Mikey Garcia, When Will He Be Allowed To Boxing

Updated: May 13, 2015

Mary Ann Lurie Owen of Boxing in Las Vegas shared a story on Facebook about Mikey Garcia on East Side Boxing.  The story written by Olly Campbell details how contractual dispute between Garcia, his brother and Trainer Robert Garcia and Bob Arum has kept the two-time undefeated Garcia out of the boxing ring.  Garcia stated that “I thought we were gonna be settling everything and arranging a fight around this time-we said no later than the first quarter of the year but of course that didn’t happen. “


This is one of those problem unique to the combat sports in which disagreement between a fighter and a promoter can result in a fighter loses a portion of his prime being inactive while negotiating a new contract. I can’t speak to the specific details of this case but I must admit that my sympathy is with the fighter.  On Ms. Owen Facebook, this comment came up, “Boxing needs to be rid of promoters…the fighters promote themselves and let the venues do the promoting.”

This sounds radical but many top fighters have taken this advice by promoting their own career or starting their own promotional company. One reason that Floyd Mayweather is “Money” Mayweather is that he is also his own promoter and when he negotiated the last super fight, he did so as an a equal to Bob Arum, Pacquiao’s promoter. Nor is Mayweather the first as Oscar De La Hoya began Golden Boys as a means to promote himself and Bernard Hopkins joined De Lay Hoya as a mechanism to promote his own fights.

Boxing has been one of those sports run as if it was still the 1920’s as oppose to 2015 and that has hurt its popularity as many promoters have fail to promote the sport as vigorous as they do own fighters.  Rarely has boxing promoters or the sanctioning bodies have ever view the long term of the sports and the one trend that we are seeing are top boxers taking their own career in their hands.

Boxing as a sport is made of seperate fiefdoms called sanctioning bodies, each with their leaders and in many cases, their own champions which leads to a confusing situation like who is the best fighter in each division. While there are occasional “reunification” bouts but just as often, a fighter can win a reunification bout only to find his title strip by one group because he didn’t fight the number one guy in the one sanctioning body ratings while daring to fight maybe a more profitable bout.  Promoters have powers over a boxer career but Floyd Mayweather and Oscar De La Hoya has changed the formula in their favor since they’re no longer indebted to the older promoters.

In the case of Mikey Garcia, his career is put into limbo as his ability to make a living is halted at a time he should be earning millions in his prime.  For Garcia, there is no arbitration or option short of going to court and suing just to get back to the ring.  Somehow that is not fair to the fighter or the sport as an excellent fighter is sidelined and forgotten.    This is one reason that Mayweather set up his own promotional career as he fight who he wants and increase his own earning.  Mayweather just got finished promoting the biggest paying fight in history and earned his moniker, “Money” Mayweather.

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