Brady’s Inglorious Bastards Deserve An Asterisk For All Gridiron Eternity

Updated: May 15, 2015

Brady’s Inglorious Bastards deserve an asterisk (* for all eternity

You ain’t tryin’ if you ain’t cheatin’ . . . . That’s the genuine, authentic “All-American” attitude millions of American sportsfans embrace when it comes to NFL Signal-Caller Tom Brady and his “Boston” Patriots. Under no circumstances – not “Spygate”” nor “Deflategate” – the illegal custom-tailoring of the oblong pig-skinned ball, i.e., cheating, can Brady’s legacy be tarnished. The immortality tale of the “Great White Hunter” must be upheld and maintained at a point-in-time when that Disney-made fairytale is being dismantled.

How do you eat a great white elephant?

One bite at-a-time . . . .

It seems the White Alpha-Male bigger-than-life John Wayne image, this alleged  WASP cultural “monopoly” on brains, brawn, guts, heart and overall “character”  was a fabricated Paul Bunyan yarn, and only possible via the discrimination and exclusion of virtually all would-be competitors.

For millions of sportsfans, predominantly young White boys – Brady’s one-side of the two-headed “Great White Hope” coin. Peyton Manning’s the other. These two “represent” who Republican TEA Party fathers want their sons’ to grow-up to be like, the White-knight in shining armor they wanted their little princess to marry. A couple of week’s ago Brady flipped-off the most-hated man in White America – President Obama . . . didn’t accompany his teammates to the Black House, said he was busy . . .

Nonetheless, Tom Brady remains an “All-American winner. ” The Patriots are winners, as-are the head coach and team owner. Yes, Brady’s Bunch wins, by any diabolical means deemed necessary. . . and there-in lies the problem.

A freshly baked  ESPN/ABC News poll found 52 percent overall see him as a “good role” model . . . 52%, that’s a solid half. Within that percentage is the Republican TEA Party “establishment.”

Now note;  they play-out in other statistical support for Brady’s Boys. 63 percent of all fans surveyed, and 76 percent of self-described “avid” fans, supported the NFL’s decision to suspend Brady for four games, fine the Patriots $1 million  take away meaningful draft picks from the team for its involvement in the using under-inflated footballs during a January playoff game. In addition, 54 percent of all fans and 69 percent of avid fans think Brady “cheated,” while 52 percent overall and 63 percent of avid fans think, regardless of Brady’s actions, that the Patriots cheated.

In terms of the Super Bowl, 46 percent of all fans, and 42 percent of avid fans, see the Patriots’ last-minute 28-24 win over Seattle as “tainted.” – a solid 50% plus dosen’t; who are these sportsfans?

Think of the Patriots as the United States-Of-America: both empires constructed and preserved by a vast-array of highly-questionable, debatable methods. Some call it “Gamesmanship;” the art-of winning games by using various ploys and tactics to gain a psychological advantage. While others deem it “Cheating;” to-act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, especially in a game or examination.

Examination? Did they say “examinations?” As-in academic examinations conducted at US military Academies and America Ivy league institutions of higher learning? Where ‘’’mass-cheating” takes place.  Apparently “to cheat” is “to be” an American. From Wall Street to Washington, DC “winners” cheat and “cheaters” win.

Yes, men like Brady, Pete Rose, Lance Armstrong, President Nixon cheated, JFK cheated . . . on everyone. MLK and RFK cheated. FDR died with his mistress at his bedside. So yes, Mr Kraft. Coach Belichick and Tom Brady are capable of devious deceptions.

The New England Patriot’s string-of Super-Bowl appearances has propelled the franchise into every-single sportsbar debate regarding the “best” team of the modern-era. With that conversation comes the belief Brady is, based on his Hall-Of-Fame pigskin credentials – as good,if not better than Johnny U., Slingin’ Sammy, Otto, Y.A., Starr, Joe Willie and Joe Cool. Tom Brady and the team he leads, the Patriots – this is “America’s team.” Thus, based upon their gridiron accomplishments they’ve arguably earned their place on the mantle-of immortality.

Now,  what if their football feats are manufactured, engineered, contrived, fabricated, alas orchestrated? What if Head-Coach Belichick isn’t a gridiron genius,  but a diabolical mastermind who constructed all this meat-headed madness?

What if this Patriot’s team attained “e-lite” status by cheating? What if these men have built an empire, a dynasty . . .  by cheating?

Last few “What ifs” – what if Brady n’ Belichick were Black?  What if this were Cam Newton and Bengal Head-Coach Marvin Lewis . . . what if it was “Oak-Town” and not “Bean-Town”. . . they’d be stripped of all titles and hung at sunrise.

Here’s the real query: How can Brady’s boys continue-to-be supported by 50% of the US citizens/sportsfans who, supposedly according to their  own “American Exceptionalism” theory . . . are the people who pride themselves on having Boy Scout honor and uncompromisable integrity. They hang their hats on being “accountable” for one’s actions, supposedly. All that holier-than-thou cow-manure this nation’s “Patriots,” the self-anointed “real” Americans, the good-n’-decent folk from the GOP Heartland to the TEA-Party Bible-Belt  loudly, proudly profess-to embody, nonetheless they’re covering a cheater’s back.

Brady’s antics spotlights the angry White sportsfans solidarity for the world to behold . . as well as it shows the simple-mindedness of Black folks who don’t see “sports” for what they are – reflections of a dysfunctional nation.

