KEEP YOUR EYE – ON THE $PARROW (or ‘Never $teal Anything – $mall!’ – the sequel)

Updated: May 24, 2015




Keep Your Eye – On the $parrow

By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor



“To make it in The Rackets, you gotta have gall; so never…EVER…steal anything…SMALL!”

– James Cagney, from the film “Never Steal Anything Small.”


PHILADELPHIA (BASN) What a fuckin’ farce. In spite of all that’s been said, I had to get some of this!



The ongoing cluster fuck known as DeflateGate concluded with New England Patriots quarterback Lyin’ Tom Brady suspended four games  for cheating via making sure his balls…were deflated.



Now before people get shit twisted, pay heed to the words uttered by one Shannon Sharpe multiple Pro Bowl performer – and member of The Pro Football Hall of Fame.



The delightfully loquacious Sharpe, who played with the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens, offered the most damning evidence against Brady not knowing (before it was revealed Brady would NOT turn over his phone for checking texts and emails). On Shannon’s website, “Mouthing Off” Sharpe ran down the information equipment managers are entrusted with (paraphrasing)



“When I played with the Broncos, the equipment manager knew that I wanted three blueberry cake donuts, three chocolate chip cake donuts and a fresh pair of extra large socks in my locker.


There are two sizes of socks – one size for guys six feet to six-two; and a pair for larger guys six two to six – five, etc. I would take the extra large socks and then exchange them for the small pair – I’m superstitious like that…



When I moved on to Baltimore, the equipment manager in Denver relayed my information, so at my locker were those donuts – and the large socks!”



Clearly if this level of ‘intel’ is passed among players like Sharpe who are stars, you know the 64 equipment managers (including assistants) are the concierge for their respective organizations; and their standing order is to accommodate all players – especially the stars – in any manner possible which helps them perform better at their job.



Which made The Wells Report – moot. He (Wells) said it nicely, but he echoed what everyone else knew – this muthafucka’s lying!




And for those who keep saying “everybody does it” or what have you – don’t set fucking standards if they’re not going to mean anything! Take off the ball weight psi standard – if it doesn’t mean anything. Because if it does – then Brady’s cheatin’ ass, Belichick’s cheatin’ ass, Kraft’s cheatin’ ass, and Roger Goodell’s unscrupulous ass – should all be held accountable for this vat of bullshit!



I have said this many times before – just how much fucking power do you think Goodell really has – if he operates at the behest of the 32 owners?



The Cheatles (Patriots) are Repeat Offenders -and the punishment is far less severe than it should be.



If the supposed concept of punishment is to provide a deterrent, Goodell tipped his hand long ago when he destroyed (as Foghorn Leghorn would say) Ah say, destroyed the SpyGate tapes! In my mind that is no different than Matt “White Lines” Jones not being punished for cocaine use until former NFL linebacker Joey Porter screamed on the League’s bullshit after Goodell tried to fine him $20,000 – for complaining about Jones NOT being suitably punished via suspension (Jones would eventually very quietly serve a three game suspension; with very little squeaking from The Mouse and the rest of their NFL RAT Patrol!)





Or how about conducting his own investigation when Michael Vick was allegedly responsible for killing Lassie! And before any animal lovers try to start some shit on here – SHUT THE FUCK UP – PETA HAS KILLED FAR MORE DOGS THAN VICK (directly or indirectly) EVER HAS! Vick, to his credit did his time for his crime.



Or fining Brett Favre $50, 000 because he wouldn’t cooperate re the supposed investigation attempting to gangster some strange pussy from Jenn Sterger while she is attempting to do her job as a team masseuse in New York with the Jets.



Goodell, through these actions, has already affected the “integrity” and credibility of the game by channeling his Inner Bubba while laying down penalties on Black players. Don’t let that suit throw you – Goodell is very comfy with the mindsets of the owners, and they with him.



Somewhere Earl Campbell is shaking his head and sippin’ good whiskey. It was The Tyler Rose himself who said Kraft and Belichick’s crooked asses should be expelled from the League – and we at BASN were the only ones to have Earl’s back.






Now, as repeat offenders, notice how no one is chiding Brady for being  “a bad role model for America’s youth?”



Because being White – and a star quarterback in the NFL  – means never having to say you’re sorry.



always outnumbered…never outgunned.


Copyright (C) 2015 Michael – Louis Ingram all rights reserved.















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