Heritage or Hate: Viewing Charleston From Another Angle

Updated: June 25, 2015

NORTH CAROLINA-(BASN)-Upon hearing about the terrible tragedy that struck the Charleston community, I was overwhelmed with grief. My second reaction emerged in the form of reflection, particularly upon the historical context and its influence on the mindset of those like Mr. Roof.

History Lesson: Once the South or the Confederacy was defeated during the Civil War, they were readmitted to the Union with virtually no consequence excluding soldiers and their families who endured high fatalities. All the generals and even the President of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis, received a pardon. In other words those responsible for the largest act of treason in our country walked away without RECOURSE!!!

hates3Lincoln’s successor, Andrew Johnson was a die-hard Confederate who did nothing but continue to breathe life into the South by giving rise to the formation of the KKK and Jim Crowe among others.

This era was pivotal in our history; the US had a golden opportunity to break the spirit of the confederacy, yet it did everything but that. Blacks were further demeaned, dehumanized and disrespected. When the US government had the golden opportunity to support the economic structure for Blacks it did nothing but rescind the 40 acres and a mule.

Conversely, Whites were beneficiaries of the Homestead Acts, a series of governmental stimulus plans that granted them resources in the way of land, timber and other forms of terrain to bolster their economic infrastructure, leaving Freed Slaves helpless and totally dependent.

Again, the spirit of the Confederacy lived. That same spirit has socialized a certain segment of White America to embrace a false sense of superiority, adopt discriminatory policies, mistreat Blacks, practice overt and covert racism & give a 21 year old kid from Charleston the audacity to infiltrate a Black Church and brutally murder 9 members!!!

When our county had the opportunity to cut off the head of that Confederate Snake, it simply stomped the tail allowing its spirit to live and poison what could have been a great nation, now we are in a mess. I am angry but I refuse to allow my condition do anything other than treat the next man, regardless of his race, as God would have me to treat him/her. hate

We are not responsible for those who do not reciprocate our faith and benevolence; they will be judged. Some speak of aggression and retaliation, what would that accomplish, other than the US being transformed into the Middle East where they have been fighting for 100’s of years???

We must retaliate against the Spirit of the Confederacy by creating momentum economically, politically, socially, educationally, spiritually etc.

We must rewrite the script and sing a different America, I TOO SING AMERICA!!!!

Lamont Dixon is a graduate of North Carolina A&T State University, and Longwood University, where he received  a MA in School Leadership.

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