Thunder Take Care Of Blazers (101-90) Need Spurs Help Wednesday For Postseason

Updated: April 14, 2015

The Thunder came into the game against the Blazers knowing that they would be shorthanded. The Blazers played without LaMarcus Aldridge, Aaron Afflalo, and Dorell Wright and depended on the bench players to get the win against the Thunder. The Thunder were tied with the Pelicans coming into Monday night and were ready to go out there and get a win. Russell Westbrook is coming off his 54 point night in Indiana and was primed for another big night with their backs against the wall. Russell Westbrook had 36 points, 11 rebounds, and 7 assists which means that he is ahead of Harden in the scoring title showdown. Westbrook has shown this season that he can lead the team if it is needed. The Thunder feed off of what Russell Westbrook does and the MVP candidate has done everything that they have asked him. Westbrook was quoted saying that he plays the hardest in the NBA out of all the players and shows it night after night. The team has adopted his intensity because he sets the tone and he also is very aggressive. Westbrook attacks the paint all the time and averages at least 7 free throw attempts per game. Westbrook understands that he is the captain and that they will be going off what he does. With the Pelicans winning in Minnesota the Thunder will have to beat the T-Wolves on Wednesday and hope that the Spurs beat the Pelicans on the same day. With that being the case Russell Westbrook still said “I ain’t no Spurs fan”.

The Thunder supporting cast came in big time against the Blazers as Dion Waiters stepped up his defense and was making the best of his moment. Waiters was able to rip a couple of Blazers players at half court and attack to the basket. This is the Dion Waiters that I knew the Thunder were getting. He’s been very aggressive trying to find his jumper and also he has attacked the paint. Anthony Morrow hit the shot of the night against the Blazers as they were trying to come back in the game. Morrow hit a big 3 pointer when the Thunder were up by 6 points on the Blazers as they were pushing to get back into the game. Anthony Morrow seems to hit every big shot that the Thunder need especially with having the trust from Westbrook. Morrow has been the biggest addition to this team besides Kanter and has made sure that teams defend him or they will pay. Anthony Morrow and Dion Waiters both know that they need help from the Spurs to advance and want that to happen as the Pelicans beat the T-Wolves.

The Thunder now need the Pelicans to lose to the Spurs on Wednesday if they are going to be in the playoffs. Players in the Thunder locker room know that they need help and will be checking on that game just as much as they will have to pay attention to the Pelicans.

If this was the Thunder’s late game in front of the home crowd they went out with a bang and also the Thunder know that they have 2 MVP caliber players. The Thunder hope to make the playoffs and get Serge Ibaka back for the first round against the Warriors.

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