Stevenson Wins An Easy One, Now It is Time For Kovalev-Stevenson.

Updated: April 6, 2015

Artur Beterbiev nailed Veteran Gabriel Campillo with right hand that sent Campillo down in the opening minute of the first round and pursued him throughout the round.  Beterbiev dominated the next two rounds including solid combinations that rocked Campillo.   Another weapon that Beterview used was his right hand to the body with the idea of getting Campillo arms down.    Beterviev ended the fight in the opening minute of the fourth round as he landed a big right hand that sent Campillo’s eyes rolling back of his head and a left hook finished the job.  Beterbiev took Campillo apart over the ten minutes they fought and Campillo simply couldn’t handle Beterview’s power.


Adonis Stevenson faced the veteran Sakio Bika for the light heavyweight title and for Stevenson, this was a big fight for if he won, this met a bigger fight with Sergey Kovalev to unify the light heavyweight title.  The first round was uneventful while Stevenson landed a couple of solid power shots, both fighters spent most of the round feeling each other out. The second round was close for Bika landed a big left hook but Stevenson landed two big left as the round ended.

Bika managed to trap Stevenson over the second half of the third round of bout along the rope and landed a few punches whereas Stevenson landed some solid lefts from his southpaw stance.  Over the first third portion of the fight, Stevenson appear to be winning but he rarely landed solid combinations but his left hand landed at will.  He did manage hurt Bika with three lefts over the last minute of the fifth round and with thirty seconds left, Stevenson sent him down for a quick eight count.    At the halfway mark of the fight, Steve Farhood had the bout as an easy 60-53 score for Stevenson.

While Stevenson won most of the seventh round but as the bell rang, Bika nailed Stevenson with a left hook but it did little damage.   Stevenson continued to dominate the fight and Bika had very little answers for Stevenson and Stevenson won an easy decision.  The second half of the fight with the exception of the final round, Stevenson won with his left hand power shots.

Stevenson showed that he had power in his left hand as he hurt Bika throughout the bout but he also showed himself to be a one dimensional fighter. Against Kovalev, who is not just a power puncher but a technically sound fighter, Stevenson will face a fighter that can match his power but with superior defensive skills.

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