Weekend Action, Crawford and Matthysse Wins

Updated: April 19, 2015

My wife noted that boxing is the only sport where those past heroes are honored.  Stan Hochman, one of boxing better writers, recently passed away and honored before the Matthysse-Provodnikov bout with the classic 10 bell.  Boxing does a better job of honoring its past than other sports and as my wife noted, the classic 10 bell reminds boxing fans of its past.


So far, 2015 has featured some great fights and last Saturday night was no exception.  Ruslan Provodnikov faced Lucas Matthysse in one of those bouts where both men launched one big blow after another against each other. Provodnikov is one of the fighters who simply refuses to go down and when I see him fight I am reminded both in style and looks of the Canadian fighter George Chuvalo who was blessed with concrete chin.   Chuvalo biggest claim was that you could hit him, hit him and continuously hit him and he will still be standing at the end of the fight. Provodnikov face was one big swollen mess at the end of the bout but in the last round, he looked the fresher of the two fighter.

Matthysse should flexibility in his fight style as he moved side to side in an effort to avoid Provodnikov sledgehammer while pounding Provodnikov.  In the first two rounds, he nailed Provodnikov with combinations and in the sixth round, he landed over 30 more punches than Provodnikov but Provodnikov was still standing despite the punishment delivered by Matthysse, who is one of the big puncher in the division. The fight was close with Matthysse winning by majority decision 115-113, 115-113, 114-114 in a close bout.


In the opening bout, Terrence Crawford showed that he might be one of the best pound for pound fighters with his masterful performance against Thomas Dulorme. Over the first five rounds, Dulorme pressed the action and threw more punches as Crawford would land sharp counters.  Crawford was merely sizing up Dulorme as he allowed Dulorme to go on the offensive. Going into the sixth round, Harold Lederman had Dulorme up by one round but you could see that one or two judges having Dulorme winning four or even all the rounds initial rounds.

Crawford threw a left jab before landing a big right that sent Dulorme reeling toward the ropes.  After a quick combination, Dulorme went down for an eight count. When he got back up, his legs were shaky and it wasn’t long before Crawford sent Dulorme down two more times before the referee stopped the fight. Crawford now may find himself in a bout against Matthysse in a classic banger vs. boxer.

In the biggest surprise was Andrzej Fonfara stopping Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr with a ninth round TKO.   Fonfara dominated the fight from the beginning and he was able not just to dominate from the outside but when the fight went inside, Fonfara still got the better of it.  Chavez did not look ready for the fight, which was surprising since a victory on Showtime would encourage bigger bouts but this lost set Chavez career back.  This was his first bout as a light heavyweight and this bout showed that he is not a light heavyweight but the question, is he a Middleweight or a Super Middleweight. Fonfara is a good fighter but he was not one of the elites of the light heavyweight and was supposed to be a good test but the key phrase, good test not being a fighter who would school Chavez.


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