Last Week Bouts; Kovalev Wins, Porter and Berto Impresses

Updated: March 21, 2015

Sergey Kolalev demonstrated what is becoming a known fact, he is the best light heavyweight in the world as he dismantle the tough and game Jean Pascal.  For the first three rounds, Kolalev engaged in what can be easily describe as search and destroy mission.  He jabbed accurately Pascal before nailing him with right hands.  The fight nearly ended at the end of the third round as Kovalev landed a left hook that nearly sent Pascal flying through the rope.  Pascal took an eight count and the bell ranged ending the round while ensuring that Pascal would fight on to the fourth round.  The first half of the fourth round was repeat of the first three rounds as Kolalev tried to end the fight but halfway through the fourth round, Pascal nailed Kolalev with a solid right that shook Kolalev before he unleashed a series of hard power shots.  For the first time in the fight, Kolalev retreated under a barrage of counter punches.

Sergey Kovalev-Jean Pascal-1

Pascal continued this through the next two rounds and as the halfway mark, Pascal looked like a fighter who not only turned the fight around but had a shot of victory.  This illusion ended in the seventh round as Kolalev returned to what worked in the first three rounds, jabs followed by sharply delivered power punches.

Pascal counters missed and at the end of the round, a Kolalev left hook staggered Pascal and he wobbled back to his corner.  Kolalev jumped on Pascal just as he did in the beginning of the fourth round but this time, he didn’t allow his prey to escape as Pascal legs never recovered from that highly placed left hook at the end of the previous round.  He simply couldn’t escape his doom as Kolalev ended the fight with a big right that was proceeded by five big power shots that wobbled Pascal. While Pascal protested, it was a good stoppage for Pascal had spent the previous minute absorbing punishing blows.

Pascal showed heart and his right hand successfully nailed Kolalev but Kolalev withstood the onslaught and dominated most of the fight with sledgehammer jabs and power shots.  The only fighter left that could possibly challenge Kolalev is Adonis “Superman” Stevenson and Stevenson told the HBO staff that he is ready to sign.

Kolalev is not just a brawler but a technically sound boxer who sets up his power shots and his constant pressure simply wears down opponents. Pascal was able on occasion to back Kolalev but Kolalev spent most of the bouts coming forward.

The previous night as part of Premier Boxing Champions on Spike, Shawn Porter began his comeback to recapture a piece of the Welterweight championship as he faced last minute replacement for Robert Garcia; Eric Bone.

Bone was three inches taller but this was his first big fight and for three rounds, he fought compose.  His longer reach was put to good use as he boxed Porter and on occasion, he nailed Porter with solid combinations.

Both Porter and Bone threw bombs but Porter got the better of the exchanges as Bone sported a bloody nose as the second round came to a conclusion.  There were times that Porter simply lunged in without jabbing and paid a price from Bone accurate counters but in the fifth round, Porter landed a vicious body shots that send Bone down for an eight count. Porter followed up with a series of power shots sent Bone reeling and a left hook followed by a hard right and one more left hook sent Bone down for good.

Porter looked ready to challenge for a title and on the same card, Andre Berto fought Josesito Lopez in one of those crossroad fights. For former champion Berto, this was do or die and for the first three rounds, Lopez looked ready to end Berto’s career as a serious contender.

Berto stuck to his game plan while Lopez decided to turn this into a brawl by unleashing vicious body shots to go with combination but by the fourth round, Berto speed took hold.  Lopez was deducted a point for hitting and holding and in the sixth, Berto’s right sent Lopez down for an eight count.  Lopez arose from the knockdown on wobbly legs and Berto finished the job with another right that sent Lopez down a second time but this time the referee didn’t even bother to count and the fight ended.

Berto showed that he was ready for another ride to the top but the Welterweight is starting to become a loaded division and among those he will have to go through include Kell Brooks, Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter; all young and tough fighters.  And I am not even talking about Mayweather or Pacquiao.

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