Updated: April 5, 2015

The day has come and Paul George announced that he was ready to play and the victim was the Miami Heat. Paul George flew his family in town to surprise them with the good news that he was playing. Paul George Sr. said “I didn’t know Paul was going to play until I got into town.” Seeing Paul George in action after the injury is basically a miracle in the making. Everyone had ruled Paul George out and didn’t think that it would be possible to see him suit up in the season.


Paul George came into the game and the crowd erupted as he got off the bench to check in. Paul George was able to hit his first jumper that he made and then had a wide open layup and missed it. Paul George isn’t going to be back to his All Star form until the playoffs but this was a stepping stone in his process to coming back. Good to see Paul George on the court and hopefully this can be the boost that the Pacers need to make that playoff push.

The Pacers are in 9th place right now behind the Celtics and hope to make the postseason for the city and for the terrific story of Paul George.

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