The Patriot’s blind jock-sniffing fans must believe “You aint tryin’ if you ain’t cheatin’ . . . .” That’s a quote commonly attributed to NASCAR, that bastion of “Ricky Bobby” Redneck thinking . . . .

Please recognize Brady’s “Great White Hope” societal role, which is identical-to that of the NBA’s last real home-grown “Great White Hope” –  Larry Bird. Brady, like Bird ‘represents” within a game, a national pastime from which White men have been damn-near officially banned n’ barred from – solely based-on their inability to compete on a level and fair playing field.

Brady, as Bird did, plays in a sport predominated and dominated by Black men –  that mere fact matters “more” than most will admit.

Think “Rocky.” Rocky fought Apollo Creed, Mr.T and that one brother . . . because Black men sit-atop the “real man” totem-pole. Brady n’ Bird are placed on the Big penise pedestal because of their ability to legitimately dominant in a Black man’s domain.

“QB” is the lone position left in the NFL where White men predominant, (White Tight-ends also ”represent.”)  You artsy/tartsy fruits n’ nuts and intellectual pencil-headed Pondexter’s reject the notion that within US pop-culture “Quarterback”  is an honored title mentioned in the same breath as Captain-of-the-ship, astronaut, President, Playboy, “International Spy” or Brain Surgeon – occupations only White men were, wait, hang-on, get to this  – “equipped” to hold.

Ain’t that a bitch . . .?

Inside the NFL there’re no Black owners, coaches, sports-writers or fans opposed-to the success of White running backs or receivers- the league simply can’t find any White dudes who can compete,  forget dominate at these premiere ball-handling positions in the NFL. However, that notion of an open-door policy isn’t the case for Black Quarterbacks. Instead the “unwelcome” mat has been laid out in-front of virtually every NFL team for Black QBs going back to when we were Negro and Colored Quarterbacks . . . .

Brady, along with the Manning brothers, Cool Joe Flacco, and Matty Ice “represent” the last, final “stand” for the golden-haired, golden-boy QB with the relative mobility of a crippled, pregnant, blind slug. They represent a dying breed, an endangered species – the “Statuesque-Quarterback.”

These “yesteryear” quarterbacks can only compete in the bronze Superman-like athletic NFL game, if the more-athletic quarterback’s skills are deliberately, strategically “devalued.”

Don’t miss that, I’ll circle-the-block on that point, take this mind-fart over 1500 words, the points worth it . . . “if the more-athletic quarterback’s skills are deliberately, strategically ‘devalued’.”

The game‘s been molded n’ shaped by the gridiron “establishment” to be conducive-to a non-athletic QB’s limited talents. The gifted mobile (Black) Quarterback has been written-out of the script, in-essence forbidden from redefining the position, and that tactical exclusion has been the NFL company-line since post WWll America up-until . . . right here n’ now.

If White men had, dig this, “permitted” Black men to play the “Signal Caller” position . . . it would have gone all-black a quarter-century ago.

Hell yeah, don’t lie to yourself son.

Just as Lance “Bambi’ Alworth, Jim Taylor, Paul Hornung and John Riggins have come-to represent the last “golden age” of White guys with enough talent and skills to actually “touch” the ball. By the 1980’s Black QBs would have redefined the game to a point the Mannings couldn’t/ wouldn’t have been able to play Quarterback in high school or college . . . forget the NFL. But the league wasn’t about to go “all-Black” like the NBA . . . so they “retarded” the growth, stunted the natural progress of the game to accommodate the unathletic athlete and preserve the “Great White Hunter”/Superman myth for a  racially prejudiced White-male fanbase yearning-to identify with.

But sportsfans, let’s strap-on one of those miner’s helmets with the flashlight built into it . . . and delve a tad-deeper: this is a combustible argument “only” because there’re millions of sportsfans across the sports nation which will defend, rationalize, minimize, justify and explain-away the multiple, multiple charges leveled against Brady’s Bastards. With the real reasons “why” they defend and support the team goes far-beyond geographical location, an affinity for the team colors, head coach or their historical family loyalty. I’d submit millions, yes millions of WASP sportsfans support Belichick, Brady, Gronk, Edelman and the boys . . . in-part because they’re “star” White players in a Black man’s game. A game Blacks  “took” from White men, like boxing and basketball.

Let’s not pretend how racially split this nation was in 1908 when Jack Johnson fought a White man – Jim Jeffries. The frustration, anger, animosity and envy ran rampant, there were documented attacks on random Blacks across the nation, riots even occurred when Johnson pulverizes Great White Hopes. The same racial polarization occurred in 1938  for Joe Louis, and for the “Original” Sugar, Robinson, who in 1951 beat-the-snot-out-of Jake LaMotta. The animosity and contempt was highly-evident when Ali whipped any White man’s ass.

You tell me when,what  time n’ place the White race evolved and embraced Kumbaya  “brotherhood?”

Athletic Great White Hopes are the “Trojan Horses” for White folks, wrapped-up in them is somewhat the same mentality Hitler held regarding the supposed “superiority” of the Arian gladiator…then along came the  ebony sportsmen.

Tom Brady’s  appears to be the trifling tail-end of an era of fake, phony White male domination of the professional Quarterback position, a spot which occupies a special, unique place in US popular culture as the alpha-male who posses the rare combination of brains, brawn, leadership and cool-headedness.


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