; and break down how “The Talk” would be applicable in the National Football League.



Our first stop – the Pacific Northwest, and Seattle; where General Russell Wilson prepares for his next seasonal campaign.



With a professional won/loss record of 36 -12, playoff record of 6 -2 (including a Super Bowl win) Wilson has won more games in his first three years than any other quarterback in NFL history; and while due to earn $1.5 million this season starting for the Seahawks, he is, by far – the league’s best bargain.



Ya know what’s comin’…






He’s an Uppity Nigger – and he’s not supposed to demand that he be paid as a Commander in Cleats should; if you believe The Mouse and other malicious mainstream media myrmidons.



Weeks after the defeat by New England Cheatriots in SB XLIX, Gen. Wilson came before the Joint Chiefs of Pass and BASN’s Drop Squad – where The Old Heads broke it down.



Peep The Talk:



“First things first – let’s get the Super Bowl out the way…your coach sold your Black ass out! Forget the interception – you were set up to fail. Even if Marshawn Lynch had run the ball (as millions of armchair QBs might have expected) and scored, the referees would have called a holding penalty on someone along the offensive line.



If you were White, you would have received $30 million a year and you wouldn’t have to ask for a fuckin’ dime after defeating Peyton Manning the year before!



Now don’t misunderstand – we are with you in your endeavors to get paid because you did the work; but know who your real opponent is. When Gen. Douglas Williams defeated their designated demigod John Elway almost 30 years ago, Doug was not supposed to start, in spite of the fact Jay Schroeder couldn’t touch Doug on his best day! So when circumstances brought Doug to the front, he made a shitload of folks in Vegas (see BASN’s “The N-Files, Volume III”) very happy on the money side. (Laughter all around)



So here comes your $500K minimum wage ass whippin’ their 20 million dollar Pigskin God du jour, and they can’t have that. The League was focusing on John Henry down there in North Kakalaky – or the young brother in ‘Frisco – they weren’t trying to pay attention to you – until after your first season; and after that, it was too late – which is why they continue even now to minimize your contributions.



So consider the fact you were about to do it again didn’t really sit right with the people in charge of creating heroes, young man. This NFL is the WWE, Hollywood in Cleats now – and in this theater, in their storyline there are no Black Leading Men; at least not at quarterback.



Remember how those press parasites started saying you were the worst QB to star in a Super Bowl? That Seattle’s defense carried you – and you were just a ‘game manager?’



Clearly they didn’t wanna see you “manage” to keep The Manning Brothers, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers – just about every elite QB in the league on the sidelines as you were whuppin’ that azz – late in the fourth quarter or in overtime! Ten late game comebacks in 36 victories is not game managing – and that’s not even counting playoffs!



Remember Young’ Un – this is the kind of mentality that kept Gen. Warren Moon and Gen. Chuck Ealey out of the league and had them goin’ up to Canada to whup azz. Gen. Moon has five Rings – all in a row – and The NFL cannot afford to have your Black azz come in the door and stomp on two of their icons! That mindset has never left this very conservative “we tolerate these Niggers because they make us money” NFL.



So now that you can’t win consecutively, you have to go out there and whup some more azz: New Orleans Azz; Dallas Azz; Green Bay Azz – don’t matter Who Azz…



They have you again playing 10:00 am games on the East Coast – trying to wear you down mentally; but you held up and kicked ass before – and you gotta expect it now. They want you to be Super Nigger – but not at quarterback.



On top of everything else, they do not want Seattle becoming an NFL stronghold as long as you’re there. In spite of all that money you and Lynch and Sherman made them, you are too Black to represent The Shield.



Mike Vick knew that as well; and when he had his big comeback year in 2010 and there was strong talk about him and Brady comin’ down stretch for MVP vote, Brady won – and got All – NFL First Team.



Those fuckin’ sportswriters made sure Vick got the message, believe that. You go back to that Second Team and every spot on that team is filled – except QB. Those muthafuckas made sure Vick would not get the credit (got Comeback Player of the Year – big whoop!) because he supposedly killed Lassie; but Brett Favre can troll for cocksuckers, and walk away in his Wrangler Jeans back to Mississippi without nary a scratch to his so – called ‘legend.’



You see it now with the Brady nonsense; even though it seems like they’re gonna throw the hammer down on his cheatin’ azz, his side hasn’t played all their cards yet. A white QB can cheat on his wife and the game, a Black one can’t; and never forget – Goodell works for Robert Kraft as he does Paul Allen and every other owner. Just as Goodell destroyed the SpyGate tapes, there’s some more backroom action yet to come in justifying a destroyed cell phone and the unwillingness to cooperate.


With that, Gen. Wilson, unless you have any questions, you are dismissed to prepare for your fall/winter campaign…carry on.”

(salutes, salute returned)


To be continued…


Always outnumbered…never outgunned.
Copyright © 2015 Michael – Louis Ingram all right reserved.




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