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Gary Norris Gray-BASN Staff Reporter

To The United States of America- STOP PLAYING.

OAKLAND, CA.-When a white male stands up against the National Guard in Washington D.C. in 1965(Vietnam protest) he is a HERO. When an Egyptian man stands up against the Egyptian army in 2011(Autumn Spring), he is called BRAVE. When a Chinese man stands in front of 10 Chinese tanks in 1989 (Tiananmen Square Protest), he is called FEARLESS, but when a Black man stands up against the police force in any town in America in 2015 (Police Brutality), he is called a THUG.

This is psychological warfare and Black citizens of the United States are losing the war.

The Republican Party with its racial Tea Party wing can state over and over again the sky is green when we all know the sky is blue. Over a period of time and in the eyes of many, the sky truly has become green. The GOP made African American males the BOOGIE MAN using this same process.

This is psychological warfare and it’s working because some Americans believe the sky is truly green and African American males are a threat.  THE BOOGIE MAN ACTUALLY EXIST!!!!

The Double Standard- Alive and well

When Caucasians riot, it is reported as letting off steam drinking a few beers or just venting anger but when African Americans do the same, this Nation becomes terrified.

The Kentucky Wildcats lost in the semi finals in the 2015 NCAA Tournament to the Wisconsin Badgers 71-68. The town of Lexington, Kentucky lost its collective mind.


Hundreds of rowdy University of Kentucky fans took to the streets of Lexington on Saturday night after the Wildcats lost to the University of Wisconsin Badgers, 71 to 64, in the Final Four round of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

Several small fires were ignited during the unruliness, which broke out after the Wildcats’ season long win-streak was broken.

“Obviously everybody here wanted Kentucky to win, but they lost, man,” a witness told WLEX. “There’s nothing much to say. This place is crazy. They’re rioting.”

Thirty-one people were arrested and three were transported to hospitals, authorities said.

“Seeing a scene like this just shows how passionate UK fans are,” one fan said.

Notice how the media uses coded words for this event. IT WAS NOT A RIOT. Nobody noticed the way this story was written. They were just young kids acting on their frustrations. REALLY?

In Vancouver Canada in 1994 after the New York Rangers defeated the Vancouver Canucks in game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals. The town exploded in violence. Vancouver repeated the act in 2011 when the Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins in seven games. The following events were ugly.

vancover riots

The loss didn’t go over well with hundreds of mostly young Canuck fans, who took to the streets and set several overturned vehicles afire a few blocks from Rogers Arena where the game was played.

Some fans stopped to pose in front of the flames. Others danced on top of another overturned vehicle. A dull cloud of gray smoke choked some areas of down.


Aerial footage showed Vancouver police wading into the unruly crowd that continually taunted and threw things at the officers. Members of the crowd leaped over one street fire, and officers wrestled several fans to the ground.


“We’re unable to release anything formal at the moment but officers are busy dealing with a few core groups of people bent on committing criminal acts like mischief, vandalism, and fights,” Vancouver Police Media Relations Officer Lindsey Houghton said in a statement.

 Just boys being boys, drinking too much and venting steam, yea maybe with 155 arrests.

cleve cav riots

Then in Cleveland six years ago basketball superstar LeBron James stated on ESPN that he would take his talents to South Beach Florida and the Miami Heat. James would be in three straight championship series while the Cavaliers dropped to last place in the east. Cleveland exploded, LeBron jerseys were burned all over the city and the residents had a controlled riot. Somebody please explain what is a controlled riot? Sports stores were looted as these malcontents took all of the LeBron James material out and burn it.

THAT IS DESTROYING PRIVATE PROPERTY. Not a word was spoken by the American media, the Cleveland Police, or the Cavalier Organization. If these individuals were Black it would have made front page news and national television instead, it was just a footnote in American sports history.

The Oakland Raiders put the National Football League in the spotlight with massive civil unrest after the Super Bowl lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2003.


In the latest outbreak of sports violence in the United States, riot police in Oakland used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse hundreds of angry fans rampaging through parts of the Californian city after their team lost Super Bowl XXXVII in San Diego on Sunday night.

The rioting fans left several streets strewn with burnt-out cars and smashed glass. One McDonald’s restaurant was looted and set on fire. Three firefighters suffered injuries while at least 23 people were arrested, in most cases on charges of public drunkenness. When the trouble broke out, huge squads of officers marched through the streets and authorities closed off some areas of the city.

Futbol (Soccer) riots in Europe, South America, and the United States. Involved uncontrolled violence that break out if the fans think something went wrong during a game and that’s acceptable.

Just like fighting in baseball and hockey are a part of the game while in football and basketball BLACK players get immediate suspensions. The fear of the ANGRY BLACK MALE is real and is played out every day on sports diamonds, courts, rinks, and fields.

Are these sports riots o.k.? The question should be asked, WHY?

The American sports media and Americans do not hound these sports fans like they hound African American males. They do not criticize these young people nor do they punish them like they punish African American males.


The unrelenting psychological warfare on Black people has become terrifying. However the love for Black culture in the United States has increased would someone please tell me, how does this work?

The dislike for African Americans started openly in 2008 when President Barack H. Obama entered 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and it has grown with each passing year. It became open season on African Americans, males in particular.

Too many lives are being lost in this process

Like Rekiya Boyd in Chicago. Like Miriam Carey in Washington, D.C. Like Tanisha Anderson in Cleveland. Like Yvette Smith in Texas. Like Aiyana Stanley Jones in Detroit. Like Eric Garner in New York City. Like Oscar Grant in Oakland. Like Walter Scott in South Carolina. Like Freddie Gray in Baltimore…

Let me add more Trayvon Martin in Florida, Tamir Rice in Cleveland, and Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri

Contrast this:-

Caucasians are getting sun tans, braiding their hair, wearing Black period era clothing, getting collagen in their lips to increase their size, loving, using, and profiting off of Black music-(ROBIN THICKE). White people are trying to speak like African Americans, date, and even marry, while at the same time marginalizing AFRICAN AMERICAN life.

This is psychological warfare and the Black community is losing.


Notes:- Channel 5 Los Angeles

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