Celtics Still Winners Even Though Cavaliers Win The Series

Updated: April 27, 2015

The Boston Celtics lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers in 4 games in a clean sweep. The good thing about this whole thing is the fact that everyone had counted them out on even making the playoffs. Once the Boston Celtics moved on and traded Rajon Rondo in the beginning of the season the fan base and basketball fans were stunned and thought it would go down hill. All the Celtics did was grow together as a unit adding Jae Crowder to the mix and they did just that. The Boston Celtics had the 2nd best record in the NBA in the second half of the season. The Celtics were able to make the playoffs which was shocking to the NBA fans and other teams that didn’t think they would rebound. The Celtics made it as the 7th seed of the NBA Playoffs and were going up against the Cleveland Cavaliers and their Big 3 of Lebron,Kyrie, and Kevin. The Celtics weren’t able to beat the Cavs in the 7 game series but what happened is that everyone was able to notice that Brad Stevens is a really good coach. Brad Stevens took a team that no one believed in and made them believe in each other instead of what people said. Stevens was able to bring the Spurs playing style to the TD Garden and make everyone play together with no go to player to feed off of. The big difference in the season was getting Isiaiah Thomas at the trading deadline as he was a very good 6th man and was averaging 19 points off the bench. The Celtics are going to be able to keep Thomas and the crew and now try to add in free agency. The Celtics showed that they have an attractive coach in Brad Stevens and also showed that they can make the playoffs and fight to hang in there. The Celtics are one good free agent and draft pick away from having a special team in Boston.


Picks this year


2015 #16

How acquired: Celtics selection

2015 #28

How acquired: Doc Rivers to the Los Angeles Clippers

2015 #33

How acquired: Jordan Crawford to the Golden State Warriors, Joel Anthony to the Boston Celtics


Celtics have 3 picks in this draft and can look to make a splash in the draft and also might try to trade up. The Celtics have been building off the draft and also trades. But the Celtics will have to make a huge jump now and join the free agent hunt to bring in a name to help the team become a power house.


My Top 5 Players The Celtics Should Target In Free Agency 

Draymond Green, Small Forward Restricted free agent

Kawhi Leonard, Small forward, Restricted FREE agent

Kevin Love, Power forward Player option

LaMarcus Aldridge, Power Forward, Unrestricted free agent

Greg Monroe, Center, Unrestricted free agent



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