Updated: April 9, 2015

by Lorenzo Meachum

This week-Charleston and 50 year old Walter Scott.

Police have been taking all the heat for these killings but I would like to extend blame in all these cases.

I also blame America’s best and brightest for fanning the flame of racism, fear and predatory behavior toward a Black population in America. Police feel the heat the most, but I believe and feel in my soul that our Congressional Representatives, National media, (Rush Limbaugh,, Michael Savage, Glen Beck, et al.), Fox News, NRA’s Wayne Lapierre, and yes Rand Paul, “We are going to take our country back.” From whom Mr. Paul? All these folks bare guilt in this hour.

Their minds are clear tonight, but I don’t know how they sleep.roscx

The election of Barack Obama and the onslaught of hate and race mongering originally initiated by Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and company has been a perfect example of America’s best and brightest surrendering their leadership and Constitutional responsibility to the worst and most base sentiments of a misinformed and mis-educated American populace.

This process starts before Obama even takes office and is fanned by all media and all NRA, gun toting, fools everywhere. If these folks want to shoot somebody, draft them at all ages and put them in military service and take them off of the American streets.

What about Black responsibility?

I agree.

Black folks ought to learn that American culture has turned toward it’s more base and racist sensibilities.

Many Americans in the majority have gone out of their minds with the fear generated by idiots like Limbaugh, Savage, Beck, Boehner and Company.

They have fallen prey to NRA rhetoric and a desire to “Take America back.”

rosecIf anyone has taken America, go find the Koch Brothers and Carolinian Art Pope’s ilk. Those folks have stolen your children’s dreams and convinced a large portion of our society to blame any “Black guy.” Obama hate is an invisible tax all Black folks have paid. Considering the obstruction carried out by Republican politicians and some Democrats, the absence of legislation achieved by the worst Congress in American history has been a tax and a treasonous imposition on all of the American people. This has not been an attempt to stop Obama, this 7 years has been an insurance policy providing racist coverage against my Black children running for President. Sound crazy to you. I thought the same thing when McConnell promised obstruction weeks before the inauguration.

That’s crazy!!!

Republicans delivered on their promise and the racial climate in the country became palpable, fearful and is still maintained through ignorance and fear.

During the last 7 years of absent legislation, including the response to Obama Care, the Congressional responsibility toward the American people, all of them, has been treasonous at least, malicious at best. In the inimitable words of Malcolm X, “You been took, you been had, you been bamboozled.”


Done by our best and brightest and costing Black life and American progress, these last years will go down in history, eventually, as a Jimmy Carter-esque Presidency.

What American history will not record, and the reason I write at this moment, is to inform my children that they should not be fooled by America’s capacity to heal itself.

These folks intentionally stirred the racial imaginations in America to divide and conquer the poor and ignorant so they could export jobs and support economic slavery imposed in third world nations and called the lie of “globalism.”

I feel sorry for those front line policemen who go into gun stores and are convinced by Limbaugh and others that the world is, “Out to get you.”

But this ain’t just law enforcement.

Policeman, soldiers, school teachers, and college professors are dependent upon the largess of the State and Federal officials that make their paycheck possible. What is that old cliché? Evil will triumph when good people observe and remain quiet.

God help us all. rock13

Our best and brightest ain’t worth shit.

They have no intention of maintaining democracy, christian principle, moral will, or anything else.

Officer Slager is a stooge for the powerful.

And he ain’t the only one.

Shame is, as the rappers say, “You don’t even know it.”

Logie Meachum is a graduate of N.C. A&T State University and Virginia Polytechnic and State University. He has taught Theater, African American Studies, and English at Winston Salem State University and The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Logie is internationally known as a Storyteller and Blues Musician. Presently he is a parental caregiver and a gangsta gardener at what is called The Old Oak Stump Garden creating fresh vegetables in his home community.

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