Golfer of the Week: Alex Davis: Focused on Achievement

Updated: April 12, 2015

by Debert Cook

BASN-At 30-years old, Alexander “Alex” Raymond Davis has a satisfying career in the golf industry.  After years of planning, preparing, and practicing, he is now doing exactly what he loves.

Davis works as head cashier and golf instructor at the Elliot Golf Course for the Rockford Park District in Illinois.  A Rockford (IL) resident, he also keeps busy in the area by serving with an indoor golf facility and at Victory Golf Range as a cashier.

For real, here is how it all started Davis says, “One day my dad (George Davis) was watching golf on TV.  While watching, Tiger came on and I asked who he was. My aunt was visiting at the time and spoke up saying, ‘That is the Michael Jordan of golf!’   At the time, I played basketball and I decided, I will try golf, too.”

Davis then marched straight out to the family’s garage, took a few golf clubs out of his dad’s golf bag and began striking balls in their one-acre back yard.

“My dad took notice that I was hitting the ball solid, without having taken any lessons, whatsoever.”  After watching his son hit several more balls, his father decided to buy Alex his own set of clubs and to sign him up for golf lessons.Alex-Davis-6

Today, at 5’10” inches tall, the 240-pound lover of ‘steak and potatoes’ man knows that he and his dad’s decision back then was a good one.  Alex carries an 8 handicap and is a member of the Rockford Sportsman’s Golf Association, which is in the Rockford Golf Hall of Fame and, the oldest black golf organization in Rockford

Davis is a certified golf instructor under PGA Professional Lloyd McWilliams.  He attended Memphis School of Preaching, where he earned a diploma, and an equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies. In January 2015, he got accepted into Keiser University College of Golf located in Port St. Lucie, Fla., and he plans to attend this August.

“I am excited, thrilled and determined to excel at Keiser and to graduate.  My goal is to a Certified PGA golf instructor, “ he says.  However, the expenses in going away to the school are vast, and to help, he has set up a GoFundMe page for those who wish to help him financially.

Alex’s home course is the Ingersoll Golf Course in Rockford. Golf trainers Rafael Artiles and Duncan Geddes were both great golf trainers for him.  Duncan taught Alex with the basics during his high school years.  And Rafael, “He has been helping me recently with my swing this past fall and winter, making sure I do not ‘come over the top’ and stay on plane. Together, we have also been working on my biggest challenge: the transfer of power from right- to-left in my down swing,” says Alex. Through their training methods he declares to have gained the confidence, consistency and golfing skills that he is so proud of today.Alex-Davis-2

“I play about 6-8 times a month. If I am lucky, I can get out and play 10 times a month. I practice more than I play—because, of work, and where I work.  One of his favorite golfing buddies is still Rafael Artiles.

Practice is definitely paying off for Alex.  “I won the D flight in 2011 in Rockford…I believe at the time, I shot a 90, 82. I had just started coming back and getting serious about the game, after not playing for a few years.”

Alex enjoys helping other golfers learn more about their game while also learning from them, too.

“I also enjoy the social aspect of the game. But, the most I enjoy is hitting good shots, especially crisp irons; there is nothing like a nice crisp 5 or 7 iron! I can always get better—and knowing, if I do get better, I can win a lot of tournaments.”

Over the last decade, the golfing industry has seen considerable changes as the core population of baby boomers increases and their age bracket begins to take up the sport. According to, in 2011, people spent $10 billion more on golf than they did to attend all major spectator sports combined.  Nearly two million jobs are created because of the golfing industry, which means this sport has a direct impact on local communities, effecting golf pros, servers, chefs, and administrators who all rely on the industry for their paychecks. Retail sales are also an important part of this industry that provides over $50 billion in wages annually.

Life can be tough and each day, unpredictable.  It takes a strong mind, strong will, determination and just plain guts to follow your dreams to your goal.  Alex commands all this, and more.

When he is not engaged in playing or teaching golf, you can find the Netflix fan enjoying action movies, comedies and biographies, not to mention sitting down to some of his favorite home-cooked meals: “Country-fried chicken with my Big Mama’s black eye peas, my grannies collard greens, and my mother’s dressing with cranberry sauce.  Dessert would be pear or peach cobbler and made by my wife, Adriana Rosa Davis.  We’ll celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary this October.” Alex is on the right track with a winning attitude to match.  His ongoing success is assured.alexd

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