President Obama And Tiger Woods: Are They The Two Most Hated Black Men In America? – Charged With Being “Uppity Negroes.”

Updated: April 22, 2015


The illustrious late, comedic icon Robin Williams summed-up the phenome which Tiger Woods is within the aristocratic world-of-golf – “Golf, the last domain of (White male) dominance, it was ‘their’ area, they were king . . . up until T-i-g-e-r!  Yes . . . son a Black man and a Tai woman , . . . not even a German geneticist could’ve thought that one up . . . the Black athletic ability . . . the “Buddhist concentration.”

To what “extreme” length Tiger’s demise has been desired, anticipated, craved and yearned-for has to be an unbelievably astronomical extent – solely based on the pot-shots, slights, insults and below-the-belt jabs the man now elicits. Need I mention the obvious desire the golf world has to “anoint”  a “Great White Hope,” any dope to unseat Tiger as the game’s marquee attraction.

Might I interject this thought  – “Every White guys doesn’t hate Tiger,  but of those folks who do despise him – you’ll find it’s vastly White guys.

The same sportsfans “marginalize’ Seattle Seahawks Signal Caller Russell Wilson, the impact of the Williams sisters . . . you get the picture.

Go figure?

And now, post Augusta 2015, it’s clear during the Masters Tiger was illuminating tenacity, perseverance, determination, concentration, heart, character, alas John Wayne type “True Grit” – amazingly all the elements of an good man, an alpha-male type man which American popular culture only reserves for White dudes . . .Tiger, being competitive, actually in the hunt for 2nd place on the 3rd day of the tourney is being slighted, played-down and over-looked.

I believe Tiger’s “character” is being underplayed, downplayed and played-down  . .. and its unquestionably intentional and conscious.

Tiger is on the hunt, he’s positioning himself to pounce. Whether he does are not – the mere fact he’s “in the hunt” defies and contradicts all the gutter-low expectations the critics, naysayers, experts and racist were predicting.

I find it satisfying and pleasurable to witness these jaded, bias, bigoted people be bitch-slapped. Yes, I find it appropriate and warranted. Hell it’s needed based-upon the story of US Golf.

Dig this; Tiger wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for racism and the deliberate exclusion of men like John Shippins, Ted Rhodes, Joe Louis, Bill Spiller, Charlie Sifford. Additionally if men like Lee Elder and Calvin Peete didn’t do the heavy-lifting, get their hands dirty dealing with the antics of the well-educated and well-dressed country club Rednecks – if it weren’t for the injustices of history. And that history didn’t stop being written in 1999, 2007 or 2015 . . ..

Yes, Tiger might not have come along,  with the fire and determination to kick-down the door at plantations like Augusta . . . . if it wasn’t for the injustices many want to trivialize and mock.

And if you think Woods isn’t aware of what  he’s accomplished, the magnitude of his achievements you’re crazy.

The late elder Woods instilled in his mancub what his mission was, what his success would destroy . . . and build. Tiger’s symbolic relevance is unfathomable. Just as Obama’s symbolic impact is. Just as Black scientist Neil Degrasse Tyson, Venus and Serena Williams, NFL signal Caller Russell Wilson, Gymnast Gabrielle Douglas – together they destroy not only the myth of White “exceptionalism” and superiority, but that of Black “inferiority” – the dualistic nature of their success is significant and ought not be minimized.

I call it Black Power. 

You don’t have to be afraid to say Black Power, it’s ok to want to see real, legit Black Power.

If Tiger ever questioned how he was perceived by the “White world . . .”   his 2:30 AM wake-your-ass-up moment came moments after the world knew he’d betrayed and soiled the Nordic Princess White society allowed him to wed. Their marriage received “OJ Simpson” like “acceptance” by mainstream White America – but after Tiger bedding a litany of White-trash bimbos n’ ho’s  . . . he dirtied his drawers with a lot of folks, and of-course provided the nay-sayers with ammunition.

His fall from grace has ever-so pleased a lot of envious folks, racist and elitist alike who didn’t want him in their aristocratic country clubs.

Tiger’s frail “humanness” solidified he’s just another Black man who has no morals nor values. And it also created the lynchmob/Black witch-hunt mentality we see with some of the press, fellow golfers and sportsfans

Tiger’s infidelity, not that he may be as historically significant, places him in a club which includes some of the most notable men in contemporary history: US Presidents  JFK, LBJ, George H. Bush, FDR – who died with his mistress at his side . . . .  men who played around.

Tiger’s imperfections painted n’ tainted him as “devious” and “cunning,” as opposed-to  “sainted” and ”all-so high n’ mighty”  like most White men profess to be.

Ponder-a-point I keep pondering; Tiger and President Barack Obama – the two most hated Black men in America. More hated than Reverend Al Sharpton and Oprah.  And it’s not about either of them being “gangster-thugs,” no, it’s about them being out of the societal standings White folks would rather Blacks remained boxed into. The blind-hatred is based on both men being perceived as “Uppity” niggers who constantly defy “who n’ what” millions of White folks would rather believe Black folks are.

See, that’s what FOX’s “Empire’ is so-very popular . . . it caters-to the gutter-low expectations this society holds for Blacks. This President, and this Black Knight of an golfer . . . they’ve beaten the White man at his “own” games – US Golf and US Politics . . . there’s a special disdain and hatred reserved for these two because they embody and symbolize so much of what Conservative/Confederate minded Americans fear and loath . . . no, not only “race-mixing” but alas Black Power . . . what folks are capable of when not discriminated and excluded.

And I’d think both of them relish that hate . . . it means they’re doing one hell of a job Keep it up gentlemen.

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