Cam Newton: In America . . . a Black man can never be “too” paranoid.

Updated: April 3, 2015

Call me cra-cra . . . but I’m beginning to wonder if NFL Quarterback Cam Newton  isn’t being deceived, duped, double-crossed, alas hoodwinked by Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson . . . . Might it be sportsfans the NFL owner’s round-table of fatcat aristocrats has determined the league doesn’t’ want this Black Superman as one of the premier faces of their gazillion dollar operation? Perhaps Jerry’s being “compensated” for  more-or-less “tying” Cam’s hands . . . by giving him no legitimate hands to catch his strong-armed projectiles.

Cam’s surrounded and protected by mediocrity and I wonder if that’s not by deliberate design.

Perhaps it sounds far-fetched, but as with Marshawn “Straight outta OakTown” Lynch and the widespread notion the Seahawks were reluctant to anoint this “uncontrollable” beastly Black renegade barbarian as the MVP of the grandest of all grand games . . . uncontrollable to a Fox News watching nation,  a menace to “their” society like Nat Turner or Huey P. Newton.

Recall other infamous   Super Bowl MVP disses – Montana over Rice, Elway over Terrell Davis . . . skin-color/culture had nothing to do with those noted snubs?

Just as the Republican TEA Party is dead-set against having any hand in President Obama’s success – even to the detriment of  the little-people across this land – we’ve the NFL,  which in-order to slow the NBA-a-zation (Nigger-ra-zation) of the league, appeases n’ pleases the angry White male fan-base by passively opposing Black QB s . . . and they exclusionary engage in this practice even to the detriment of the game and the “noble” notion of fairness.

Obviously there’re those sports-fan cavemen who prefer the league return to 1962 . . . 2 or 3 colored boys on the squad, everybody else is moving in s-l-o-w-m-o-t-i-o-n.

Take your peepers off the sports-webpage for a moment . . . President Obama’s more hated by “Conservatives” than Russian Czar and former CIA centerfold-boy Vladimir Putin and the devil himself, Lucifer . . . Ted Cruz and the Boys are “going over” the President’s head, trying to negotiate  with foreign empires.

Isn’t that treason? DejaVu, it’s 1861 all over again.

Can it be Cam and Obama have been “stabbed in the back?”

O’jays sing . . . .

Gee, has there been a better example of the notorious poll continually conducted which consistently states most White folks, when asked . . . check this now –  rather  hire or rent-to the White felon, no high school diploma, deadbeat-dad . . . than do-business with the Black guy who’s never been to jail, was both a Boy Scout and a Marine, with an MBA and a 10 year marriage . . .?

If this nation’s “Right” can betray President Obama, and they have . . . then without question NFL owners can betray both Cam Newton and the integrity of the NFL . . . in order to make mo’ obscene moo-lah pitching Manning’s jersey, and continue the Great White Hunter myth.

Black Field Generals aren’t as “marketable” as Great White Hopes; Matty Ice, Luck, Brady, Kirk Cousins . . . Brett Favre, who despite cheating on a Cancer battling wife, sending selfies of his little self to women – he can still push trucks n’ jeans to moral-less Rednecks.

At this point I’d tender the proposition Russell Wilson and Teddy  Bridgewater are the “acceptable” Michael Jordan type “model Negroes” which Conservative-minded White sportsfans will “tolerate.” As was RGIII until his storybook romance with his redheaded Nordic Princess had some trppin’ over their White robes, coupled with his intellect and his perceived role in the firing of the Shanahans has branded Griffin “uppity,” that’s what Obama, Eric Holder and other black folks who don’t “know their place” are referred-to behind Republican TEA Party closed doors. .

In a nation as racially divided as these once alleged to be “United” States, having a Black Quarterback as the poster-man of the NFL is a “calculated” risk – to say the least. The possibility legitimately exist a Ebony Signal Caller’s dominance offends and irritates White fans, i.e., consumers. I know, I know, call me ko-ko . . . but I speak “Redneck-lish,” fluently might I add, and I can read between-the-lines of little-white-lies . . . which means I’m, if nothing else “suspicious” of White folks and their “color-blindness. ”I’m highly skeptical of  their racial “neutrality.” All societal indicators are the vast-majority of  White folks are extremely hyper-sensitive when it comes to any mention of racism, beyond “reverse racism . . . .”

Please note; my doubting the sincerity of Panther ownership commenced with the owners desire to keep young Cam Newton “clean” – no tats or earrings. White man . . . please!  Translation – as disarming and non-threatening to the Confederate-minded consumer-base as possible. This request  speaks World Book Encyclopedia volumes about the pigskin plantation Newton finds himself on.

Also, piggyback along with this forced marriage – a Latino-American, Ron Rivera,  is Head Coach of the Carolina franchise . . . in a nation where most Republicans, thus most White folks, i.e., most White male sports-fans are OK with  going door-to-door at 2:39 in the AM, busting in bedrooms, dragging-out 7 year old little Latina girls along with their 77 year old grandmothers, putting them onto the 3:15 Greyhound to Tijuana.

Yes, in marketing terms it matters, much, mucho-grande much if Cam Newton and Ron Rivera set-atop this nation’s most hailed and coveted pastime . . . talk about an “changing of the guard,” the ushering-out of a make-believe fairy-tale era of  “White male superiority . . . “which without the exclusion of Blacks never really existed . . . .

Aint that a bitch?

So, in an strategic effort to keep Cam in the “place” Mr. Richardson prefers, there’s possibly a payoff, of some sort, by other owners to Richardson – “rewarding” him for not creating a monster. Compensating him for “not” surrounding his premier Signal Caller with premier talent.Yes, yes, yes – this is done  in-order to maintain both the natural “right order” of things, and the “integrity of the gridiron.”

The ageless, tenacious, furious Steve Smith shipped out, Mike Wallace, Stevie Johnson, Dwayne Bowe were on the block, as was Reggie Bush, Brandon Marshall and a few others. Michael Crabbtree, Hakeem Nicks, Reggie Wayne, Lance Moore, Greg Jennings – all available.,  Richardson has refused to play  “Make a Championship Team.”

Is it “X & O” ignorance, corporate complacency or nay I say – something more devious, tactical and diabolical?

I’m just starting to ponder if Newton’s mediocrity is being ensured by his own owner. Let us not pretend there isn’t a strategic, deliberate effort to black-ball Black Golden Boys and to keep the fake, artificial, fabricated stranglehold on this civilization’s Alpha Male/female positions . . . Presidents, Astronauts, Submarine Captains, Brain Surgeons and  Quarterbacks . . . . as snow-white as possible.

In America, a Black person can never be “too” paranoid . . . never, ever.

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  1. Michael Ingram

    April 7, 2015 at 10:59 pm

    nicely done, brother!

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