Jedidiah Rishi Frazier is the Golfer of the Week

Updated: April 28, 2015

Jedidiah-Frazier-4_400by Debert Cook

(BASN) Newswire-Born and raised in Harlowe, North Carolina, 23-year old Jedidiah Rishi Frazier is an outdoors-man to the fullest.  He likes the smell of fresh air, the crackling sound of the wind blowing through tall pine trees and all things of nature.  Frazier, like so many youth who play the sport, was introduced to the game through his father.  At the age of 3, he and his dad would spend hours on the golf course.  A quick learner, the youngster quickly grasped the challenge and excitement of the game.

Today, Frazier is a striking 6′ 6″  tall and he weighs in at 195 lbs.  Right along with the dramatic change in his physical appearance, his love for golf has grown even more.  He keeps his clubs handy while also enjoying all that life in the country has to offer, candidly admitting that, “fishing hunting and sports is all we do around here.” He also acknowledges that Harlow is a place where everybody, “knows just about everybody,” and says that the majority of Harlowe residents are actually his relatives.

Frazier has the athleticism to play football, basketball and mixed martial arts, but says, “…golf is the sport that God granted me the most talent.”  He has multiplied that talent and has developed into a scratch golfer who still plays rounds with his father; but when it comes to who’s the” teacher” nowadays, this can be a bit of a debate between the two of them.  Frazier also likes playing with his brothers, his brother-in-law and teammates and knows how to exercise patience when giving lessons.  He was a member at Plantation Harbor golf course and worked there for a while, before the course shut down.

With a fresh outlook on his future, Frazier recognizes the importance of a good education and he is making strides to succeed.  He attended Fayetteville State University and studied criminal justice.  While there, he actively participated in SAAC (Student Athletic Advisory Committee).  His ultimate goal is to one day become a touring golf professional. Currently he is in the process of transferring to Alabama A&M where he wishes to complete his degree, while developing his golf skills.

“I work full-time as an amateur golfer. My job is to critique and attempt to perfect my golf game.”

Frazier is determined to achieve his goals and holds two PGA PAT (Player Ability Test) completion certificates.  During his freshman college year he was named MVP.  A distinction he also earned in 7th,8th, 11th and 12th grade.

Jedidiah-Frazier-3_350aHow does he stay motivated? “Knowing that it’s impossible to do everything in golf exactly how it is supposed to be done, but the attempt at trying to accomplish the impossible thrills me,” says the amateur golfer who plays—as his funds allow him—two or three times a week.

“Recently, I was in a car accident and have been in treatment and under a doctor’s care for the past three months,” says Frazier, who has been rehabbing and unable to participate in any tournaments.  He’s hopeful things will turnaround soon and he can register for upcoming tournaments again this spring.

Photo left: Jedidiah with his parents King and Pelfard Frazier while attending a tournament to commemorate the life of Tony Caldwell. Caldwell created tournaments when Jedidiah was a kid.  “I won 7 out of 8 tournaments in a three-year span….First day back after 8 months of therapy; shot 72 and won by one. My father shot 78 and won by 6. I played in the championship bracket, my dad played in the 2nd flight.”

And his golfing skills?  “Those came from my favorite golfer ever, my pops.  He grew up when blacks weren’t allowed on the course, when others where; and he was brought up learning how to play the ‘wrong’ way. But he perfected what he knew and shared it with me.”

“Physically, I have all the dimensions of a great golfer.  Now it’s getting my clubs to fit me and making my mental game stronger than ever. “

Frazier inteends to play golf for the rest of his life and says that his motivation comes from,  “Growing up, seeing my family not have some of the basic essentials….knowing what I need to do to make it for myself and to help my family monetarily.”

For now, he plans to focus on his game while getting stronger and introducing others to the sport.  He devotes time helping out in the local community, playing the drums, listening to good music (slow jams, the oldies, and gospel) and attending church.

“In all things, I’ve learned through my upbringing that if you keep God first all things will work together for you.”Jedidiah-Frazier-2_500

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